Ripon is a lovely city in North Yorkshire, England. This city is filled with a prosperous history and culture. If you seek a spot to enjoy a tasty meal, you will discover many options in Ripon. If you like classic British cooking, unknown flavors from about the world, or anything in between, there is a cafe for every taste and budget in this city. Here we will get to know some of the best restaurants in Ripon. As a traveler, you can get tips on creating the dining occasion.

Ripon Restaurants

Let us look at the well-recognized and best Ripon Restaurants in the article.

1- Fine Dining at The Old Deanery

Look at The Old Deanery if you are glancing for a unique occasional restaurant in the city. This grand cafe is sheltered in a 17th-century tower. This place was once the home of the Caretaker of Ripon Cathedral. The eatery offers a seasonal menu list. It shows the best regional and area meals. You can enjoy almost all kinds of meats here, full of flavors and juiciness.

You can select from different dishes with specialties of the world. But the only cause that it is not that full compared to other restaurants is its high costs. The cafe also has an extensive wine checklist to order. There lies a lovely garden where you can appreciate your feast in the summer.

The Old Deanery
The Old Deanery

2- Flavorful Meals at The Magpie Inn

The Magpie Inn is a comfortable and welcoming bar. The servers are always ready to serve you tasty and hearty feasts. The pub has a rural appeal, with wooden shafts, rock walls, and a roaring fire-type spot. The menu of this inn features traditional British dishes. It encompasses juicy steaks, pies, fish and crisp chips, and toasted beef with pudding.

You can also attempt some of their signature plates carefully prepared by skilled chefs. The chefs of this cafe ensure even the tiny details of every dish served. The pub also has a capacity for barrel ales, wines, and skills to satisfy your craving.

3- Riverside Bar at The Water Rat

The Water Rat is a famous bar overseeing the River Skell in the city. The pub has a spacious and stylish interior with big windows. It presents spectacular views of the river and the surrounding country. The bar conforms fresh and local meals. The locals are most viewed in this cafe as it is pretty convenient.

You can relish some of their snacks and platters, such as cheeses, pasta, nachos, or hot chicken wings. The quality of the food is as appropriate as the portion of the meal provided. You can also rest on their balcony and watch the world go by. Just enjoy the meal by glancing through the windows.

The Water Rat
The Water Rat

4- Indian Cuisine at Bengal Lounge

Bengal Lounge is a spicy and savory restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine. Due to the reviews by travelers to open up Asian Restaurants, this cafe was designed to tackle the flavors. The cafe has a warm, attractive environment, colorful scenery, and a friendly team.

The restaurant delivers a range of dishes from diverse regions of India. India is rich in spices and herbs. Therefore, special fresh herbs are imported to get an authentic taste. From biryani to Qorma, the area is full of aromas. You can also select from their pieces of bread, rice plates, snacks, and traditional desserts. This cafe also has takeaway and catering assistance for parties and affairs.

5- Home-made Cakes at The Wakeman’s House Cafe

The Wakeman’s House Cafe is a retro and comfortable cafe that delivers homemade cakes and tarts. The bakery is located in a historic structure dating to the 16th century. The restaurant has a precious interior with wooden furnishings, floral wallpapers, and retro crockery. 

The bakery offers a combination of cakes and pies. Almost all famous cakes with rich and deep flavors are available here. You can also relish some of their hot beverages, such as tea, coffee, or latte. The cafe is an ideal place to rest and appreciate a sweet delight.

The Wakeman's House Cafe
The Wakeman’s House Cafe

6- The European Eatery at Lockwood

Lockwood is a stylish and modern restaurant that provides European cuisine with a twisting flavor. The cafe has a bright, delicate interior with wooden bases, transparent white walls, and colorful paintings on the walls. The menu is diverse, and the chefs are especially from European countries.

Some of the skilled experts are locals but provide various flavorful dishes. You can pick from multiple words, such as smoky fishcakes, roasted and fried chicken breast with parmesan coating, or mushroom and spinach pastry. This diner also has a wine line that offers a preference for wines worldwide.

7- Italian Masterpieces at Prima Pizzeria

Prima Pizzeria is one of the best Ripon restaurants, a warm place owned by a skilled Italian chef. This original Italian eatery makes various types of tasty pizzas and pasta. Rather than the cafe’s interior, the staff is wearing the local Italian dress, furnishing a natural aura. 

The prices on the menu list are convenient for everyone. You can also personalize your pizza or pasta with your toppings, herbs, spices, and sauce selection. This Italian diner is ideal for regional society.

Prima Pizzeria
Prima Pizzeria

8- Live Music and Beer at The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion is a festive and delightful pub and eatery. It organizes live musical concerts and various sources of entertainment. The pub is quite spacious for large casual diners and parties. It is now featuring regional bands and artists to motivate their culture. You can enjoy your meal with music playing in the background of various genres. 

Therefore, the spot offers various possibilities, all under the same roof. You can enjoy some of their drinks and snacks and appreciate the artists. This pub is fantastic for hanging out with buddies and relishing free musical nightlife.

9- British Plates at The Unicorn Hotel

The Unicorn Hotel is a historical and adorable hotel conforming to British cooking. The hotel is famous for its classic exterior with black stoned walls and a red roof. The whole aura of the cafe is dark with dim lights. This spacious resort has a restaurant that delivers classic British dishes. 

The mover point of the restaurant is that travelers can not only relax at this convenient inn but also enjoy the quality and great portioned meals. You can also enjoy some of their desserts as per your choice. This inn also has a club that fits drinks and fun simultaneously.

The Unicorn Hotel
The Unicorn Hotel

10- Continental Charm at Le Bistro

Le Bistro is a French diner that offers continental appeal and dignity. This restaurant has a stylish and sophisticated interior, with white tablecloths, slightly fragranced candlelights, and French pictures. It provides a menu showing the finest French cuisine, such as onion soup, thick duck confit, or spicy steak frites. 

The violin is playing in the background, adding a peaceful environment. You can also try some of the desserts to satisfy your taste buds. Although this place is expensive, the quality is on the mark. The restaurant also has a wine index that includes French wines from separate regions.


Ripon is an ideal destination for food fans. It presents a variety of eateries to suit every person and event. Whether you want to savor a strong roast, test some spicy gravy, or satisfy with a decadent dessert, you will see it in Ripon. You can also appreciate this beautiful city’s views, historical milestones, and friendly aura. So, the next moment you are in this spot, benefit from the option to try some of the great restaurants suggested.

FAQs on Ripon Restaurants

What are some of the finest restaurants in Ripon?

Some of the finest diners in Ripon are The Royal Oak, which fits traditional pub food. Lockwoods offers stylish European dishes and seasonal elements. Prima Pizzeria makes original Italian pizzas and pasta, and The Old Deanery features pleasing dining and lavish surroundings.

What are a few precautions to take when dining out?

Some precautions to handle when eating out in Ripon are to reserve your table in advance, mainly during prime times. Study the hygiene reviews of the cafes before you visit. Notify the staff of any dietary needs or allergies. Follow the Covid-19 protection policies that are in position.

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