Let the thrill begin in the hilly state of Meghalaya. This holiday plan is a ticket to new memories and exciting adventures, from landscapes to glories. Meghalaya tourism lies in north-eastern India, covering many honeymoon places. It means the abode of clouds in Sanskrit. Tourists often visit this place because of its dense forests and waterfalls, rainfall, and mixed biodiversity. Meghalaya will amaze you with its many sites in stock for you. You can flee to lush green valleys or a pine-fresh cliff. You can visit it annually, but the most suitable time is October to April.

Tourism Places in Meghalaya

You can glimpse festivals and events during the Meghalaya tourism, like the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Nongkrem Dance. Uncover various activities like hiking and skydiving in India.

1- Rainfall in Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is considered the wettest location. It has the most elevated rainfall season yearly. Travelers worldwide arrive here to glimpse the Dain-Thlen, Kynrem, and Nohkalikai rapids. They are the famous waterfalls of this point. Tourists usually visit the season of monsoon.


Yet, this place is among the top of the places that are packed with many attractions. It includes the Mawsmai Cave, Seven sisters falls, an Eco-park, and a cave garden. It is near a woodland, so you cannot pick a luxury visit. Therefore, you can go to the resorts like Saimika Resort. It covers the views of nature and will be a wonderful stay with family and buddies.

2- Wildlife at Balpakram National Park

If you want to view wildlife, visit Balpakram National Park. It is viewed as a traveler’s heaven. This park is named the land of spirits by many travelers who come here to explore the rich diversity. Yet, it is estimated to be among the most crowded places from October to March.

Further, it is a heaven for all wildlife lovers or photogs as you can spot animals. It includes red pandas, buffalo, cows, marbled cats, etc. Tourists often consider this place like the Grand Canyon in the US. Likewise, it is located in Garo Hills. You can readily find budget-friendly access here.

3- Splendid waterfall at Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is a beautiful waterfall with an elephant-like stone at its ground. This impressive waterfall is covered with evergreen, dense forests scattered everywhere around the state. It is on the northeast side of the state. However, nearby Khasi locals named these falls ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Patang Khohsiew.’ It symbolizes the three-step falls, comprising three drops.

Elephant Falls
Elephant Falls

So, the first cascade is expansive and folded between the dense trees. Similarly, the second fall drops to narrow strands of water. It is nearly not seen in winter because of the water levels. The third is the most visible cascade and is the tallest with transparent water. Thus, it streams like a sheet of milk, striking rocks in the backdrop.

4- View the Double-decker Living Root Bridge

A double-decker living root bridge is noted for its bridge. The roots of an Indian rubber tree drive it up. This bridge is 3 km extended at a peak of 2400 feet. This scenic venture is when the Umshiang River streams beneath it, and you can step over it. Yet, it is the ancient bridge made about 200 years ago. Only 50 people can walk over it.

Further, this bridge starts at Tyrna and traverses the waterway. You can ascend down to the bridge. Every way to the platform leads to the base town. It is 20 kilometers from the Cherrapunjee. Thus, it is slippery from May to September, and the trek is 4 to 6 hours in daylight.

5- History at Don Bosco Museum

Many travelers are interested to learn about the state’s cultural past. Don Bosco Museum is situated in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong. It is a 7-stored recorded center having 17 halls on shows. Besides, these alleys display various expressions, antiques, clothing styles, and weapons.

Don Bosco Museum
Don Bosco Museum

However, it provides a thorough work that exhibits the way of life and civilization of various tribes and locals of the state. Also, this museum is praised and among the list of places to see. Hence, it is a perfect indication of the state’s cultural history.

6- The unique scene at Kyllang Rock

It is somewhere 78 km away from Shillong, and an impressive giant rock is created out of red stone. Kyllang Rock is located in the West Khasi Hills of the state. Yet, this rock point is 5400 ft above sea level. Its width is about 1000 ft, a mammoth granite stone yard. Further, it is a part of the Khasi myths and emerges beautiful in its form. Here, you can enjoy a dazzling view of the area.

Likewise, an incline to the loftiest point of this rock allows you to adore the majestic scene of the nearby sites. Covered by age-old Red Rhododendrons, this rock is said to have a beautiful field. Also, the mammoth dome is choked off from its south side. But it is topfull with plants and shrubs from the north side.

7- Rocks at Baghmara Reserve Forest

Every nature lover should visit the Baghmara Reserve Forest, only 4 km from the town of Baghmara. It includes elephants, exotic animals, and langurs. For maze lovers, there is the Siju cave. It is the third-longest cave frame in the Indian subcontinent, including infinite mazes and sections.

Baghmara Reserve Forest
Baghmara Reserve Forest

Furthermore, the fantastic limestone rock structure inside the cave, the Princess Di’s Chamber, is astonishing. It is located in South Garo Hills. You can visit it from October to January. Hence, the Siju Bird Sanctuary is nearby. It covers the rarest species migrating here during the winter.

8- Grab an eye on Mawsmai Cave

Among all the dens in the area, Mawsmai Cave is undoubtedly amusing. The cave has a lot of greenery to grab one’s eye. Yet, the span of the cave is only 150 meters. It is less extended in contrast to other caves in the region.

Yet, it gives you a glimpse into life undercover. Found only 6 km away from the core of Cherrapunjee, Mawsmai cave is a fantastic cave in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Further, it will give you a thrilling escape. The entry fee to this place is $5 for every tourist.

9- Pool at the Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is a lovely artificial reservoir. It is 15 kilometers north of Shillong. This lake was formed after a dam was created to produce hydroelectric power. Yet, this scenic lake is circled by lavish, leafy East Khasi inclines. It makes for encompassing views for nature lovers.

Umiam Lake
Umiam Lake

Moreover, the sunrise at the lake is a treat to see with the naked eye, and you should not miss it. Travelers can take a long boat lift in the lake. Likewise, adventure lovers can relish drifting and other water sports. You can reach it in one to two hours.

10- Sights at Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum Canyon is specifically a paradise lodging. This dreamland is one of the most remarkable tourist places. It has low-flying clouds, lush green landscapes, and breathtaking views. If you adore nature, then this site is ideal for you.

Apart from all this, adventure seekers can appreciate their time at this spot. The 3000-step stairway delivers a thrilling adventure. You can visit this unique attraction from April to June. Remember to click the picture of this Meghalaya tourism point.


Meghalaya tourism covers natural spectacles, cultural variety, and a rich past. It presents a variety of attractions for tourists. Plan a holiday to view the splendid waterfalls and caves of Sohra. You can view the living root bridges and religious lush green forests nearby. Apart from all this, you can experience the looks and symmetry of nature and civilization in Meghalaya. It is famous for its fascinating beauty. Numerous sightseer points here appeal to visitors from across the world.

FAQs on Meghalaya Tourism

What are the ways to reach Meghalaya tourism?

Highways, railways, and terminals skillfully link Meghalaya. The nearest airport is in Guwahati. It is almost 120 km from Shillong. You can take a taxi from Guwahati to the capital state. Some trains link it to other prominent cities in India. You can drive from Assam, West Bengal, and Tripura.

What are the well-known meals of this state?

Every state covers some food that makes it exceptional from the other points of attraction. Jadoh, Dohkhlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, Bamboo Shoots, and Momo are the favored food items here. Rice, spicy meat and fish are most used in the dishes. They raise animals on their farms.

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