Orlando and West Palm Beach are two cities in Florida. People love to drive from Orlando to West Palm Beach to enjoy panoramic and cheap trip options. The locals want to dodge the crowds and traffic conditions of Orlando. So, they plan a family vacation and experience the casual and fun-loving aura of West Palm Beach. Here, they explore the cultural appeals like the Norton Museum of Art and the McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, they wander along Clematis Street for a fine eatery or enjoy an accessible Manatee Lagoon.

Mode of Transportation from Orlando to West Palm Beach

Let’s learn about which mode of transportation is the best to go from Orlando to West Beach:

  • By Bus

The span by bus is almost 173 miles. The most immediate bus takes 3 hours and 5 minutes, with affordable bus tickets starting from $18 to $60. You can even take a bus via Oak Road from Orlando to Adriana Avenue and another bus to reach the final place for $17-$67.

  • By Train

The distance through the train is approximately 150 miles. The trip time leans on the train service and the timetable. The quickest train takes 3 hours and 51 minutes. Reserve a ticket by Amtrak Silver Service, costing $8 to $110.

  • By Airplane

The distance by air is almost 150 miles, and the flight duration is almost 30 minutes from Orlando airport. Yet, there are no direct flights. So, travelers must fly to Miami and then to West Palm Beach. The travel time by airplane and train is 4 hours and 38 minutes, costing $64-$332. Fly to Fort Lauderdale first and then take the Hollywood International Train. The travel duration is 5 hours and 2 minutes, costing $47-$246.

  • By Car

The distance by car is almost 171 miles, and the driving period is roughly 2 hours and 43 minutes, costing $30 to $45. The fastest way to opt is via Florida’s Turnpike.

Quick Stops on a road trip from Orlando to West Palm Beach

Here are some quick stops on a road trip from Orlando to West Palm Beach:

1- Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park

Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park is a stunning wildlife park. In this park, you can see several exotic animals. It includes the American alligators, Saltwater and Dwarf crocodiles, and two-toed sloths. You can even view the ring-tailed lemurs, zebras, and other reptiles. Apart from all this, you can take an airboat lift on the waters and relish the scenery and cool breeze.

This park stop is almost 48 minutes from Orlando City. You can learn more about the grassland and its creatures on their website. Therefore, as you plan your road trip, book tickets online. In this way, you may get discounts for family and vets. The park also presents a drive-thru trek or a gator feeding display. Thus, this park also includes a petting zoo and a cafe. The grassland is open except Sundays.

Gator Park
Gator Park

2- Vero Beach

On a road trip, you can even enjoy along the Vero Beach. Vero Beach is a seaside city with gentle and chilly sands. There are multiple things to do in Vero Beach, such as rest on the beach, make sandcastles, or glide in the ocean. You can even shop at its convenience stores. Visit the Vero Beach Museum of Art and dig in the antiques and crafts. You can find beautiful playgrounds for kids and multiple galleries.

This stop to Vero Beach is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes from Orlando. But, if you take the highway route, you may reach earlier. Moreover, you can troll the McKee Botanical Garden. This garden includes a type of flora and fauna collected from worldwide. This grassland even organizes a Flower Festival in the spring season.

You can see more details and attractions about the city on its social media page. Moreover, you can inspect the events schedule and design your trip accordingly. One prevalent event at this beach is the Hibiscus Festival, which includes types of hibiscuses. The Indian River County Fair and the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival are recognized festivals organized at year-end.

Vero Beach
Vero Beach

3- Melbourne

Melbourne is a thrilling and lovely city. It is located on Florida’s Space Coast. This city has coasts, specific fishing zones, golf courses, snorkeling, and numerous other outdoor sports. You can sunbathe in the sunshine on leagues and miles of the city’s soft and pale sands in the daylight or party at night in their crowded clubs.

Further, enjoy a romantic moonlight walk with your soulmate on the tropical breezes. You can also venture to the Brevard Zoo a the Historic Rossetter House Museum. Other attractions include the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands or Paradise Beach & Park. This city is roughly 1 hour from Vero beachfront. You can learn more about the city and its items on its tourism site.

4- Lake Wales

Lake Wales is a city near the middle of the state. It includes a rich past and civilization. You can adore the buildings and structures of the historic city. A group of notable city planners plans this city, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. You can also see its History Museum, Art Center, or the multicolored Main Street.

Lake Wales
Lake Wales

Further, this stop is roughly 1 hour from Melbourne city. You can learn better about the places and their legacy from their guides. One of the most prominent attractions is the Bok Tower Gardens. It displays grasslands and a 205-foot bell building with stunning views and events.

5- Jupiter

Jupiter is a beautiful city with a lighthouse, a port, a marina, and a wildlife base. You can mount the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, see the city’s views, and locate the museum. Do fishing on the Juno Beach Pier, and remember to boat on the Jupiter Inlet. This city is almost 1 hour from Lake Wales.

Likewise, you can learn about nature at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. Arrange your plan and learn more about the townlet and its actions. You can also have a match at some of the most pleasing golf courses in the city. It includes The Bear’s Club, The Loxahatchee Club, and the Abacoa Golf Club, and it plays at different levels.

6- Winter Haven

You can encounter 50 lakes at Winter Haven, offering plenty of watermarks and amusement places. You can glide, fish, kayak, or surf on the Chain of Lakes. After a long drive, you can even rest at the Legoland Florida Resort. It is one of the biggest resorts, including a theme park, with around 50 rides and sites made of Lego bricks. 

Winter Haven
Winter Haven

Winter Haven is roughly 45 minutes from Lake Wales. Furthermore, you can also explore other hotels in Winter Haven. This city lets you stroll some of the cultural and documented sites. You can have entry to the Theatre Winter Haven, Polk State College Fine Arts Gallery, or Cypress Gardens Cemetery with free parking.

7- Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce is located on Florida’s Treasure Coast. It has a lively waterfront and a historic street. You can walk along the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Beach or see the Navy SEAL Museum. Similarly, you can watch a play at the Sunrise Theatre or do affordable shopping at the Farmers’ Market.

Vendors and buyers have always met here, bargaining on unique fresh products. You can also partake in some of the natural marvels of Fort Pierce. It includes the Manatee Observation Center, Heathcote Botanical Gardens, and Savannas Preserve State Park. Thus, this place is perfect for relaxing and leading to your destination.


A highway journey from Orlando City to West Palm Beach is a fun and unique experience. There are many landscapes to see and things to accomplish. Whether you pick parks, culture, beaches, or enjoyment, you can uncover something that fits your liking and budget. Depending on the comfort and choice, you can also select from various modes of transport. Plan a family vacation via bus, train, motorcar, or airplane. Thus, you will appreciate the beauty and variety of the state.

FAQs on Orlando to West Palm Beach

What are the most pleasing cafes in the city?

The best cafe in this city is Pistache French Bistro, which delivers traditional French cuisine with a trendy twist. Eat at Avocado Grill, which presents fresh and innovative dishes with avocado as the main element. You can eat your favorite meal and enjoy the landscapes of the city. 

What are the directions to follow from visiting this city?

The rules of the cities vary depending on the transport and the existing condition of the city. Typically, you must wear a mask and obey the policies of the CDC and the local management, likewise in parks. Check the availability and timetable of your selected trip before reserving your tickets.

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