New Haven City Beaches

Top 10 New Haven City Beaches

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It’s almost the finest point to relish sunny days and chilly nights at the beach. The New Haven City beaches are along Long Island Sound. A few beaches are near popular cafes that provide tasty food. If you want to bring your picnic bag or your pets along on your vacation, a few places nearby accept that. Apart from all this, popular cities are near shores, hiking trails, and organized water sports for families and friends. You’ll want to make a beach day in the peak season. Get tickets earlier, if necessary, and enjoy these East Coast beaches.

New Haven City Beaches

If you are planning a trip to any point where you can enjoy, New Haven City Beaches are the ideal location.

1- Lighthouse Point Park Beach

Lighthouse Point Park serves as one of the loveliest shores. It is among the few sites that you can go close to a tower. Also, it is on the eastern edge of New Haven Harbour. This beach is an ideal place to spend a quiet summer day. Behold the antique lighthouse, relax on the gorgeous beach, and eat at the bar. Enjoy your meal at the park’s picnic tables. It will let your kids splash at the Lighthouse Park splash pad.

Lighthouse Point Park Beach
Lighthouse Point Park Beach

In addition, it is ideal for cooling off on sunny days. Likewise, it has a carousel, which provides a getaway from the beach. The amenities of this park feature a concession stand, a public boat launch, a fishing pier, a boat launch, birdwatching points, and pavilions. Lighthouse Point Park has a driving fee for residents’ vehicles that is $25, while out-of-state cars are charged $30. Thus, it is free for registered New Haven vehicles. Check the website for the most recent data.

2- Surf Club Park Beach

Garvan Point Beach is another beach within a five-minute stroll from the luxurious Madison Beach Hotel. Locals refer to it as Surf Club Park. It is a well-known, pristine shore with a view of the sunset. Jog along the sandy sand on the beach before jumping into the gulf for swimming. After spending time at the shore, stop by the nearby cafes.

Further, there is a picnic location, rooftop shower and bathroom facilities, seasonal catering stalls, and cookouts. There are play areas for children. Also, there are tennis, basketball, and softball grounds. However, you must pay for parking or risk receiving a parking penalty. Thus, it offers no fees after 5.

3- Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonassett Beach State Park runs across two miles of the park’s coastline. As its most extensive coastal beach, there are portions for riding, boating, outings, and camping, with over 500 spots. The newly rebuilt Meigs Point Nature Centre features a viewing area and hands-on displays for kids to find out about the area’s aquatic creatures.

Hammonasset Beach State Park
Hammonasset Beach State Park

Moreover, because it is part of the state’s parks program, residents can park here for free. After a day of fun in the sun, walk into the town center for a meal at Grand’s Apizza. It’s a family-operated eatery that serves delicious New Haven-style pizza. Hence, enjoy lying in the sun or hiking over the rocks.

4- Sea Bluff Beach

Sea Bluff Beach is a vast sandy strip in West Haven. It is ideal for sunning on the beach or swimming in the sea. There are multiple volleyball sets suitable for unplanned beach volleyball matches. The shoreline offers walks along the seawall for those who want a more relaxed seaside event.

Further, parking at the beach is first come, first served. Visitors can park at the garage for a charge. They have to pay $5 every hour or a $30 daily fixed fee, with credit cards being the sole accepted form of payment. Also, non-residents can purchase a monthly parking pass for $250.

5- Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park near Milford is near the sea state park. The park’s three hundred acres include a pathway, a shoreline with dunes, forests, open places, and a rebuilt salt marsh. During low tide, tourists walk from the shore to Charles Island. It has a bird sanctuary known as a tombolo.

Silver Sands State Park
Silver Sands State Park

In addition, park rangers monitor both the coast and the island to ensure safety. Watch where you step as you stroll along the lake; many seashells pop out of the sand. Thus, you will have a relaxing beach day at this famous beach.

6- Branford Point

The prominent Branford beach is among locals’ favorites. Because it juts into Branford Harbour, this beach day venue provides stunning 360-degree views. On a scorching summer’s day, the sandy beach is ideal for resting with your loved ones. During the week, it is clean and peaceful, with amazing views and sunsets.

Similarly, you may fish from the stone viewing location or the little accessible dock. A nearby park has grills and tables to sit beneath leafy trees. Although this is a public beach, you have to get a parking sticker, and space is limited.

7- Bradley Point Park

Bradley Point Park’s short sandy coast is where British forces landed when they invaded the region during the war. The site was originally home to the Savin Rock Theme Park. However, the coastal amusement area closed in 1966. Every summer, you may now visit the Savin Rock Festival to mark the site’s heritage. Also, indulge in all of the summer flavors.

Bradley Point Park
Bradley Point Park

Furthermore, enjoy the wind from Long Island Sound while you stroll down the coast boardwalk or rest on any seats along the route. There is a beach tennis court, a small sandbox for kids, and barbecue grills. Hence, lifeguards patrol during the summer, and parking is available daily or hourly.

8- Sandy Point Beach and Bird Sanctuary

If you enjoy birding, visit the Sandy Point Beach & Bird Sanctuary. It has three miles of coastline, a barrier beach, and a marsh with a tide creek. Still, it makes it a great area to seek for unusual sparrows. Walk down the walkway until you reach the edge at the center of the harbor.

Then, spend some time reclining, absorbing the scenery, and watching for animals. Apart from all this, please remember to follow Leave No Trace practices. It includes properly disposing of waste, leaving any nature you discover, and valuing the outdoors.

9- Jacob Beach

Jacobs Beach is a concealed gem perfect for families. There are several activities for teens here. It includes parks, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a sprinkler. You can visit an eating area with shaded tables, outdoor baths, boat storage, and lifeguards on patrol.

Jacob Beach
Jacob Beach

The coast is covered in seashells, making it ideal to add to the ones you own. But water shoes are required to keep you safe. The little private beach is available to the public. However, the town does not provide day tickets. To gain access, you’ll need to acquire a full-season pass.

10- Owenego Beach and Tennis Club

Owenego Beach & Tennis Club is the best beach if you are willing for summer joy. This beach club boasts a scenic Long Island Sound coast where kids may swim and play. The O allows adults to relax along the beach, bathe in the ocean, and paddle to the closest Thimble Islands. Your membership will include access to the tennis courts.

Also, with your membership, you can access private or shared bathhouses, kayak, and boat storage for an extra cost. Eat at the on-site cafes or participate in their cookouts. It will make the most of your summer at the beach.


Are you looking forward to New Haven City Beaches? Plan a vacation to imagine yourself relaxing in the blazing sun on a hot summer day with a calm ocean wind in your face. Many lovely beaches in this point are tucked along CT’s stunning coastline. You can visit nearby beaches, enjoy eateries, or stroll the hiking trails. Enjoy water sports at the most incredible accessible sandy shores in and around. Get ready for the ideal Ct beach getaway.

FAQs on New Haven City Beaches

How much do open spots, exclusive area usage for photography, and parking fees cost here?

Residents can get an open space permit for $40, while non-residents must pay $75. Using an exclusive space for photography costs between $50 and $100. Summer parking pass rates are $25 per day or $100 per season, and weekday charter buses cost just $100.

Are the New Haven City beaches available to the public?

Most beaches are available to the public. Non-residents might buy beach and vehicle permits to access CT’s beaches. Apart from all this, a few towns and locals make it impossible for visitors to visit the shores.

Hope so you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.

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