Covered by lofty granite hills and leafy green views, Ramanagara, Karnataka, is a famous weekend or holiday escape for the locals. The landscapes surrounding it seem ordinary to anyone who watches iconic movies. Further, the old granite figures are where you can hike on the hills forever. Tourists often visit it in the monsoon season to glimpse the jog waterfall. This town is usually considered a critical region as silk traders often visit for a month. This place is often crowded, because of its temperate weather conditions like 17-28°C. So, enjoy activities in the most pleasing and finest conditions.

Ramanagara, Karnataka

There are countless places to visit in Karnataka. Among them is Ramanagara, Karnataka, with a variety of attractions.

1- Ideal spot at Ramadevara Betta Hills

Ramadevara Betta Hills is a prevalent tourist site on the corner of Bangalore. This place is noted after the famous Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ was shot here. Since then, it has been known as Ramgad. It offers stunning views of the township beneath. The hills are an escape from the city. You can indulge in several activities, like hiking and rock climbing.

Ramadevara Betta Hills

It is also known as Sholay Shooting Hilltop. Further, various bird types can be found here for birdwatching. Photography lovers frequent it. You can reach it by climbing about 400 steps from across the woods. Thus, a small temple is at the top where you can get blessings.

2- Birdwatch at Kanva Reservoir

Kanva Reservoir is located centrally between this area and Channapatna. This reservoir is called after Sage Kanva. It is assumed to reside in the region during the Ramayana period. Likewise, the reservoir was created across the river Kanva in 1946.

Apart from all this, it is a perfect spot for camping. You can go for suitable fishing spots and birdwatching posts. Even if you are parting through, this may be an exemplary hollow stop for the city-weary tourist looking for peace and stability.

3- Local shops at Channapatna

Another notable stop on the Mysore Bangalore highway is Channapatna. It presents tasty local snacks and a cheap shopping stop for tourists. The site is well noted for its wooden toys and other complex antiques. The lacquerware has a unique color palette with striking colors and tones.


Moreover, the request to support many cottage drives is another reason to shop in this area. It allows the tourists to prefer this place to big stores in the more prominent cities. Therefore, you can even eat at the Neuva Cafe nearby.

4- Lush greenery at Mekedaatu

Mekedaatu is a pleasing picnic spot for tourists with lush green forests. The Sangam joins two rivers, Arkavathi and Kaveri, located nearby. It is within the boundaries of the Muggur forest. Similarly, it is a spotless nature pullout, even for only a few hours. The river Kaveri has formed a deep valley so narrow.

Moreover, the local tales believe that goats can quickly jump across it, as the name suggests. As you travel from Bangalore to Mysore, many small stops are available. Here, you can take a break from the drive. Accordingly, it offers scenic shelters to city-weary drifters.

5- View Rameshwara and Sri Rama Temples

The Rameshwara is an intricate temple on the right. Earlier, this temple was built by Kempegowda. On the left side of the pond is the Sri Rama temple with Navaranga statues. You can view Saint Ramanujacharya and Nammalwar’s yogic postures. On the roof, you can see the Shree Chakra with snakes. Further, the temple shrine includes a statue of Sri Rama, Sita, and Hanuman.

Rameshwara and Sri Rama Temples
Rameshwara and Sri Rama Temples

However, the shikara is a temple top built in Dravidian art. King Kempegowda made a Rangamantapa. It is thought that he found treasure on the rock of Homiakumbhi Bande. This area is called the Naidile Theertha. Thus, many saints visited these places.

6- Beauty at the Janapada Loka

As the name implies, Janapada Loka means Folk World. It is devoted to promoting and preserving folk art and culture. Likewise, it is 53 km from the Mysore Highway. The locals established it to preserve the slowly declining art. It enlightens and inspires the eras with its peace, power, and beauty.

Similarly, it houses almost 5000 folk antiques. It includes a variety of hunting supplies, farming tools, household wares, and colorful puppets. Still, it revolves around folk writings, music, statues, events, and lifestyle themes. All these relics are divided into separate wings. Tourists are served local dishes and a small kids’s play park.

7- Rocks at the Savandurga

Savandurga is viewed as the most critical single rock formation. It has a white and a black hill near the temple and a pond nearby. Most hikers select it due to its small slopes. Weekend visitors and locals frequently visit it for camping and climbing. Arkavathi River flows nearby.


Furthermore, these hills make for a serene and scenic trek and overlook a lovely lotus pond. You can go for slab climbing, as many climbers visit here often. Here, the avifauna is splendid. Nature lovers can spot the exotic yellow-throated bulbuls.

8- Purchase at Channapatna Toys

Though shopping here only stands out with a few things of its own. Here, many stalls sell Channapatna toys from the nearby townlet. It is 20 minutes away from Ramanagaram to get your hands on these unique handcrafted wooden toys.

This woodwork toy is colored using vegetable paints. Also, the wood utilized is Dhoodi Wood. It is white and makes it easy to carve out the figures. The polishing of the toys is done with high-abrasive hay. Thus, the toys are cheaper to buy.

9- Hike along the Ramanagara trek

Take the venture to another level with the night trek of Ramanagara. It is the site where rock climbing began and is valued by hikers. With the night tour, watch the sun go down. Though the sky changes its shade to deep black, it is adorned with twinkling stars.

Ramanagara trek
Ramanagara trek

Moreover, there are several sites where you can go for a stroll. It includes Ramgiri, where many films are shot. So, it is known for its rock climbing activities and cardinal staff for assistance. It is open 24 hours with different points to stop. The prices start from 1,200 for each person.

10- Rapid waters at Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is roughly 30km from Kanakapura. There are buses around to this cascade. It falls roughly 1km from the bus stop. Plenty of water drops this fall as it rains heavily in the town. There are two attractive views this fall. Apart from all this, police staff allow people to enter a waterfall. Some locals lead you to this lovely fall. Further, this fall is accessible by paying a small amount for the guides. Many people died recently after getting into the fall.

Therefore, the staff members go with the trekkers to save them. Safety is still why tourists consider it one of the worst places to visit. So, tourists are being treated well by the staff. But, the locals need to be welcomed. Children are trained to collect money for local carnivals by stopping vehicles. If someone is gracious enough to donate, they will contribute. Or if the locals want to earn money, they may sell some edibles, but this place needs to be better maintained.


Ramanagara, Karnataka, is noted for its culture. It covers the silk markets in India. So, it attracts many dealers from different areas. This place is a popular holiday getaway for the locals. Apart from all this, it is a perfect stopover path and relishes different rides. It is a favored base for many adventure sports or team actions. You can opt for rock climbing but in a cautious way. Likewise, you can view different landscapes and value their natural beauty.

FAQs on Ramanagara, Karnataka

What are the most suitable ways to reach Ramanagara, Karnataka?

You can travel by air by booking a ticket at The Mysore Airport. This airbase is relatively cheap for domestic flights. By road, it is 50 km away from Bangalore. Use private buses, taxicabs, and rental cars. The railway network system is also available. But reserve a seat in advance.

What is the most suitable time to visit it?

Ramanagara, Karnataka, enjoys pleasing tropical weather year-out. The summer months are from March and May. They are warmer, mainly with many shaky and hilly areas around them. If rock climbing is the cause to go, winter is the best time. But, go before monsoon.

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