Blytheville is a city beautiful city in Arkansas. This largest city is located in the attractive land of Mississippi County. It offers a variety of attractions, sports, and dining options for tourists and locals. While it may be easy to manage this secret treasure, it is home to an excellent culinary background that pleases food lovers. Whether you are glancing for a steakhouse, a bbq point, a Mexican cafe, or a baked good, you will discover multiple restaurants in Blytheville, AR, to fit your taste buds & your budget.

Restaurants in Blytheville, AR

In this article, get ready to have your best next tour to the finest restaurants in Blytheville, AR.

1- American Pub and Grill at Bistro Eleven 21

To enjoy a tasty meal and a comfortable drink, check out Bistro Eleven 21 in the city. This cafe presents a combination of American dishes. It includes flat pork steaks, hamburgers, leafy salads, veggie and cheese pizzas, and sandwiches. Complement your dish with a complete bar, including beer, wine, and margaritas.

Bistro Eleven 21
Bistro Eleven 21

It is known for its relaxing and attractive aura. Yet, it is a unique spot for families, mates, and friends to celebrate. It can accommodate almost fifty customers at a time. The environment is cozy, with a chimney, small LCDs, and a terrace. Thus, it is open for dinner except Mondays, and you can book online.

2- Seafood Delight at Katfish Kastle

If you treasure seafood, you will love to eat at Katfish Kastle in this lovely city. This family-friendly cafe contains fresh and flavorful seafood menus from catfish, jumbo shrimp, oysters, boiled crab meat, and crawfish. Apart from the seafood dishes, now it caters to its customers with various fast food.

You can order additional plates of chicken tenders, small burgers, salads, and cookies. The portions are plentiful, and the prices are appropriate. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. Each platter that is served is tasty. The students consider it a suitable place because of the reasonable price list.

3- Chinese and Asian Meals at Great Wall

If you desire Chinese or Asian meals, you can steer to Great Wall Supreme Buffet. This buffet restaurant presents a wide choice of dishes. It includes fried rice, egg noodles, meats, veggies, soup, appetizers, sushi, and more. You can order from the menu if you prefer.

Great Wall
Great Wall

The food is hot and renewed, and the buffet is continuously refilled. After eating the tasty Asian dishes at this place, complete your meal by enjoying the desserts at Peurto de Acapulco. This place is within walking distance from this restaurant. Thus, it is open for lunch and dinner the whole week.

4- BBQ at Fair Prices at Benny Bob’s Barbecue

You must try Benny Bob’s Barbecue if you are a barbecue lover. This cafe is a venue for delicious BBQ and enjoyment. It is big enough with an indoor and rooftop set. There is a traditional chess-designed pub where you can enjoy local and global drinks and mingle. This bbq spot makes it a strong competitor for all the restaurants nearby.

Furthermore, it serves savory dishes, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, sausage, and more. Have access to its side dishes for free. It includes baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, fries, onion rings, and cornbread. The barbecue gravy is homemade and delicious. Thus, choosing among the options and their likings makes it difficult.

5- Fast Service at Burger King

You can stop at Burger King if you are a fast-food lover. This fast-food place delivers burgers, French fries, chicken nuggets, corn salads, wrap platters, breakfast items, soft drinks, and desserts. You can collect from the drive-thru or the counter and get your deal in minutes.

Burger King
Burger King

The food is expensive, but customers still like it because of its good quality and flavors. The lunchroom is hygienic and stylish. After feeling full, you can go to Delta Gateway Museum, just a few miles from this restaurant.

6- Classic Fast Food at Sonic Drive-In

If you want a site to enjoy traditional American fast food, check out Sonic Drive-In in the city. This eatery offers burgers, shawarmas, grilled sandwiches, fries, wings, nuggets, salads, wraps, pasta, breakfast items, drinks, desserts, and steaks. You can collect it from the online website or the counter. It is a bit rushy so you may get your order in minutes.

It is a well-assisted cafeteria with a proper kitchen. The times of the cafe are flexible. It boasts a sense of society and creates a unique bond with its staff. You can also use the app to get half-price drinks and slushes anytime and save exclusive points. Therefore, it is a perfect option whether you are urgently or like a quick bite.

7- Juicy Steaks at Olympia

If you like to relish juicy steaks and Italian cooking, try Olympia. This cafe offers a variety of steaks with side toppings, sauces, and seasonings. You can also try their signature dishes. It includes Asian tuna, chipotle pork chop, or alfredo chicken. This iconic plate captures the diner’s devotion to creating a flavorful meal.


Further, it is open for dinner except on weekends. It has received the highest ratings and positive feedback from customers. They complimented the meals’ quality, the portion size, the assistance, and the discounts. It is the place for you if you want to dine with a tasty meal and a restful drink.

8- Grill and BBQ at Dixie Pig

If you want to relish grill and BBQ plates, visit Dixie Pig. It serves authentic BBQs and grills at fair prices. You can get a whole feast for less than $10. Traditional flavors make customers fill their stomachs with hygienic and authentic ingredients. Around 15 chefs from different provinces are providing their skills and services.

You can even visit the Ritz Civic Center for nightlife. It organizes live melodies, like violin and piano, and enjoyment options as per requirement. It is devoted to helping local performers and talent. Thus, you can enjoy two facilities in the exact location.

9- Mexican Twist at Las Brisas

If you are a local and want to enjoy Mexican meals with a twist, try Las Brisas. This cafe offers comfy seating arrangements. In food, it takes pride in its extensive menu. It delivers a broad range of formal Mexican dishes. From cheesy fajitas to tangy enchiladas, visitors can enjoy diverse dishes with rich flavors and seasonings.

Las Brisas
Las Brisas

One of the famous dishes at this cafe is a tender grilled steak with rice, beans, and tortillas. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful site of Arkansas Aerplex Park from the eatery. The talented culinary team tries to offer authentic Mexican savor. This diner enables its customers with indoor and outdoor seating setups.

10- Fresh Baked Items at Jeri-Lin Donuts

After eating spicy foods from various restaurants, you can try freshly baked items at Jeri-Lin Donuts. This bakery presents fresh and delectable donuts for simply $0.75 each. You can select from glazed, ganache, peanut caramel, cinnamon rolls, and butter eclairs. Eat your donut with a cup of coffee, tea and even eat sandwiches and other baked goods.

The donuts are velvety and moist. The staff is friendly and pleasing. The bakery is owned by an old lady who has been making dough with her hands since day one. This bakery is open except on weekends. It provides services for a long duration and conforms to the finest donuts in town.

The Bottom Line

Blytheville, AR, is a fantastic location to enjoy flavorful food and friendly service at the best restaurants. You can select from various dishes and prices based on your mood and taste. There are many favored restaurants in this city. These cafes have acquired high ratings and praising reviews from clients. You can even find other cuisines with original taste and garnishing. Apart from all this, these cafes increase culinary options, from cozy family places to stylish cafes that fit each palate.

FAQs on Restaurants in Blytheville, AR

What are some suggestions for dining in this city?

Some dining tips include reviewing the opening hours and availability before you drive. Some cafes may be sealed on certain days. Make bookings, mainly for popular or busy cafes. Try the local dishes and desserts. The typical tip amount is fifteen-twenty percent of the bill.

What are the least-priced cafes in the city?

The top budget-friendly diners in the city vary accordingly. Dixie Pig fits BBQ for less than $10. Jeri-Lin Donuts offers tasty donuts for solely $0.75 each. Burger King provides fast and quality food for $5. In Sonic Drive-In, you can get a combo meal for $7.

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