Benson is a city in Arizona, USA, located in Cochise County. It’s famous for its old-fashioned train stations that were built long ago, in 1880. Those trains were necessary for the mining industry in Arizona, which was growing at that time. When people visit Benson, they can experience the exciting culture of the Old West. You have great places to eat, such as fun restaurants, coffee shops, seafood spots, and even fun places in Benson, AZ.

Restaurants in Benson, AZ

Let’s get into the details of various restaurants in Benson, AZ!

1- Horseshoe Café

Horseshoe Café is a breakfast place in Benson, AZ. It has been serving delicious American breakfasts since 1936. The café bakes its bread and pastries. They have a full bar, salads, and everything for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. You can try yummy dishes like bacon & egg sandwiches, omelets, Reuben sandwiches, fried chicken, chili cheese dogs, and more. Everyone looks forward to Taco Tuesdays because they always have fresh and warm tacos.

Horseshoe Café
Horseshoe Café

Starting your day with a bacon cheeseburger and a cup of coffee or milkshake at Horseshoe Café is excellent! For brunch or lunch, you can enjoy their tasty vegetable beef soup. They also have yummy desserts like whip cream cake, waffles, and key lime pie. Horseshoe Café & Bakery opens at 6 am and closes at 2 pm daily.

2- Mi Casa Restaurant

Mi Casa Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant located in Benson, Arizona. They are famous for making the best Mexican dishes for the Benson community. Mi Casa has a homey environment, as the Spanish name suggests. Thus, each meal is home-cooked from scratch to follow the homey theme of the restaurant. You can enjoy taco salad, flan, chili, Relleno beef taco, carrot cake, egg rolls, and more. 

Chile Relleno beef taco and chicken enchilada are perfect for a good time at Benson, AZ. Shrimp enchiladas, sopapillas, fajitas, fajita skillet, enchiladas bandera, guacamole and more are some of the menu items available. The restaurant’s refried beans are delicious. Many customers enjoy it, and the much love and praise it has received make it a good recommendation. Pinata salad is another good pick at this eatery. Mi Casa Restaurant opens only on weekdays by 11 am and closes by 7 pm.

Mi Casa Restaurant
Mi Casa Restaurant

3- Magaly’s Mexican Restaurant

Magaly’s Mexican Restaurant is a wonderful place to eat in Benson, AZ. You can enjoy delicious Mexican food there, like chiles Rellenos, fajitas, tortilla soup, and tasty tacos. The restaurant has a calm atmosphere, perfect for a family holiday. Magaly takes pride in cooking and serving authentic Mexican dishes using family recipes. The food at Magaly’s is both yummy and special. You must try their chicken enchilada chiles, Relleno burrito with ground beef, and a side of rice.

In addition, it’s the perfect meal to order! Don’t forget to enjoy their complimentary chips and salsa—they’re always tasty. They also offer other yummy dishes like fried ice cream, pozole, birria, tortilla soup deluxe, and Mexican pizza. You can even try a delicious Green chile chimichanga. They have a bar with refreshing drinks like Margherita if you’re thirsty. Magaly’s Mexican Restaurant is famous for its seriously delicious beef enchiladas. They’re the best on 4th Street!

4- Benson Donuts

It is the go-to place for the most delicious doughnuts. If you’re in Benson, you have to visit Benson Donuts. You can find it on Ocotillo Road in Benson, Arizona. They serve the yummiest doughnuts, soft drinks, coffee, and milkshakes that go perfectly with the doughnuts.

Benson Donuts
Benson Donuts

You can try flavors like cinnamon roll doughnuts, apple cakes, and other yummy pastries at Benson Donuts. This restaurant isn’t just a regular fast-food chain focused on making money; they genuinely care about their customers. They make each doughnut with fresh dough and use healthy ingredients to ensure top quality.

5- Pablo’s Steaks & More

Pablo’s Steaks & More is a steakhouse that serves top-quality steaks, sandwiches, salads, and soups. This food establishment has a good reputation for serving tasty chicken fried steak. It has been highly recommended by many regulars online.

