Spain is the best country for its geological, cultural, and historical features. It accommodates some of the best places giving the best environment and things to do and see. On the other hand, the country is not about cultural and historical destinations only, the popularity is also for offering the most beautiful and secrete Spain beaches to visit. All the beaches are characterized by pine-covered cliffs and dotted with several resorts and restaurants.

Spain Beaches to Visit
Spain Beaches to Visit

Spain Beaches to Visit

Let’s know the details of all the best beaches in Spain!

1- Bogatell Beach, Barcelona

Bogatell, Barcelona is one of the most popular Spain beaches, characterized by its gentle atmosphere, restaurants, and other amenities. The beach is present opposite the trendy Poblenou neighborhood and is famous as one of the vibrant destinations where you can enjoy shopping and outdoor sports.

It accommodates a broad region of sand, commonly known for playing volleyball at the site. Undoubtedly, the beach attracts many visitors, but it is a clean place containing a vast area for soaking up the sun. However, you have to do pre-booking before your arrival.

2- Es Pujols Beach, Formentera

Es Pujols Beach is a compact isolated sandy beach containing several bars and restaurants with a clear-water bay. This beautiful small beach is in the heart of Formentera. It is a white sandy beach with clear aqua green water present in the neighborhood of Ibiza Island.

Es Pujols Beach
Es Pujols Beach

The beach is a lively mini-town lined with bars, restaurants, and cafes. On the other hand, this little peaceful place is far away from the crowd and known for its water-based activities, where you can also enjoy swimming in its clear water. Overall, it is one of the best family-friendly places to spend your vacations.

3- Playa De Laredo Beach, Cantabria

Visitors can find more than 60 beaches on the northern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, but Playa De Laredo beach is a heartwarming place. It is a wide beach area that contains the best white and cozy sand on the edge of the Ocean. Being one of the best Spain beaches if you are a water-sports lover, it also comes with a broad range of water-sport, including jet-skiing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

On the other hand, the beach area extends about 6 kilometers towards the point of the mouth of the Ason River, starting from the port of Laredo. So, it is a fun place for family and friends, where you can also rent water sports equipment.

4- La Playa de la Victoria Beach, Cadiz

It is a city beach and spans over three kilometers in a Southwestern city of Spain, namely Cadiz. It is an ancient city discovered somewhere between the 16th and 17th centuries. The beach is famous for its calm water waves and provides vibrant energy to its visitors. 

Victoria Beach
Victoria Beach

Visitors can also find several bars and restaurants in an isolated street. It comes with several options to do adventures at this site. Water-based activities or sunbathing are some ordinary things on beaches, but this beach brings something different for its visitors. As the beach is present at a historical place, visitors can explore the unique culture and history of this place beyond the site.

5- Playa de Torimbia Beach, Asturias

Austria is a beautiful and charming mountainous region surrounded by lush greenery. This compact heavenly place is popular as green Spain as it contributes to the vegetation. On the other hand, this little place is famous for accommodating the rugged coasts and medieval architecture. Playa de Torimbia beach is a part of this heavenly place surrounded by lush green mountains on the rough coastline.

This beach is a raw and wild beach with no shops and restaurants. However, it is one of the best Spain beaches to spend some quality time for relaxation. Visitors can spend maximum time on this beach with natural surroundings and breathtaking views.

6- Cala Mesquida Beach, Mallorca

Cala Mesquida Beach is the beach for those who want to sunbathe far away from crowds and search for a hidden gem. It is a beautiful area famous for its turquoise blue water and golden white sand. Mallorca is an island situated in the Mediterranean and known for its beaches and resorts.

Cala Mesquida Beach
Cala Mesquida Beach

On the other hand, the Cala Mesquida is one of its best beaches that is not hidden anymore but is not too crowded. This compact place was primarily popular as the hidden jewel of this island, but it became popular with visitors due to its lively rural hills and charming views. So, now you can also find some shops and restaurants on the site and spend several days on the site.

7- Playa de as Catedrais Beach, Galicia

Galicia is a northwestern and autonomous community in Spain and is present adjacent to the Atlantic coastline. This compact region is famous for accommodating beautiful landscapes and a beautiful beach Playa de as Catedrais, distant from the central city. It is an exceptional beach in Spain, famous for its cozy shoreline and sand.

The beach is famous for its beautiful rock formations around the world. It contains the giant arches of flat and wide rocks formed by the natural cathedral. You will fall in love with this beach if you are a hiker because you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset after hiking these giant rocks.

Catedrais Beach
Catedrais Beach


Spain beaches are popular for their crystal-clear environment, golden sand offering the best places to spend your vacations. Spanish beaches come in all sizes and tastes and come with several adventures for people of all ages. However, you can also visit the tropical Spain beaches containing white sand with clear aqua blue water.

In which city can you stay to visit the best Spain beaches?

When it comes to beaches, the capital Barcelona is one of the best cities to find the best beaches in Spain.

Where can you find the clear water on the beach?

Mallorca is the island on the edge of the Balearic sea and is famous for accommodating the clear water Spain beaches.

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