Stunning landscapes and the thrill of freefall make skydiving in India a lifetime venture. Active skydivers can reach the skies among its bright scenery and experience breathtaking looks from a vantage point. From the lofty Himalayas to beautiful beachfront and luxurious locations, India has various spots for skydivers of all levels according to the budget. It presents unusual excitement, natural wonder, and memorable incidents for every tourist. So, plan a holiday to one of the fantastic points for skydiving, mainly in India. It’s an option for travelers to break free from their convenience zones.

Skydiving in India

If you are scheduling a holiday to the honeymoon places, consider skydiving in India. It is always an exceptional experience.

1- Mysore, Karnataka

Skydiving in Mysore is a thrilling venture. It conceals its status as one of India’s best spots for skydiving. Mysore presents a perfect mix of delight and natural beauty among the city’s rich legacy and captivating terrains. View the dazzling aerial sights of Mysore Palace or the leafy herbage. Likewise, the windy Kaveri River makes the skydiving incident an incredible trip.

Mysore, Karnataka
Mysore, Karnataka

The skydiving facilities are for your safety. It ensures a memorable experience for seasoned and beginners. All sports are available at Chamundi Hills, Mysore. The height of the fall is 10,000 Ft. with approx cost of ₹35,000 for 3 hours. One full day of ground training is directed to carry out the first sole parachute jump from 4,000ft.

2- Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Aamby Valley is famed as the model of skydiving in the region. This prime goal offers the most elevated skydiving. It is in the Sahyadri mountain range. This valley also delivers a scenic set that boosts the thrill of freefall to new peaks. As you jump, you’ll see the inspiring beauty of the sands of Dhule. It is located in the Pune district with a 10,000 ft fall height.

Gaze the surprising looks under as you free fall in the valley. You can enjoy the most exciting venture of your lifetime. From Monday to Thursday, the approximate cost of tandem jumps is ₹20,000 for three hours. You’ll be treated to lovely views as you glide towards the city. However, carrying relaxed and loose clothes and sports shoes is suggested.

3- Deesa, Gujarat

Skydiving in Deesa is a genuinely remarkable venture. It is even recognized for its prestige as the best skydiving area. This point is near the fascinating white salt desert of the Rann of Kutch. It provides a surreal backdrop for this thrilling adventure. The height of the fall is 10,000 ft. Its skydiving cost in India varies based on the selected area. For static line jumps, it’s ₹16,500. But for tandem jumps, it’s ₹33,500.

Deesa, Gujarat
Deesa, Gujarat

Gujarat stands out as an area showing some of the most budget-friendly choices. You can ensure a premium event, skydiving camps are given by the Indian Parachute Zone and the Sports of Gujarat. The timings are 7 am onwards.

4- Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Set in the calmness of Madhya Pradesh’s land, Dhana offers a rushed incident that will leave you anxious. Skydiving in Dhana stands as a model of joy, firming its status. The freefall time in this location may be shorter, from 8 to 5. You get an opportunity to engage yourself in the vast scenery of the genuinely stunning area. This retro town holds the glory of hosting the skydiving event.

Moreover, its location is Sagar district, with a height of the fall to about 9000 – 10000 ft. The approximate cost of tandem jump on weekdays is ₹35,000, and the weekend is ₹37,500. For static jumps, it costs ₹24,000. The tandem jump lasts up to 3 hours and can be done without background training.

5- Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

You can also consider Pondicherry for skydiving. It presents a unique set that places it as a supreme provider of para jumps. It is along the stunning coastline. View the dazzling aerial sights of the sky-blue waters and the sandy shores. The vibrant cityscape creates a charming setting for your solo venture. It provides options for both static line jumps and tandem jumps.

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

It is located in the Drop Zone in the Airbase. The elevation of the slide for tandem hop is 10,000 ft. For a fixed jump, the height is 4,000 ft. Fixed jumps cost ₹18,000 to ₹62,000, and group hops worth ₹27,000. These thrilling affairs allow tourists to taste the pure thrill of freefalling.

6- Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

The thrill of skydiving in Bir Billing made the area a famous spot for parachute jumps. It is located in the hills of Kangra District of the Himalayas. The height of the fall is 8000 ft, with a picture-perfect spot to go skydiving. It is noted globally as one of the top three paragliding sites worldwide.

Furthermore, the staff organizes the Paragliding pre-world Cup held annually in October. As you dive into the open sky, excitement also courses through your veins. Snow-capped peaks, leafy valleys, and peaceful Tibetan abbeys make for stunning views. The cheap prices include tandem gliding of ₹3,800 and solo of ₹3,500 with a one-hour time.

7- Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh

Skydiving has appeared as a favorable adventure sport. It captures the appeal of adventure lovers across India. Aligarh provides a clear event that caters to those seeking excitement. With its highly-trained staff and incidents, the skydiving is ideal for thrill-seekers. The trained tutors will give you a compelling experience, and this skydiving event will impress you.

Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh

However, it is regarded as one of India’s best places for skydiving. Aligarh is only 3 hours 20 minutes away and you can quickly get by car. It is the perfect place to choose between skydiving and paragliding and which one you like most. The approximate cost of the tandem jump is ₹27000 for 2 hours with 9 to 5 timings.

8- Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad is lovely, presenting an attractive location covered by the beautiful Chityal Mountain ranges. The coaches hold proper licenses from the US Parachute Association. It ensures strict compliance with safety protocols. This location provides tandem jumping of approx cost of ₹35,000. It delivers a venture relative to skydiving in Bangalore.

Moreover, it provides an exciting occasion that satisfies you with the thrill of indoor skydiving. Located in the city’s heart, this active facility presents a safe setting for adventure lovers. They experience free falling without jumping from a plane. With refined wind underpass technology, you can also fight gravity and share the light joy of flying.

9- Narnaul, Haryana

Narnaul is located in Haryana and is a remarkable point for skydiving in the region. It caters to the thrill-seeking spirit of different fans. The Haryana state has presented this sport to boost tourism and deliver an unusual skydiving meeting to tourists. It is known for standing as one of India’s most cheap skydiving events.

Narnaul, Haryana
Narnaul, Haryana

However, it allows adventure lovers to undergo the thrill of skydiving without busting the bank. It is located in Bachhod Airstrip with a height of the fall of around 10000 ft. The approximate cost of the tandem jump is ₹27,500, and the static line jump is ₹18,500. It allows for 2 hours and the timings are 10 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 5 pm.


Embarking on adventurous skydiving in India is like opening a gateway to endless joys and transformative ventures. The thrilling rush and victory from jumping out of a plane and gliding through the sky create a profound and empowering background. Skydiving gives people a new outlook on life as they notice stunning aerial views. It gains a greater preference for the world’s beauty and landscapes. Moreover, it suggests an escape from the ordinary and everyday, infiltrating a sense of excitement.

FAQs on Skydiving in India

What is the cost of skydiving in India?

Skydiving expenses in India differ depending on the site, type of hop, and season. Usually, the cost ranges from ₹15,000-40,000 per person. Team jumps are usually more affordable than fixed line or revved free fall jumps, so choose according to your liking and budget.

What are the safety standards for skydiving?

Skydiving is held by the Sports Authority of India and the Directorate General of CA. All the operators follow the safety guidelines specified by these sources. The tools used for skydiving are certified and inspected regularly. The instructors and staff are trained and licensed.

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