It is a common question, can we visit Russia now due to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Safety and security are the first and foremost preferences for travel. On the other hand, Russia has created uncertain conditions for national and international tours, and tourism was not allowed due to the COVID 19. So, not only international tourists the also citizens are advised to avoid travel in the country for security reasons. Still, the question is, what are the places to visit in Russia now or not? Yes, several countries have taken off the COVID restrictions. However, the security situations are still considerable, but you can take a tour to several places in Russia now.

Visit Russia
Visit Russia

Why is Russia Worth Visiting?

Russia is a beautiful country containing warm sandy beaches, frozen lands, mountains, and valleys. The oldest cities of Russia still maintain their beauty and magnificence that are worth visiting, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Visitors can also explore its nature-preserved parks and shop in shopping centers and malls. If you are still thinking about can we visit Russia now, take a chance to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Tundra, volcanoes, and Northern Lights.

Places You Can Visit in Russia Now

Let’s look at some best places to visit in Russia!

1- Sochi

Sochi is a Russian city present on the black sea and a summer beach resort. The whole site is worth visiting because it contains neoclassical structures, in which the columned Winter Theatre is a notable site to discuss.


This site is also famous for tea plantations because it is a subtropical resort and the best for tea transplantation. Due to this site, Russia owns its tea brand for its unique and flavorful tea. 

2- Peterhof Palace

It’s not just a palace but an incredible succession of gardens, and the castle is present in Peterhoff, St. Petersburg. This site is known for the best Russian palaces and belongs to the French royal residence. The whole place contains beautiful gardens, fountains, and mansions that offer a long walk to the visitors, which is worth it.

Its entire outlook is the best inspiration for classical architecture. The Peterhoff palace is also historically significant because it was the residence of Russian Royalty. The royal family used this palace for over two hundred years, and the site turned into a visiting place after the ending of the empire in 1917.

Now we don’t need to think about that can we visit Russia now or which place we can visit now because this site remains open round the week.

3- Moscow

Moscow is a western city in Russia, situated on the bank of the Moscow river and known for its cultural and historical destinations. Visitors can enjoy a day trip to Moscow to explore its visiting points. It is an expensive destination in Russia but worth visiting.


You can take a tour of the historical place, the red square. On the other hand, Moscow Kremlin and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral are some other sites worth visiting in the city.

4- Altai

It is a charming place containing thousands of lakes, surrounding tundra, and alpine meadows attracting tourists’ attention. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of incredible views, the lush charm of deserts, the magnificence of snowy peaks, and the eye-catching beauty of the tundra.

We don’t need to think before starting our travel that can we visit Russia now or not because Altai is an open place for its visitors containing natural landscapes.

5- Olkhon Island

It is the third-largest lake island and is famous for its natural sights worldwide. Also, it is the best place to visit in Russia because it contains less population. It is a peaceful place where you can wander leisurely on a spiritual site. Moreover, it accommodates five small beautiful settlements, dense forests, beautiful beaches, and rocks.

Olkhorn Island
Olkhorn Island

On the other hand, it is also a place to get to Lake Baikal, which breaks records for the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Olkhon Island is the best destination to visit during summer vacations for its beautiful beaches. Visitors can also enjoy several water-based activities on Lake Baikal, including kayaking and boating.

6- Anapa 

Anapa is a northern and compact town situated in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, on the bank of the black sea. This small town is known for being one of the sunniest cities in Russia that accommodates lush vegetation, a blue sky and reflected sea, and a suitable climate for vacations.

The city is also worth visiting for its well-known resorts. On the other hand, visitors can also explore the relic juniper forests, majestic valleys, incredible lakes, and unique active mud volcanoes across the city. After finding this destination in Russia, you cannot think that can we visit Russia now.

7- Vladivostok

It is a major city in Russia, situated on the pacific port. The whole town is known for providing breathtaking views of the surrounding islands. It also contains a Russky island bridge that connects the Russky island to the Vladivostok city and offers incredible views of the island.


On the other hand, Vladivostok city also contains some hilly and mountainous regions worth visiting. The site is also known for being Russia’s Chief educational and cultural center. However, Primorskiy Oceanarium, Vladivostok fortress museum, Bukhta Lazurnaya, Tsentr Otdykha Kometa, and Zolotoy Rog are the other places to visit across the city.

Final Verdict

Here is a short solution for the people thinking about can we visit Russia now. Now all the international restrictions for COVID 19 have been taken off. Several sites are open for international travelers, but you should be careful about Ukraine and Russian crises.

What are the open places to visit in Russia now?

Yes, travelers can visit Russia now as several sites are unlatching for the international visitors, such as:
1- Vladivostok
2- Anapa 
3- Olkhon Island
4- Moscow
5- Altai
6- Peterhof Palace
7- Sochi

Can Americans and Asians travel to Russia?

Yes, Americans and Asians can travel to Russia if they have a valid passport, and you should have a negative COVID test report.

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