As a tourist or a local, if you plan to live in the cheapest places to live in Florida, you should compare a few things. It includes the living cost, housing values, crime rates, and requirements to live in a particular place. Florida is usually so cheap – high crime, no job options, etc. But money is not the only aspect to consider when choosing where to live. So, create an unusual scoring formula with all the variables. Thus, tourists with a strong sense of community undergo many things. You can access the parks, delectable restaurants, family beaches, and shopping places.

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

A road trip around Florida covers many cities. Let’s cover one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.

1- Coastline at the Edgewater

Edgewater is considered the most prominent city in this state. But it still includes a small town, coastal district feel. The attraction is the seaside life, as the beachfront in New Smyrna Beach is almost 10 minutes from the middle of town. Likewise, there is an ideal everyday life here.

Coastline at the Edgewater

Also, you will quickly uncover luxuries and growing job options. Job growth in this city is predicted to increase by 43%, above the state average of 33%. Further, it makes it an affordable yet secure place for every tourist. Thus, there are presently two and three-bedroom houses for around $200,000. 

2- Perfect views at the Fellsmere

The population of the locals is 5,629, with an average home price is $171,000. A 10-year job growth is above 38%. Fellsmere is a smallish city in a garden near the east coast. It is almost 45 minutes from Port St. Lucie. But it is just 20 minutes from the closest beach.

The home costs are 35% lower. Even though it has the second lowest crime rate, it is a choice for providing a very reasonable and safe society. But the future job options are only average compared to the rest of the cities. Still, it is green, with trees lining almost every street in this city.

3- Safety at the Haines City

If you want the most reasonable total lifestyle in a safe community, look beyond Haines City. It is the most inexpensive place worth living in. The crime rates are 17% below the standard. Meanwhile, its fate is brilliant, with job growth foreseen to advance by 44%, outpacing the par by 10%.

Haines City
Haines City

Further, this city offers many things to do, making it a fun place to live. There are countless grasslands, lakes, and golf courses across the city. It is along with a fabulous range of cafes that serve a wide range of continental cuisines. Of course, many shopping sites exist for a city of this size.

4- Great People at the Milton

Milton covers a living cost index of 92% and an unemployment rate of 3.4%. It is 27% below Florida’s average, and the monthly rent is $999. The crime rate per 1,000 locals is 19.8%. Likewise, it is an ideal spot for people looking for extra wages and affordable housing. There are rivers and hiking paths nearby.

Moreover, it is a tight-knit community that offsets low living prices with low crime and good job options. It has an outstanding public school system for people who enjoy the wilderness. Meanwhile, Pensacola Beach is almost 40 minutes away. A handful of housing choices were under $150,000 to live in Florida.

5- Cheap Housing at the Arcadia

Check out Arcadia, as it is indeed one of the most cheap places to live in. The moderate price for a home is only $143,000. It is a whopping 46% below the moderate cost in the state. Rents are affordable, making it $678 monthly and the cheapest place to rent. Crime is relatively less, with 20 reported crimes per 1,000 locals.

Cheap Housing at the Arcadia
Cheap Housing at the Arcadia

Moreover, its central location makes it an adorable city. It is just 1 hour by motorcar from Fort Myers. Also, there is a historic downtown with around 25 specialty shops, boutiques, and cafes. While the city does a remarkable job of enclosing a small-town feel, it still presents modern amenities.

6- Less Crime at the Lake Alfred

Lake Alfred has a small population with a living cost of 86% and a 10-year job growth above 44%. Its security is the utmost priority. It has the lower crime pace, with less than 6.5 corruptions noted per 1,000 locals. If you can lease or purchase a place, you will relish a quiet and relaxing city on a group of lakes.

Further, it is an original small town. You will see any big chain shops here almost 10 minutes out. If you need more than that, you can even get to Orlando or Tampa in less than 1 hour in either direction. Thus, it makes this one of the most inexpensive places.

7- Safe Aura at the South Daytona

South Daytona suggests a great mix of a low-cost living index of 88%. It delivers its locals with a safe atmosphere. Similarly, its housing cost has the lowest list at 36% lower than average or $169,500. Several units were beneath $120,000 at the time. The job prospects for the city are stable.

South Daytona
South Daytona

This positive outlook is likely linked to multiple beachfront resorts, airports, and other shopping and nightlife choices. Overall, locals get all the benefits of a bigger city but in a more relaxed aura with a lower total cost.

8- Big Stores at the Lady Lake

Lady Lake borders The Villages in central Florida. It is the modern and ever-growing 55+ retirement society. The crime rate per 1,000 locals is 18.8%. It is the third most affordable place, with a moderate home cost of 17% and a monthly rent cost of $927. Similarly, the city provides future job options, tied for the most job growth.

It offers a good life with numerous things to do in the area, mainly for seniors. Further, this big city includes hospitals, churches, big box shops, and fast food joints. You can join this growing district and newly built houses for sale. It begins about $160,000.

9- Multiple Parks at the Lake Wales

Compared to Lake Alfred, Lake Wales is in the Lakeland-Winter Haven urban area. It helps from being a quiet, cheap suburb with effortless access. Further, the cost of living is 14% lower than middle, while houses are only $165,000. The rent is about $750 monthly, one of the lowest cities.

Lake Wales
Lake Wales

Also, the city provides a safe community with an extensive lake as its centerpiece. There are still plenty of things to do, from the multiple grasslands covering the lake to the historic district on East Stuart Avenue filled with shops and cafes. So, this city is perfect for an ideal residential place.

10- Job Prospects at the Tavares

The population of Tavares is almost 16,199, and the cost of living index is 86%. It is a suburb of Orlando with one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Likewise, it will take you to the top site based on having the best blend of affordable living, low crime, and superb job prospects, all within a city. Its 10-year job growth is expected to increase by 51%.

Meanwhile, it delivers a wide range of recreation for all ages. The nature scenes are unique, and a thriving downtown on the waterfront offers countless boutiques. Thus, it is routinely named one of the finest places to live in the state.


Florida is a famous site for numerous who like to relish the sunshine, beaches, restaurants, national parks, and nearby attractions. But the cheapest places to live in Florida can be cheap if you know where to glance. Various cities in Florida present lower cost of living, cheap home prices, lower crime rates, and promising job options. Whether you select a small and coastal town, find a place that fits your budget and lifestyle.

FAQs on Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

What are the criteria for finding the cheapest places to live in Florida?

The cities that met the ensuing criteria include a population of 5,000 or more and living costs below the U.S. average. The average house price is at least 10% below, and the crime rate per 1,000 locals is below Florida’s average.

What is the weighted cost of each variety to create the final score and ranking?

The weighted cost of each variety includes 30% of the living index cost and 40% of the average home price. The crime rate per 1,000 locals, unemployment rate, and 10-year job growth are 10% for all three ratings.

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