New Port Richey is a lovely town with panoramic beauty located in Florida. This townlet presents multiple appeals and activities for citizens and visitors alike. If you are glancing for a satisfying escape, a family-friendly experience, or a romantic getaway, you will discover something to serve your preference and funding in this city. One of the primary interests of New Port Richey is its closeness to some of the finest beaches in the state. From clean and refreshing islands to lively harbors, there is a coast for everyone.

New Port Richey Beaches

This article will instruct you on the ten best New Port Richey beaches in Florida and what they suggest.

1- Lookout tower at Robert K. Rees Park Beach

If you like a scenic view of the Gulf of Mexico and its wildlife or untouched beauty, see the watch tower at Robert K. Rees Park Beach. This building is at the back of a path that curves through the mangroves. It is the point where you can spot types of birds, small-sized crabs, and massive whales.

Robert K. Rees Park Beach
Robert K. Rees Park Beach

People are recommended to go only a little as sharks bite here often. The lookout tower shows a 360-degree panorama of the water, the coast, and the islands nearby. You can also see the blue dolphins and a group of pelicans from the watchtower. Therefore, it is a great location to take images, relax, and appreciate the magnificence of nature.

2- Play golf at Gulf Harbors Beach Club

Gulf Harbors Beach Club is a beach associated with a private company in Florida. This beach club includes a golf course for its paid partners and visitors. A special discount is given to the people of the town’s residents. The golf trail is an eighteen-hole, par seventy-two design. The format of the trial challenges golfers of all aptitude levels.

Apart from the facilities for golf playing, it has lovely views of the Gulf of Mexico, leafy fairways, and preserved greens amazingly. This course has an ambitious range, a putting garden, and a premium shop. After a golf match with your competitor, you can enjoy the conveniences of the beach lodge.

3- The white sand of Fred Howard Park

Fred Howard Park is a famous beach place in Tarpon Springs. The park has almost one-fifty acres of grassland and nine acres of white sand beach. This beach is attainable by a one-mile causeway that strikes the salt swamps and mangroves. It is ideal for fans of water sports, like playing basketball on the beach.

Fred Howard Park
Fred Howard Park

Furthermore, numerous facilities are provided at discounts. It includes arbores, grills, nap rooms, showers, and gardens. One of the most visited attractions of this park is its kayak takeoff place, where you can lease kayaks and dig the nearby isles and outdoors.

4- Boat Camp at Anclote River Park Beach

Anclote River Park Beach is an undersized beach. This coast is located at the back of the Anclote River in Holiday. It is specifically known for its rowboat ramp. You can access the beach’s golf course through this boat. The park also has a particular campground for boaters. 

Accordingly, the campground has almost twenty-four areas with water and electrical hookups. Here the visitors get an accessible facility to the restrooms, artificial rains, and laundry facilities. Usually, it is available for tourists throughout the year and admits reservations. The beach has picnic covers, gardens, fishing ports, and a nature track.

5- Sunset Festival at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of the considerably renowned and lively seasides in Florida. It is approximately thirty miles south of the town and attracts many visitors yearly. One of the highlights of this beach is its Sunset Festival. It mostly takes place every nighttime at Pier Sixty.

Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach

The carnival of the sunset observes the twilight with live melody, street entertainers, artisans, craftspeople, and sellers. It also features complimentary outdoor films, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Therefore, the festival at this beach is an entertaining and family-friendly vacation to appreciate the nightlife and customs of this beach.

6- Camp at Anclote River Park Beach

If you adore boating and camping, you should review Anclote River Park Beach on holiday. This place has a boat ramp that provides you entry to this park. It is an excellent point to dig into the islands and natural wildlife. Here you can access a campground for skilled boaters who like to stay overnight.

There are approximately twenty-four different views with water and electric turn-ups. Furthermore, remember to take your plastic toys to have a castle competition on the beach sands. The staff that manages these sight seekers is amicable. Apart from all this, you must make reservations from their online website. This park also has a small playground and a fishing harbor.

7- Swim at Green Key Beach

Green Key Beach is located on a small island in New Port Richey. A county commissioner and director of the parks division created the beach. It has a selected swimming place that is roped-off and superficial, making it perfect for children and adults. Furthermore, the staff also provides facilities like picnic tables, grilling stoves, restrooms, tiny camps, and a playground.

Green Key Beach
Green Key Beach

You can also stroll along the alley that guides you to a watch tower, where you can glimpse its lovely marine life. The beach is recognized among residents and visitors so that people can cover it on weekends and holidays. Because the parking is limited, so reach early or late to dodge traffic.

8- Attend a concert at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a panoramic and comfy beach. It is located in Tarpon Springs. The beach is well-known for the beautiful sights of its mesmerizing evening. Furthermore, you can even peek at a pavilion, lavatories, showers, picnic points, and grills. You can paddle, sunbathe, fish, or kayak at the seaside.

One of the fantastic attractions of this beach is its monthly concert sequence, which occurs from February to November. The shows feature regional bands recreating various genres of music. The musical concerts are open, and entry is accessible to the public. You can fetch your chairs, veils, snacks, and liquors to enjoy the melody in this vibrant atmosphere.

9- Bird Sanctuary at Three Rooker Island

Three Rooker Island is a shallow island roughly three miles offshore from Tarpon Springs. The island is only attainable by a rowboat or kayak. It offers visitors an intimate and natural background. This island resembles the beach of the Anclote Key Preserve State Park.

Three Rooker Island
Three Rooker Island

The main aim of this beach is to protect the wilderness and habitat of the region. The island is a bird refuge where you can see many shorebirds. It also has transparent water and white sand for swimming. You can even camp on the aisle with a token from the park authority. As there are no facilities or luxuries, bring your supplies.

10- Boardwalk at Green Key Beach

Green Key Beach has an alley that curves through the mangroves on the isle’s northern side. The beach is about way too long and ends at a small pavilion. It is a significant place to enjoy wildlife and outdoor sports on the island.

Here you can see various birds, fish, and other animals along the shore. You can also see the dolphin show with no ticket. The alley is wheelchair-handy, and benches can be seen along the way. It is a calm and panoramic spot to visit on this beach.


New Port Richey is a perfect goal for beach enthusiasts, with entry to some of Florida’s most stunning and manifold beaches. If you want to appreciate nature, watermarks, recreation, or leisure, you will see a beach that satisfies your needs and priorities in New Port Richey. Apply sunscreen, take a swimsuit and camera, and prepare for a fantastic beach venture in New Port Richey. Click photos of these beautiful vistas and enjoy with your friends.

FAQs on New Port Richey Beaches

What are some suggestions for staying at the beaches near New Port Richey?

Check the climate prediction before going; some beaches may be locked due to high tides. Come early or late to sidestep crowds and traffic. Bring cash for parking or entrance fees and respect the wildlife.

What clothes should I choose for the beaches near New Port Richey?

Wear easy and breathable clothes to cover you from the sun. Have a swimsuit that suits you well. Take a pair of sandals that are easy to fall on and off. Have sunglasses, hats, and water-resistant and enduring accessories.

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