Other popular menu items that have received culinary praise include carne asada, fried pickles, grilled shrimp, and beans. You can choose to order pecan pie along with a margarita. It is delicious and even more enjoyable with a glass of margarita. Fried zucchini, fajita trio, and fish taco are good foods from the restaurant’s menu.

6- R&R Pizza Express

R&R Pizza Express is an Italian restaurant on Huachuca Street in Benson, AZ. They serve exciting menu items like buffet salad, calzone, chicken alfredo, breadsticks & teriyaki, and gluten-free wings. They offer numerous pizza flavors such as combo pizza, supreme pizza, Valentine’s pizza, green chile pepperoni pizza, green chile & sausage pizza, low-carb pizza, cherry dessert pizza, deluxe, and Maui BBQ Chicken pizza.

R&R Pizza Express
R&R Pizza Express

As you may have noticed, R&R’s specialty is in pizza production, thus prompting the availability of many flavor types. The restaurant opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm daily. It is also among the top restaurants in Benson, AZ.

7- Bat Cave Café 

The Bat Cave Café is a great place to grab a quick bite. They have delicious breakfast options on their menu. The menu is small, so they mainly serve classic American dishes. The Bat Cave Café is more of a cafeteria where you order your food and then wait outside in a picnic area to eat it. The food is always hot, filling, and delicious. It’s also one of the city’s best restaurants. They have a fun, relaxed atmosphere and serve generous food portions at reasonable prices. The Bat Cave Café is the perfect small-town café in many American cities.

8- Farmhouse Restaurant

The Farmhouse Restaurant is a top-rated restaurant in Benson. It’s a favorite spot for families and people looking for a delicious meal. At the Farmhouse Restaurant, they serve tasty small plates, yummy coffee, and amazing desserts. You can enjoy dishes like biscuits & gravy, stuffed French toast, omelet, cinnamon rolls, eggs Benedict, grilled meatloaf & eggs, and home fries. They also make the best coffee in Benson. You must try their grilled cheese sandwich with fries and a glass of fruit juice. It’s a satisfying and tasty combination. Another delicious option is their chicken fried steak.

Farmhouse Restaurant
Farmhouse Restaurant

9- Benson City Grille

If you want to experience a fancy dinner in Benson, take the chance to visit Benson City Grille. It’s located at San Pedro Golf Course and offers a unique and memorable dining experience. You can see the beautiful Dragoon Mountains from the restaurant while enjoying your meal. You can try their jumbo chicken wings or City Grille burgers for lunch.

And for dinner, the San Pedro chopped salad is a great choice. They also have yummy Philly cheese steak, sweet potato waffle fries, a cheeseburger, and more. The Southwest Turkey Melt is a tasty option too. And don’t forget about dessert! You can pick up some candies to enjoy after your lunch or dinner.

The Bottom Line

Benson, AZ, is home to various wonderful restaurants offering tasty meals for everyone. Benson has it all if you’re in the mood for Mexican cuisine, mouthwatering steaks, delicious doughnuts, or even a quick bite. So the next time you’re in Benson, explore these fantastic dining spots and treat yourself to a memorable meal. Remember, good food brings people together, and Benson’s restaurants are here to create joyful dining experiences for all.

FAQs about Restaurants in Benson, AZ

Are there any vegetarians available in Benson restaurants? 

Yes, many restaurants in Benson, AZ, offer vegetarian and vegan options. You can find salad, vegetable stir-fries, pasta with marinara sauce, and even plant-based burgers. Just ask the servers or check the menu for these particular options. 

What are some attractive places to visit in Benson, AZ?

Benson has some attractive places to visit, such as the San Pedro Valley Arts and Historical Society, Kartchner Caverns State Park, and the Benson Visitor Center. These places offer opportunities for learning, exploring nature, and enjoying the beauty of Benson.

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