Things to Do in Oak Island NC

Astonishing Things to Do on Oak Island, NC

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Beachgoers have many astonishing things to do in Oak Island, NC, and spend quality, memorable vacations.

Oak Island, NC, Situated on the southern end of North Carolina’s picturesque coastline, is a naturally scenic place to visit. It’s an amazingly peaceful and well-maintained coastal Town. Upholding an outstanding balance of bustling tourism and traditional charm attracts beach lovers more than any coastal town.

Being a little hidden from the eyes of the people, it is not much crowded, and parking lots are readily available. It’s because of the accessibility to the exquisite natural resources, loyal tour guides and loving locals are a massive attraction for beach lovers.

Things to do on the Oak Island, NC

To make your tidal area visit a real pleasure this year, we have compiled the exciting things to do on Oak Island, NC. So, sit back and read through.

Stuff to Do in Oak Island NC
Stuff to Do in Oak Island NC

1- Water Sports on Oak Island, NC

When it comes to things to do on Oak Island, boating is the first and foremost attraction. Beachgoers love to wander in the vastness of the ocean. Embracing the serenity of the ocean is a divine satisfaction in itself.

Beware of the high and low tide times before going boating. The Island is well managed and fully equipped to offer diverse options for boating.

Have a fun blast with kayaking, or go for a crazy jetSkis. Rent a luxurious pontoon or a standing board for an hour or two. Whatever you decide to ride, don’t forget to navigate safely. You’ll never forget the moments you rowed with your family.

2- “The Point” Sunrise & Sunset View

Having an unobstructed view of sunrise and spectacular sunsets is another great reason to hang out at dusk.

You can enjoy the magnificent view of both rights from the same spot called “The Point” at Oak Island, NC. It’s a clean pier on the beach with complete arrangements to do different stuff to do on Oak Island, NC. Whether you’re with your spouse or you’ve parents and children, everyone will enjoy and never get bored.

The Point Sunrise
The Point Sunrise

There are beach umbrellas and chairs for the elders to sit and watch the activities of the folks around. Children have vast and land-marked safe areas to enjoy near the tidal waters. They won’t get bored as long as you stay at “The Point.”

Fortunately, there are many options such as pontoon rentals Fort Walton Beach where you can rent pontoon boats, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be sure to choose a reputable company that offers well-maintained boats and clear instructions on how to operate them.

3- Fishing On and Off the Piers

Fishing is the third most exciting activity among all the things on Oak Island. You will find many family-friendly fishing piers such as Oak Island Pier, Ocean Crest Fishing Pier, and The Crab Dock.

They have everything you need to do fishing for quite reasonable prices. Even if you want to fish off the pier, they will assist you with professional equipment and a pier license.

Fish cleaning sinks are also available along with the pier. You can also enjoy watching people fishing instead. It’s a great relaxing spot to hang on with low tides and a calm ocean.

4- Air Tours Above the Ocean

There’s no more phenomenal experience than watching the tidal waters from a bird’s eye. The most satisfying stuff to do on Oak Island is the aerial tours. They have several professional pilots, well-kept full, functioning planes and helicopters.

Air Tours Above Ocean
Air Tours Above Ocean

To serve the tourists with the craziest fun experience of watching from above. It is so cool to see the vast ocean from the sky. This scene will get captured in your eyes forever.

The ariel views are always unique and fun but more specular on sunny days. Don’t forget to book a trip for 30 minutes or an hour. According to the weight limits, they take shorter trips solo and longer trips for two persons or more. Your tour of the Island will be unforgettable with your first flight experience.

5- Things to Do in Rainfall on Oak Island

September is the most rainy month on Oak Island. The vacation season swings at its peak when it rains on the beach of tidal waters. You have plenty of things to do on the oak island when it rains.

  • If you have kids with you, go out for the array of shells. You may find lots of whole conk shells, oyster shells, standard shells, some sand dollars, and a bunch of crabs or snails even. Finding beautiful ocean treasures and dipping them in water is highly relaxing.
  • Oak Island is tranquil to walk when it rains. You can enjoy strolling at the beach with your family and elders. Children could run and play to enjoy the wonderful rainy day.
  • You can also go biking on the beach. If you do not have the biking kit, they will provide you with ready-to-ride bikes with complete kits.

6- Golf Course along the Oak Island, NC

If you’re a golf player and do not want to miss it even on the coastal side, several golf courses Adjacent to Oak Island, NC. You can go to Oak Island Golf Club, Oak Island, Par 3 Golf Course At South Harbour, or Oak Island Jungle Golf. Never leave your passion miss you even at the coastal town of Oak Islan, NC.

Golf Course
Golf Course

7- Shopping Stores & Boutiques

Shopping for antiques, art, metal sculptures, and other stuff for your loved ones is a part of the vacations and happiness. There are numerous stores, gift shops, and boutiques around Oak Island where you will find brand new and used items for reasonable prices.

The most renowned stores in the coastal town are The hoarders, The Farmer’s Market, Haag & Son’s Seafood, Color Me Carolina, Publix Super Market, Pelican Seafood, Inergy Market, Angie’s Fresh Produce, etc.

If you are looking for reasonable, beautiful outfits, you will find fantastic boutique options available on the island market. Such as ​​Mermaid Cove – Oak Island, Coastal Charm, Eagles Beachwear, Strands Outfitters, Tidal Merchant, and Beach Life OKI


Oak Island, NC, is a quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly environment. All basic needs are available within your approach, making your vacation an unforgettable, exciting memory. You will leave your heart there on the first trip, and you will return for sure.

Are pets allowed while planning other things to do on Oak Island, NC?

There are separate pet houses available nearby the coastal town where pet sitters keep your pets safe in a home-like environment.

Can you bring your beach chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment with us?

Yes, you are free to bring your stuff.

Are kids allowed in the ariel trips?

Yes, kids over five years are allowed to have an ariel trip with their parents.

Hope you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.

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