Have you ever viewed the stars from the ground? If you still want to, you can plan a trip to Maldives. The Maldives is central to one of nature’s most breathtaking sights, the sea of stars Maldives. This natural spectacle is a must-see for tourists seeking an exceptional experience on the world-class glowing beach. It is one of the vacation destinations every couple or solo traveler wants to visit. The sea of stars is also known as bioluminescence. Yet, the surface waters light up at night. It illuminates the water, creating a star-like effect. It is truly an exceptional experience.

Sea of Stars Maldives

Get ready to venture into one of the beautiful landscapes of the Maldives.

Causes of the incredible phenomenon

Among the tropical aquatic animals and coral reefs in the Maldives’s Indian Ocean, tons of micro-organisms live. It includes dinoflagellates, a phytoplankton. However, their extraordinary power to generate light distinguishes the Lingulodinium polyedrum from other creatures. The action of the sea and waves drive stress.

Maldives's Indian Ocean
Maldives’s Indian Ocean

It directs the plankton to radiate light, or bioluminescence, as a defense system identical to a few fireflies. This bioluminescent light has an electric, blue-neon coloring. Further, it radiates as every wave breaks. The speculator wonder is one of nature’s most infrequent events. It’s so incredible that the award-winning Life of Pi included this island.

Location of this centerpiece

The Sea of Stars Maldives can be located off the shore of Vaadhoo Island in the Indian Ocean. This island is an aspect of Raa Atoll. It lies approximately 195 kilometers north of Male. Raa Atoll is one of the Maldives’ most attractive and diverse places. It’s an infinite spectrum of coral reefs, uninhabited islands, and crystal and transparent waters.

Moreover, it is ideal for snorkeling, diving, angling, and exploring. It also presents a striking cultural experience with antique ruins and classic villages. Yet, the friendly locals have lived off the land for ages. It is noted for Vaadhoo Beach, the perfect site to admire this wild natural wonder known as the Sea of Stars.

Get along the Vaadhoo Island

To reach Vaadhoo Island, you must fly into Male International Airport. It is the main terminal for international tourists coming to the Maldives. From there, you’ll be required to take a local flight to Ifuru Domestic Airport on an island near this island. You can set a boat transfer from this airport straight to the island. Book an outing with one of many local tour groups that offer voyages to glimpse the sea of stars.

Vaadhoo Island
Vaadhoo Island

Another alternative is to catch a speedboat or ferry instantly from Male to Vaadhoo. The trip time will vary. It depends on the operator and the kind of boat you take. Generally, the travel takes about 1 hour by speedboat and 2-3 hours by ferry. Some ferry providers have planned service, while others work on request.

Best Time to visit

The most acceptable time to reach and go to the Sea of Star Beach is June to October. While the best time to view the Maldives depends on what kind of venture you’re looking for. During prime time, especially from November to April, more people are crowded, and more options are available.

Further, it’s more costly and packed than other times of the year. For rarer crowds and lower prices, consider visiting this island during the low season, like May to October. Remember that some places may still be quite active even during down season.

Swim safely along the shoreline

Swimming with illuminating waters with plankton is safe. But because these critters are so light, please remember not to handle them while gliding in the sea of stars. You can walk along shorelines with your friends where these creatures live. It could damage their delicate habitat and cause irreparable damage if done too often or aggressively. Therefore, you can adore swimming in the sea of stars while admiring the setting.

The Sea of Stars
The Sea of Stars

Plan a once-in-a-lifetime

As nature is surprising, nothing is for sure. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the world’s most stunning islands in the hope of encountering the Sea of Stars Maldives might be challenging. Nature does as nature delights and an aspect of luck avails. Plan a trip to the Maldives for the luxury, shores, snorkeling, and gliding. Seeing this site should be a perk, not a given.

Nearby Places

Many nearby places are as beautiful and amusing as the Sea of Stars.

1- Dharavandhoo Fish Market

Dharavandhoo Fish Market is a small, open-air concrete structure beside a palm tree. It is at the edge of Dharavandhoo’s tiny port. A sign links it to the island’s fish market. Here, no cash changes hands, and the diverse buyers take whatever they’re offered. From May to November, it is a corner for visitors eager to see immense gatherings of manta rays in nearby Hanifaru Bay.

Yet, it is famous year-round with divers and snorkelers exploring for many sea creatures. But at this fish market, the fresh fish reach you. Night descends as the anglers prep the last of the day’s trap and pack it to take home. The last handful of tails and innards is tossed into the water, and a waiting glow takes it with barely a wave. As the families exit the fish market, the rays swim into the darker waters above the harbor’s light.

Dharavandhoo Fish Market
Dharavandhoo Fish Market

2- Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve

Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve is a highly biodiverse environment. It is home to the world’s seventh-largest coral reef. Vast amounts of plankton rush through it. It allows the whole food chain to flourish. More than 250 types of corals are seen in the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve, sustaining almost 1,200 fish types. It refers to three distinct atolls forming a wider ring of islands, like resort islands.

Furthermore, its waters vary from 98 to 263 feet. The ocean covers more than 250 meters deep near the atoll. Yet, the state has committed to environmental security, focusing on recycling. It has led to the export of recyclable trash evolving into a thriving industry in recent years, second only to fish export.

3- Thilafushi: the Rubbish Island

The Maldives Island chain is about as near as it gets to thrill on Earth. The soft white sand, calm blue water, and beautiful greenery attract 750,000 tourists annually. The waste visitors produced was being ditched on this island. It leads to heaping loads of garbage.

Later, the state fixed to use the border island as the final point for the enormous trash created by their tourism drive. Rubbish Island began taking visitors through garbage excavators, and traveling workers paid to take the trash. For 20 years, the artificial island raised about 330 tons of garbage daily, causing it to swell every 24 hours.

Thilafushi: the Rubbish Island
Thilafushi: the Rubbish Island

4- Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

To enter the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, tourists ascend down a circular staircase in a pavilion. They enter the cafe with a curved ceiling like an underpass from above. Along the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, this cafe is an acrylic building that only seats 14 customers.

It offers a 270-degree scenic view to its customers. This cafe charges a bonus for its meals, but they might cost less than expected for an underwater dinner. They begin at roughly $120 US for lunch for resort guests. It serves modern Maldivian cuisine with Western and Asian fusion.


Whether you’re looking for a thrilling new happening or want something unique for your following vacation site, consider visiting the landscapes. It includes the sensational sea of stars in the Maldives. Sea Of Stars has become one of the world-famous destination points over recent years. It is due to its unique and intriguing beauty. With its crystal-clear waters and a dazzling display of colors, there’s no denying that paddling here will provide you with an extraordinary experience like no other.

FAQs on Sea of Stars Maldives

What is one of the best hotels around this location?

Several resorts offer suitable access to Vaadhoo Island. The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort is the most suitable one, with many restaurants. Huvafen Fushi offers ample cabins with a spa. The Muraka has spaces with a 180-degree glass dome.

How long does it take to reach this island from Kaadedhdhoo Airport?

The quickest way to get to this island is by bypassing Kaadedhdhoo Airport and then crossing by boat. It takes almost 2 hours. The affordable choice is flying to Maavarulu Airport costs around $280 and $500. It takes about 1 hour and 54 minutes.

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