People in Arizona love going from Phoenix to Lake Havasu, as it is a popular destination for those who enjoy water sports, nature, and landscapes. This lake is a reservoir that Parker Dam created on the Colorado River. It has a chilly weather than Phoenix, mainly in summer. It makes the warmth more tolerable. The nearby desert and cliffs provide hiking, racing, or off-roading. You can even heal at its five vortexes. Although this city is less crowded, its society is welcoming, with people from different sets.

Distance from Phoenix to Lake Havasu

The distance to Lake Havasu depends on your chosen transportation mode.

  • By Bus

You can catch a bus indirectly from Phoenix to Kingman. Then, grab a shuttle bus from Kingman to Lake Havasu. This option takes a travel length of about 5 hours and 7 minutes, and a bus ticket is nearly $78-$99.

  • By Train

Take a train ticket from Phoenix to Needles. Then, reserve another train seat from Needles to Lake Havasu City. This travel takes roughly 8 hours and 11 minutes and costs $92. You can book a ticket and get more info on its website.

Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu
  • By Airplane

Take a flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Las Vegas Airport. Later, take a cab from the airport to the city. The time for travel is almost 3 hours and 35 minutes. The total expense is nearly $47 – $48. Secure your flights online.

  • By Car

You can quickly drive to Lake Havasu through route I-10 W and AZ-95. The time to complete your trip is almost 3 hours and 48 minutes, costing $35 – $55 for gas. You can also get driving directions on its website.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Phoenix to Lake Havasu

Let’s explore various places to explore on a road trip from Phoenix to Lake Havasu:

1- White Tank Mountain Regional Park

White Tank Mountain Regional Park is the most extensive local park in Maricopa County. It covers rough and stunning desert landscapes. The park is named after the plain granite structures. They can also hold water after rainstorms, forming natural pools. It offers a type of recreational option. You can hike around 30 miles of shared-use tracks, varying from easy to complex. It shows the diverse Sonoran Desert.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park
White Tank Mountain Regional Park

One of the garden’s areas is the Waterfall Canyon Trail. It directs to a seasonal cascade. You can even see the Ford Canyon Trail, which passes through a canyon. There is a Nature Center, which portrays exhibitions and shows on the park’s past and habitat. It is also a popular place for stargazing. Thus, this park is 43 minutes from Pheonix.

2- Tonopah

Tonopah is a recorded mining town located in the central Nevada. It is halfway between Las Vegas and Reno. This town was established in 1900 by Jim Butler. He was a prospector who located silver-rich ore near a rock. This finding flashed a silver boom that attracted numerous miners and investors to this area. Today, it is also a tourist destination that holds its mining legacy and shows a variety of sites and activities related to mining. This town is almost thirty-six minutes from the White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

Travelers can dig the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. It covers around 100 acres of the initial mining suits and includes exhibits, antiques, tools, and gears. You can learn at the Central Nevada Museum, which reveals displays and tales of the area’s culture. Moreover, the Mizpah Hotel is a revived landmark offering elegant lodgings and dining. Likewise, it is also recognized for its shady skies and stargazing options. It has been rated as the best spot in the US to view the Milky Way.

3- Vicksburg Museum

After a 53-minute drive from Tonopah, you will reach Vicksburg. This city is famous for its multiple well-known museums. They show the city’s thriving past and culture. Vicksburg was a strategic site during the Civil War, as it had direct access to the Mississippi River. Many galleries highlight this period. The U.S.S. Cairo Museum shows the decays of a Union ironclad gunboat sunk in 1862 and rescued from the river in 1964. The Old Court House Museum features exhibits and antiques related to Native American ceramics.

Vicksburg Museum
Vicksburg Museum

Moreover, The Vicksburg Civil War Museum boards many Civil War antiques like guns, daggers, flags, awards, pictures, and records. The Catfish Row Museum stresses the unique and various aspects of its culture via adjusting exhibits on music, craft, books, food, and more. Hence, this site is perfect if you want your kids to develop their thinking perception. 

4- Parker

Parker is a city in Arizona on the Colorado River. It was founded in 1908 by Earl H. Parker. He was an Arizona & California Railway site engineer. Parker studied and laid out the initial town site and called it after him. This city is the area’s primary mining, farming, and tourism transport seat. Some of the locations in and around it include the Parker Dam. It builds Lake Havasu and supplies hydroelectric energy and water supply.

Likewise, enjoy at the BlueWater Resort & Casino, which includes gaming, amusement, dining, and an arena. Parker Strip is a famous destination for shipping, fishing, gliding, and picnicking along the river. Thus, it is also known for organizing the annual Parker 425. This race is a desert off-road race in the Desert string.

5- Vicksburg Railroad Bridge

The Vicksburg Railroad Bridge is a bridge that traverses the Mississippi River. It was constructed in 1928-1930 by the Vicksburg Bridge and Terminal Company. This bridge carries railway and roadway traffic across the river. It also consists of three levered and three truss spans. The bridge is 116 feet above the river. It is one hour away from Tonopah City.

Vicksburg Railroad Bridge
Vicksburg Railroad Bridge

The bridge was initially created to adjust two railroad routes and narrow road lanes. Yet, due to safety troubles, the road lanes were shut and replaced by an untried bridge. Further, it has a service route for review and upkeep purposes. This bridge is called the Old Vicksburg Bridge or the Mississippi River Bridge. Thus, it is a milestone of Vicksburg and a sign of its past and culture.

6- Vincent Market Bistro

Vincent Market Bistro is a simple dining cafe opposite Vincent’s on Camelback. This cafe is owned and managed by chef Vincent Guerithault. He is known for his French cooking with a Southern West twist. It serves feasts except Sundays, offering classics. The menu varies daily, relying on the availability of fresh elements. It also has a wine bar with a sample of unique wines worldwide.

This cafe is famous among citizens and visitors for its relaxed aura, friendly service, and tasty food. It even organizes unique festivals, including wine tasting, cooking courses, and live tunes. You can even purchase fresh products, from fruits to cheese, from its farmers market. This market also delivers breakfast and lunch dishes Chef Vincent and his team prepared. It is where people can eat quality food in a relaxed scene.

The Bottom Line

Lake Havasu is a stunning place to plan a family holiday or a vacation with friends. If you live in this city, you are lucky to view multiple locations. Whether you are looking for a fun and comfy getaway from the city’s hustle, it presents something. The lake also offers a thrilling and lovely setting for water sports and other activities. The city has a deep past and culture, shown in its landmarks and occasions.

FAQs about Phoenix to Lake Havasu

What are the non-veg places at Lake Havasu?

There are many satisfying and delicious places at Lake Havasu where you can enjoy a fleshy meal. It includes the Half Buck Cafe, Rusty Restaurant, and Azul Agave. These cafes are skilled in providing fresh and juicy meat with multiple complements.

What are the most pleasing events in Lake Havasu?

You can join many occasions and carnivals that take place yearly with free entry. It also includes the Balloon Festival and Havasu Island Hot Air Balloon Festival, where you will see colorful balloons.

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