Most people are tired of the classic tourist trails. Not everyone wants to lie on the beach, eat pizza in a restaurant, and visit museums. The fact is that all such activities are available in any country. Sometimes tourists don’t even need to leave their country to have a good rest. But what about restricted areas and organizations that are famous all over the world? What if you are a student and want to visit a famous location? Then you should gather at least 2-3 friends and choose an interesting route. Here are some interesting locations for student groups.

Anak Krakatoa, Indonesia

For many decades, the Krakatoa volcano was considered extinct. But in 1883, a volcanic eruption occurred, which claimed the lives of thirty thousand people. Since then, the volcano has periodically thrown flakes of hot lava into the air. If you are not afraid of extreme tourism, you can book a boat tour. Local guides can show you around the volcano from a safe distance. It is best to go on an excursion in the evening to see the fire show and the flying out magma clumps.

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Pripyat, Ukraine

You’ve probably heard of HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries at least once. The fact is that the Chernobyl disaster is one of the first cases that showed the world that nuclear power plants are energy sources and a threat to all humankind. How about organizing a student excursion to Pripyat? This city suffered the most from the accident. You will be amazed to see deserted streets, abandoned theaters, and a rusty Ferris wheel in the city center.

You will not see such a post-apocalyptic setting even in Hollywood films! But you will have to reserve places in the tour group for yourself and your friends in advance. The fact is that some places in Pripyat have increased background radiation, so you need to hire a guide who will show you the most interesting but safe locations.

Fukushima, Japan

And here is another location for those who love extreme tourism. Japan believed that it took into account all the mistakes of the USSR in the design of nuclear power plants. But the tsunami caused the flooding of the backup electrical units. That is why the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is considered one of the biggest technological problems of our time.
Restricted Areas to Visit with Students

Nevertheless, students will be interested in visiting the abandoned city and even visiting the anti-radiation sarcophagus. Of course, the Japanese government is unlikely to allow foreign tourists to take risks, but you can still visit some interesting locations with guides and dosimeters. You just need to get a tourist visa and permission to visit the exclusion zone in advance.

Kumsusan Memorial Palace, North Korea

How about visiting North Korea? Such a proposal will surely sound like madness. However, this totalitarian country is experiencing certain economic difficulties and considers tourists a good source of budget replenishment. If you are ready to wait 2-5 months, you can apply for a tourist visa. Get ready for you and your friends to be thoroughly checked at the airport. In addition, there will always be a guide and representatives of the army next to you.

Though there are some restricted areas and organizations here, it is worth seeing North Korea. In addition, you will certainly be allowed to visit the Kumsusan Memorial Palace and other attractions. Here you will see how perniciously the totalitarian regime affects the life of the population. Students will be interested to see all the key communist locations to write an excellent essay upon arrival home.

Palace of the Revolution, The Republic of Cuba

You’ve probably heard about the Cuban Revolution at least once. But unfortunately, Fidel Castro and the communists decided that this country should live differently and carried out a military coup. As a result, Cuba was thrown back into development for tens of years. Fortunately, this country is slowly beginning to progress, but communism and the dictatorial regime still prevent the people from living in peace.

However, tourists can freely visit this country if they have a visa and pay a lot for tourist routes. In particular, you will have to bring at least 2-3 friends with you to visit the Palace of the Revolution. Here you will see all the relics associated with the Cuban Revolution. This tourist point is interesting because a visit permit can be obtained only for people by prior agreement. Therefore, you will not be able to visit the Palace of the Revolution spontaneously.


As you can see, there are quite a few restricted areas and organizations you can visit with the student group. You don’t even need to leave your country to see something interesting. Most modern cities have industrial or research areas where excursions are sometimes held. You just need to conduct preliminary research and arrange a visit to any object or territory.

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