Redwood City is a vibrant city. It is located in the Silicon Valley. This metropolis is known for its mixed culture, creative industries, and lovely weather. But have you noticed that Redwood City also has around thirty amazing parks? All these grasslands present recreational options for locals and tourists alike.

If you look for a place to unwind, recreate, work out, or research, you will find it in one of the city’s gardens. The parks range from small community gardens to immense parks.

Redwood City Parks 

In this article, we will present some of the attributes and advantages of Redwood City Parks!

1- Hike at Wunderlich County Park

If you love walking along the redwoods, oak trees, and madrones, you should see Wunderlich County Park in Woodside. This grassland has around ten miles of tracks. The tracks are steeper and curvy. But still, it caters to walkers of all levels, from effortless to rugged ones. You can relish the beautiful views of the immense Santa Cruz Mountains, the San Francisco Bay, and the record Folger Stable.

Wunderlich County Park
Wunderlich County Park

Furthermore, you can also catch the sights of deer, coyotes, bobcats, and bird species. The grassland is usually closed before sunset. Parking is restricted, so reach early. There is no entry for pet dogs or bicycles in the park; if you are a wildlife enthusiast or seeking an outdoor venture, trek to this place.

2- Value art and statues at Filoli

Filoli is a historic government house. It is a garden that shows the standout and dignity of the earlier 20th century. The place is filled with beautiful art, detailed furnishings, and ornamental entities that reflect the preferences and lifestyles of the rich Bourn and Roth lineages. Therefore, it is a garden full of masterpieces of composition and color.

It features traditional blossom beds, tall and flourished fruit trees, intricate statues, fountains, and big ponds. You can even take an instructed or self-tour of the house and grassland. Join one of the extraordinary affairs or programs it offers yearly. The entry fees range depending on the season and class of ticket.

3- Have a barbeque at Andrew Spinas Park

Andrew Spinas Park is a miniature community park. This park offers a beautiful place to barbeque with family and buddies. If you are bored with lunch and dinners at home and want a peaceful picnic spot, you can consider this place as the park has specified a picnic place that includes tables, bars, grills, and a freshwater fountain.

Andrew Spinas Park
Andrew Spinas Park

There is also a playground for children to enjoy the best outdoor sports, especially the trampoline. You can also find a basketball court and a grassy area for games and matches. The park opens from morning to dusk and closes before night. You can have free access to this park at any time.

4- Play sports at Barkley Fields and Park

Barkley Fields and Park is a considerable multi-purpose park. This park offers considerable sports facilities. All such facilities vary from sport to sport and are available for straightforward and competitively skilled players. According to the manual provided by staff, there are nearly four baseball domains, two soccer areas, two tennis courts, two basketball tribunals, two volleyball courts, and a horseshoe cavity.

There is even a skate playground for skateboarders and rollerbladers. You can even take your pet dog with you as they provide a dog park facility for furry mates. Furthermore, the park can be accessed the whole day, and the advantage is that this park has free entry.

5- Enjoy a show at Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park has not covered an enormous area as compared to other parks. It is considered as a personal property by some sources. It is a park with an outdoor theater where you can relish live music, drama, dance, and humor skits.

Dolphin Park
Dolphin Park

The park manages events throughout the year, like shows, films, and cultural festivals, to make this place more appealing. The park also has a playground for children for amusement, a picnic site with tables and chairs, and a washroom. Check the schedule online of events by seeing.

6- Wildlife Viewing at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve

Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve cover a land of almost five hundred acres. The park is recognized as it brags a great diversity of plants and animals. The management worked extensively on its structure by building substantial farmlands. Now, it is home to around five hundred types of plants. Many plants are rare or endemic to the winding soils that wrap about a third of the grassland.

Furthermore, this park also sustains a variety of wilderness, such as two pairs of deer, stray bobcats, multiple rabbits, squirrels, reptiles, insects, and birds. You can speak outdoors along the paths that wind through the forests and scrub habitats. You can also visit the Bill and Jean Lane Education Center for further information. Here you can learn more about the park’s untamed history.

7- Sports Courts at Hoover Park

Hoover Park is a small park covering almost ten to eleven acres of the city. This park offers an assortment of sports installations for amusement and soundness of the body in terms of both physical and cognitive health. A guided tour is provided free of cost to the tourists visiting here.

Hoover Park
Hoover Park

Accordingly, the park has two tennis, two basketball, and two volleyball courts. There is even a horseshoe pit. You can even find a large grassy meadow for soccer, football, or frisbee. The park is free from sunrise to sundown, and entry is complimentary. You can reserve the play areas or the area for a cost.

8- View a sunset at Jardin de Niños Park

Jardin de Niños Park features a spectacular view of the twilight over San Francisco Bay. The park is designed for every age type. Here you can find a playground for children, a picnic spot with tables and chairs for a family trip, and a restroom providing a modern facility.

Although there are numerous things you can enjoy here, the most prevalent part of this area is the full view of the dazzling sunset. You can relish the view from the garden’s hilltop or the closest Bay Trail that heads along the shoreline. Apart from all this, it is located at Chesapeake Drive in Redwood Shores.

9- Lagoon access at Marlin Park

Marlin Park is a captivating grassland covering an area of greenery of almost thirteen acres. It is one of those city parks that offers a key to the Redwood Shores Lagoon. This lagoon is an artificial lake that supplies classical and vibrant views and many recreational chances. You can even more on the lagoon through the boat launch.

Marlin Park
Marlin Park

These are non-motorized rowboats, likewise kayaks, paddleboards, and dinghies. You can also fish from the seaside or the fishing dock. The park also has a play area for kids with two swings, a sea-sow, and a slide. So, you can trek to this place with your family and friends. The park is open except for Wednesday.

10- Picnic at Stulsaft Park

If you are trying to escape the city’s hustle, Stulsaft Park is a scenic park with a quiet and natural background for picnicking. The park has various refreshing picnic areas with proper seating arrangements and grills.

Some picnic points are shaded by trees or surrounded by pavilions. A large field for fun and sports, a playground for children, and a small cottage to rest—a few hiking trails guide you to a stream and a waterfall. Just pack your food items and have a peaceful lunch.


Redwood City parks are better than just leafy areas. They are district acquisitions that improve the grade of life and wellness of the individuals who live, perform, and see it. They supply amusement, peace, socialization, instruction, and environmental possibilities. If you want to enjoy the wildlife, click with nature, or have pleasure with your family and buddies, you should see one of the city’s gardens today. You will be pleased you did! 

FAQs on Redwood City Parks

What are some suggestions for seeing these parks?

Review the park hours and regulations before you go. Bring water, sunscreen, snacks, suitable clothing, and footwear for your prepared actions. Marvel the park buildings and conveniences. Keep them neat and in a good state for others.

What is the temperature like in the city?

Redwood City has a climate indicated by warm, arid summers and temperate, wet winters. The weather may vary depending on each park’s site, height, and direction. Some parks may be more relaxed or warmer than others. 

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