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The Best of All Things to Do in Plymouth

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Plymouth is a coastal city with ages of heritage nestled in the most stunning setting. It is filled with historical landscapes and the best museums with interactive exhibitions. Among all the things to do in Plymouth, you can even visit the nearby attractions like beaches and yards.

Whether you’re visiting for a holiday or just moved here, there are plenty to get along as you start. Plymouth is perfect for anybody eager to learn more about the Navy and its maritime legacy. Still, you can also stroll down the shore to enjoy stunning vistas. Remember to look at the restaurants and seek out the other hotels around.

All Things Related to Plymouth

Are you searching for all things related to Plymouth? This guide will provide you with the finest places and landscapes.

1- Stay at the National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is home to various sea species from Devon and beyond, which will excite children. It is the UK’s biggest aquarium and is pleased to be home to the Marine Protection Trust. They are home to nearly 4,000 creatures and leading ocean initiatives to preserve them. Also, Secrets of the Aquarium offers viewers an incredible behind-the-scenes look.

National Marine Aquarium
National Marine Aquarium

Further, view the exciting world of aquatic animals. With stunning visual arts, you will meet the committed staff of specialists, marine ecologists, and carers. They work diligently to preserve the aquatic animals’ wellness while participating in critical conservation efforts.

2- View the Mayflower Steps and Museum

The Mayflower Memorial is near the Plymouth Tourist Service Centre. It honors the Mayflower. This flower is well noted as the boat that carried settlers in 1620. Still, while they are named the Mayflower stairs, they are cleared because the pilgrims need to utilize them. They are a copy created in 1934.

Likewise, it is a display about the trip that opened to mark its 400th anniversary. Much data is available about the native communities that formerly resided in the state. Thus, it’s worth visiting to learn more about how Colonists treated natives.

3- Go to the River Tamar

The River Tamar has been one of the most important waterways for ages. It serves as a natural border between districts. Many Cornish residents frequently note it as the world’s oldest frontier. Also, Cornwall is virtually an island due to the river. It has allowed it to keep its Celtic culture. Just a few Romans made it down here.

River Tamar
River Tamar

Apart from all this, nowadays, exploring the river is much easier. One of the finest methods is taking a cruise from the Barbican. You will learn about either side of the river, like how the city evolved and the river’s impact on the port’s strategic location.

4- Walk to Plymouth Hoe

For centuries, it has been the center of Plymouth life and culture. You can have a short stroll around the area. Likewise, explore some of the finest landmarks in history. Sir Francis Drake’s statue can be viewed at this location. Consider statue-worthy owing to its role in the slave trade. Even the Beatles Bums is a famous photograph of the Beatles in town.

Here, you can film the Magical Mystery Tour. You may now sit in the same position and imitate the picture. It includes views of the behinds, telling where to rest. Smeatons Tower Lighthouse is a heritage lighthouse built in 1757. It is no longer working but serves to honor designer John Smeaton. Hence, you may ascend to the peak for the most incredible views.

5- Swim at Tinside Lido

Tinside Lido is a class II listed building. It was constructed in 1935 and is illustrated with modern intricate design. Also, it is an outdoor seawater visiting center open in the summer. You may lay on the sand and enjoy views of the lovely shore. It is a dream on a warm day. Also, walk-ins are welcome.

Tinside Lido
Tinside Lido

Moreover, the facility frequently fills up. So it is best to reserve ahead of time through the site. Choose the best class for you and join the award-winning diving lessons. So, pick your ideal time and day and learn how they function. Thus, decide which stage of your swimming classes you must attend.

6- Visit the Royal William Yard

Visiting Royal William Yard is undoubtedly the most interesting among all things to do in Plymouth. Enjoy the ancient art, seaside vistas, and dining options. It was once a shell of a structure. But it has now been renovated to fit some of the city’s swankiest flats. It is home to one of the more lovely eateries in the area. From here, you may eat a bowl while admiring the beauty of the water.

Further, there’s more to see in the yard. Stand-up sailing sessions are typical along the water. There is a workplace space. Although Plymouth has several work-from-home choices, numerous individuals work in the yard in a social environment.

7- Explore the Box Museum

You can learn all about Plymouth and Ocean City at the Box Museum. The shoreline influenced its culture all through the centuries. The town’s royal underwater base is significant. This history can be visualized at this exciting museum. It features a variety of exhibits you can do to learn about local history.

Box Museum
Box Museum

In addition, it is a relatively young museum. Still, it has some fantastic exhibits regarding the Mayflower House Museum. In this gallery, you can view the strategic location on the coast and the region’s natural surroundings. Entry is free; however, you must arrange a time slot before going.

8- Rest at Mount Batten Beach

Despite being adjacent to the coastline, several of its shores can be reached by catching a boat from the Barbican to Mount Batten. This rejuvenating shore is sandy stretches perfect for a quick getaway from the city.

Similarly, the South West Coast Path passes by the beach. It allows you to take a coastal stroll or relax on the beach. You can also find a few eateries and drinking points nearby, like the tourist favorite, The Bay.

9- Ride to Mount Edgcumbe

The Cremyll Boat leaves and travels across Mount Edgcumbe. Travelers and city workers use this boat. It crosses the river and takes only eight minutes. However, if you travel as a visitor, you will likely use the ship to explore the site’s 860 acres. This estate extends back 400 years. While you’re here, tour the formal gardens.

Mount Edgcumbe
Mount Edgcumbe

Further, Mount Edgcumbe House serves as an event location. However, tourists are welcome to view some areas. It goes back as far as the 1500s and was expanded during World War II. Hence, visit this mount on a dry day. While you can view some of the housing, the lush lawns and estate are the main draws.

10- Learn past at Elizabethan House

Let’s return to Plymouth and revisit the reign of Elizabeth. As the name implies, this site of interest is a late-Tudor building. It was when Plymouth was one of the globe’s busiest ports. Presently, view an immersive museum. When you visit, you will be taken back a thousand years, with many of the chambers still adorned as they were then.

Moreover, you will learn about the city’s past using props. It includes a fishing rod to depict the trade and a dreidel to show the house’s Jewish roots. Because it is such a thrilling time, it is one of the finest things to do with kids in this region. So, talk to the volunteers as you go around to find out more.


Plymouth’s rich history is evident when you explore and walk the path to the Hoe. The city’s navy base and the Spanish Armada, seen from Plymouth Hoe, will fascinate you. On the other hand, nature lovers may relax on surrounding beaches, enjoy stand-up kayaking, or hike along the South West Coast Path. The city is home to the country’s largest aquarium if it rains. Fans will enjoy exploring the world’s oldest distillery or pub, hopping around at all the things to do in Plymouth.

FAQs on All Things Plymouth

What are a few of the landmarks in Plymouth?

Plymouth features the Mayflower II, a scale model of the ship that carried the Pilgrims. You can also visit the Plymouth Rock and Plymouth plantation museum.

What means of transport are there to cover all the things to do in Plymouth?

Plymouth Citybus and Stagecoach Southwest run a vast bus network for quick city commuting. Taxis are easy to find, and the Plymouth railway station offers a drive to the main areas throughout the city.

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