Tri-Cities are three beautiful connecting cities in South Eastern Washington. This urban area links three neighboring cities, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. It is the point where the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers merge. Tri Cities is a rich and diverse district with many things to do.

If you are curious about the past, want to adore nature, or want to eat, you will locate something in this state. Thus, pack your bag and venture to this site, where you can partake in the beauty and diversity of Washington.

Things to Do in Tri Cities

This article includes some of the best things to do in Tri Cities.

1- Taste grills at the Fuego Mexican Grill

Try authentic Mexican dishes at the Fuego Mexican Grill in Kennewick City. It will satisfy you if you crave classic and tasty Mexican meals after all day out. This cafe presents a variety of shrimp tacos, dried beef burritos, hot enchiladas, and cheesy fajitas. All the dishes served are made with fresh elements and homemade tortillas.

Fuego Mexican Grill
Fuego Mexican Grill

You can even relish a salsa line with extra heat and taste and a choice of drinks, including shakes and margaritas. The interior of this cafe includes stylish chairs with Mexican art on the walls. The staff is quite friendly and provides fast delivery. It is open every day till night. Thus, eating delicious food here after roaming all day is fantastic.

2- Learn science at the REACH Museum

The REACH Museum is a site where you can know about this crude and human history and nearby areas. The gallery features displays, interactive exhibits, and academic programs. It shows the area’s geological occasions, outdoors, culture, and information technology.

You can also book a guided trip to study the Hanford Reach National Monument, the B Reactor National Historic Landmark, and other areas of interest. The sculptures represent the legacy of the region. Furthermore, except Sundays, it is open from 10 a.m. to evening. You can review their site for more facts and entry fees.

3- Move along the Columbia River Trail

The Columbia River Trail is a complex bike track. It runs along the Columbia River through these three linking cities. The course is a portion of the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. It is a 23-mile circle trail that unites the three cities.

Columbia River Trail
Columbia River Trail

You can adore the sights of the river, nature, and gardens along the way. Have ease and free access to various sites and comforts. You can take a motorbike from one of the electric bike shops. These shops are around Howard Amon Park in Richland. Yet, bring your cycle and begin from any point along the path. You can locate a map and more details about the trail in the manual.

4- Rest at the Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park is a vast play area on the beach of the Columbia River. The park has multiple features to appreciate. It includes a grassland, pool, bandshell, tennis court, picnic sites, and harbors. You can rest on the benches and overlook the water flow.

Play with your children or pets on the grassy areas, or hear to live melody at the Fingernail setting. The park is also linked to the Riverfront Trail. Here you can easily hike or bike along the river. Thus, it is open from dusk till evening, and you can partake in events by checking details on its site.

5- See bombs at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is a deactivated nuclear-making complex. It supplied weapons in World War II and the Cold War. Still, it builds plutonium for many nuclear weapons. It includes the atomic bombs that fell on Nagasaki and Trinity Test Site. Today, it is partaking in ecological cleanup and is home to many scientific facilities.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Hanford Nuclear Reservation

You can see the B Reactor National Historic Landmark. It is the world’s first complete plutonium display reactor. You can likewise visit other appeals nearby, like LIGO Hanford Observatory. You can find more facts about it on many nuclear websites.

6- Honor the 9/11 Memorial Monument

The 9/11 Memorial Monument is located in Kennewick. It is an honor to the prey and heroes of the attack on 11th September. The memorial has a thirty-foot steel queue rescued from the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

You can touch the crooked metal and read the words of the dropped on the historical mark. It is located in a small park around the Gesa Carousel of Dreams. Further, it is open the whole day. You can visit it, pay your regards, and recall the sad event that changed the past.

7- Shop at Broadmoor Park Outlet Mall

If you are skimming to bargain, and find discounts and deals, check out the Broadmoor Park Outlet Mall. It is located in Pasco. This shopping hub presents outlet shops for expensive brands. It includes Nike, Reebok, Rolex, Black & Decker, and Zara Men.

Broadmoor Park Outlet Mall
Broadmoor Park Outlet Mall

You can find different products at discounts, from clothes and heels to instruments and devices. It is close to the Columbia River so you can have a lovely view of the water and cliffs. Thus, it is open except Sundays due to cleanup.

8- Sip wine at Barnard Griffin Winery

Barnard Griffin Winery is one of the most tasty and award-winning wine yards. It was founded in 1983 by Deborah Barnard and Rob Griffin. The winery makes wines, including whites, roses, reds, and reserves. You can see the tasting room to test their wines and know about their making process.

It also has a cafe named The Kitchen at Barnard Griffin that serves the state’s cooking. You can see a dyed glass art gallery, db Studios, that shows the works of Deborah Barnard. Apart from testing wines, you can eat at its cafe and see antiques at the gallery.

9- Observe the waves at LIGO Observatory

LIGO is the full-form of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. You can notice gravitational waves from the most vibrant affairs in the universe. It includes the black hole unions and neutron star clashes. There are two overlooks in the U.S., one in Livingston and one in Richland. They listen for the soft fiction of waves that expose new insights into space and time.

LIGO Observatory
LIGO Observatory

Learn about the science behind this creative research. The tower offers tours on fixed dates yearly. You can even visit the LIGO Exploration Center. The center has interactive exhibits and academic programs about the universe. Thus, it is open except on holidays with reservations before the visit.

10- Enjoy a ride at the Gesa Carousel of Dreams

The Gesa Carousel of Dreams is a reformed 108-year-old hand-carved wooden carousel. It was built by Charles Carmel in New York in 1910. The ride has 45 retro horses. They were separately repaired over ten years with devoted care.

Further, it is in the Southridge Sports and Events Complex middle in Kennewick. You can relish a ride on this historic appeal for only $3 per or $15 for six lifts. It also includes deals, active feast facilities, and annual events. Thus, it is open from Friday to Sunday, with differing hours relying on the season.


Tri-Cities is a pretty site that links three cities. It is where you can undergo wild beauty and diversity. This urban area is rich in history and lovely culture. Hiking along the parks, you can even adore the pretty natural view. Apart from all this, you can have a comfy out, a fun event, or a learning option. You will find everything according to your choices. It will amaze and entertain you with its magic and appeal.

FAQs on Things to Do in Tri Cities

How can I reach this lovely urban?

You can reach it by auto, cab, train, or airplane. It has an airport that operates flights from central cities like Seattle, Denver, and Salt Lake City. Take Amtrak to Pasco rail. Utilize Highway 395 to get to Tri-Cities by road.

What is the most suitable time to visit this lovely area?

The finest time to visit depends on your choices and actions. It has a semi-arid weather that includes four different seasons. Summer is hot and arid, with a mild climate. The winters are chilly and wet, and spring and fall are calm and pleasing.

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