Wellfleet comes across the northeast tip of Cape Cod in the region of the United States of America, Massachusetts. This small town is famous for its paradise-like harbors, magnificent beaches, and exclusive art collections of artists. Wellfleet beaches are rich in customs, culture, beauty, and history, with its monuments from the 19th century.

Travelers can also discover the different perspectives of this settlement worldwide. The well-known places of Wellfleet include Cape Code National Seashore, Wellfleet Historical Society Museum, Wellfleet Beach, and the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Wellfleet Beach is also a lucky find for all beach enthusiasts in the US.

Wellfleet Beaches

Exploring such beaches will lead to the answer as to why this place is worth to add in the wish list. Let’s take a look at the various Wellfleet beaches in Cape Cod!

1- Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach is a beach of beautiful scenery that was named in person by an Italian creator of the radio station in 1903. This inventor was Guglielmo Marconi that worked on the beach over the radio. The precise position of the beach is 1010 Marconi Beach Road, Cape Cod National Seashore, MA 02667.

Marconi Beach
Marconi Beach

Moreover, the seaside is lengthy with enormous sandy hills, and its scenery covers the eyespot of the Atlantic Sea. Numerous activities are scheduled throughout the summer, including fishing, surfboarding, volleyball, bonfires, and sunbathing. A security alert is always present due to various resorts and drive-ins nearby.

2- Cahoon Hollow Beach

Cahoon Beach is located in Cape Cod National Seashore of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is after the Tribe of Cahoon, which lived for a decade in the area of the Outer Cape. It is a Coastal Highway View bordered by a 75-foot hummock. Travelers prioritize visiting the beach, usually in summer, due to the clean and fresh atmosphere.

The parking facilities here are limited, but a flock of visitors is still at this place each year. The everyday activities include swimming and playing beach volleyball. This Wellfleet beach is a lucky find for all beach enthusiasts in the US. It has a magnificent landscape and a clean environment that can show off some of the most beautiful scenes in the district.

Cahoon Hollow Beach
Cahoon Hollow Beach

3- White Crest Beach

It is hard to ascend or descend at the White Crest Beach. The exact location of the beach is 740 Atlantic Ocean, View Dr, Wellfleet, MA 02667, USA. According to the compass view, it is on the Eastern Coast of Cape Code, near Eastham Town.

However, this beach is popular for its immense tidal waves, which allow the surfers to enjoy at their full. The area is half with refreshing grassland. Although the facility of restrooms and resorts are available, there is no such facility of security available. The visitors have to protect all the valuables themselves throughout the activities.

4- Newcomb Hollow Beach

The exact location of Newcomb Hollow Beach is on the Wellfleet strip, closest to Truro and the northernmost ocean beach. This beach has the largest dunes in the Wellfleet beach, giving breathtaking scenery. The sandy hills are also too steep for the climbers to mount. The beach’s water is transparent and refreshing, and the seaside is crystal white. The beach is full of visitors during late Junes. 3 days are usually enough to explore the famous attractions of the beach and enjoy it to the full.

Newcomb Hollow Beach
Newcomb Hollow Beach

5- LeCount Hollow Beach

LeCount Hollow Beach is under federal ownership. It is inside the National Seashore towards the Southeast Wellfleet coast of Cape Cod. It is in between the sandy hills in LeCount Hollow Beach. As taxpayers own this place, there is a facility with open Wifi, private parking, and onsite events. This place is also perfect for mental health relaxation and performing immense activities. The lifeguards are usually available in season from 9 to 5.

Moreover, this beach attracts all ages, leaving its charm. The old generation is enjoying the sunset on the beach. The youth is chattering and babbling. The children love playing with the sand by making towers of it.

6- Indian Neck Beach

Indian Neck Beach is on the coastline of Cape Cod, cutting the Indian Neck Peninsula. It is exactly located on the western side of the harbor. It currents the Great Island. In addition, the beach is famous for its various food courts that offer Asia-Pacific regional food. A list of beach games is available free of cost for the children. It is an amazing place for hiking with a fat-tire bike.

Indian Neck Beach
Indian Neck Beach

7- Powers Landing Beach

Powers Landing Beach is situated on the oceanfront in Wellfleet, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, on the Northern side of the San Joaquin River. For proper parking, travelers require a resident pass. This pass is the sticker that is pasted on the car. As such, no swimming activities are operating because of the massive tidal effect. This place is more than a harbor than a beach. Still, many fish marketers reside nearby.

8- Burton Baker Beach

The exact address of Burton Baker Beach is 183 Samoset Ave, Wellfleet, MA 02667. Geographically, it is near Indian Neck Beach, giving the fantastic scenery of the Great Island. This beach is the smallest beach for Cape Cod’s beauty.

This beach is named after a community leader, Burton W. Baker. These facilities are only available on this beach for parking. Although it is an actual relaxation point, swimming is highly prohibited on the beach due to certain water chemicals and massive tidal waves.

Burton Baker Beach
Burton Baker Beach

9- Duck Harbor Beach

Duck Harbor Beach covers the Duck Harbor Road to 3.5 miles towards the Town Pier Wellfleet. The Buddhists situate many pilgrim monuments. These pilgrim monuments are visible in the clear sunset scenes. People worshiping the sun are often seen here. The residents of duck harbor road are amiable and cooperative. Also, they provide residence to travelers and feed them with their hospitality. The Wellfleet office requires a sticker for parking in the plot.

10- Maguire Landing Beach

Maguire Landing Beach usually covers all the beaches in the Wellfleet. It is towards the Southern hamlet. It is a place with no residents; therefore, in case of any problem, the traveler may need help to get out of a particular situation.

The visitors to the beach are usually traveling here in the winter season. Surfing is the primary activity that is usually operated here. A special system of checking wind speed and tidal wave height is powered. All the above beaches of the Wellfleet are worth seining as places for amusement and scenery.

Maguire Landing Beach
Maguire Landing Beach


The small town named Wellfleet resides in Massachusetts. A wide range of beaches of Wellfleet are famous for their beautiful scenery. Knowing the exact location makes it easier for travelers to enjoy the landscape and nature’s beauty. All such beaches are a must to visit if you are fond of and in love with nature. Assure to keep the beach clean by following the rules and regulations.

FAQs on Wellfleet Beaches

What are some tips for visiting Wellfleet beaches?

Travelers should reach early to get private parking. Check the weather forecast. Carrying sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat is necessary. Keep a water bottle to be energized, and read all the rules to ensure a clean part by your side.

Are there any fees for visitors from outside of Wellfleet Beach?

Usually, no fee is charged to any traveler that mounts towards the beach. However, certain beaches are under the federal government. In such cases, the visitors have to pay more for the restroom, private parking, and snack bars.

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