Visiting Seven Magic Mountains is an unexpected stop on the way to Las Vegas for many tourists. Others like to understand everything about this desert and explore all available materials. The rainbow magic of the rocks gives a poetic burst of shapes and colors. It is a primary point for all art lovers in Nevada. Surprisingly, many tourists gather at the art installation without discovering how splendid it is. Once you get nearer, it towers over you, making you feel tiny. Planning a trip is the best option.

Seven Magic Mountains

You can go for Seven Magic Mountains among the various things to do in Las Vegas.

Story of the Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is a design by the well-known artist Ugo Rondinone. Nothing in his visionary process, like Nevada’s artwork, is random, from strange designs to unusual places. Just a few years ago, this was the only central site. Eventually, on May 11, 2016, a superb structure decorated the desert. Likewise, thousands of tourists moved to the newly-opened place. Every new media release shifted interest among art lovers.

Ugo Rondinone
Ugo Rondinone

Similarly, travelers from worldwide talked about this strange installation. Even more, art lovers dreamed of seeing the magnificence in person. The whole visionary function took more than four years. Everything took some time, from acquiring a permit to laboring in specific engineering.

Location of the desert

Whether you value or detest the arts, seeing this masterpiece lets you see something new. It would help if you had a break and shift of view afterward. The effortless way to visit is by fleeing into Las Vegan. Then, take a quick road trip. The structure sits near Jean Dry Lake. It is roughly 26 miles south of Las Vegas. Thus, it is rich in colors, complex structures, and quest for clever and visionary themes.

Symbolism and Variation

This structure is a connection to nature and habitat. It presents a striking interplay between wildlife and humans. As you troll the artwork, you can relish its location. The show pulls your attention to the duality. Also, in the context of the human spirit and solidarities, it can signify unity, variety, and link in a multicultural society. Each totem is made of colorful boulders.

So, it indicates combining, unlike elements to create something unique and dynamic. Similarly, this bond to previous terrain art pieces speaks to the art world’s continuity and growth. Also, the contrast between the dazzling colors of the totems and the natural desert setting stresses the rift between the wild and artificial worlds.

Symbolism and Variation
Symbolism and Variation

Access and Extension

With no entry fees, you cannot visit it and decode the artist’s idea in their way. The structure evokes the harmony between humans and spirit, artificial and genuine, past and current. Even the longer they existed, the more citizens and travelers liked to visit them.

Further, in 2018, the management gave a three-year permit extension. According to it, art lovers can visit it in 2021. Therefore, these impeccable totems may get a new wing by then and reside longer at their present location.

Manly Involvement in the area

While the structure location may look lucky for the strange tourists, the area has a long past of human intervention. So, the first human intervention ensued in 1962. The Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely picked this place for his statue that mangled itself up.

Moreover, six years later, in 1968, Michael Heizer, in union with artist Nancy Hold and her spouse, created the Rift 1. This time, more people relish the short zigzag track about a foot deep near the lake. Thus, several art lovers far away see it.

Rift 1
Rift 1

Nevada Art

If you think Las Vegas is the only site worth seeing in Nevada, consider it again. The Gambling Capital of the World engages with its flashy shows and stunning hotel lobbies. On the other hand, the city is amazed at its rising interest in the artworks. Multiple art galleries pop up in different parts of the desert.

Furthermore, it is now incredible that many tourists flock to the City of Lights. It is full of creative legacy. Apart from all this, visiting this place is a sought-after quest that further reveals the state’s rediscovered love of aesthetic joy. 

Ways to Get along it

Although some tourists may ask about the choice of location, no one can reject its easy way. The grand structure is nestled in the Nevada desert, relatively far from society. It is near the highway, a direct route for people crossing between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Likewise, going from Las Vegas takes roughly 18 miles until it meets Sloan Road. To visit from Los Angeles, move north on to Nevada. Upon arrival at this stunning place, park in a parking lot nearby and trek to the artwork. No autos are permitted near the bright totems.

Nevada Desert
Nevada Desert

Best time to visit

Usually, you can stay here all year round, from dawn to sunset. Nevada’s climate doesn’t impose any severe inconveniences for its visitors. However, the summer season in the desert is quite hot. You can visit early in the sunrise or late afternoon.

Again, avoid monsoon month. It usually drops between mid-June and September. Thunder, lightning, and severe afternoon rains are predicted at this time. In addition to that, never visit it on a weekday, as it is usually busy on weekends and breaks.

Valuable Tips to Know

You can carry plenty of water bottles and snacks. Stay hydrated, as the morning temperatures in summer here can reach too high. You can spend many hours photoing the artwork. Again, save yourself by applying sunscreen on the skin. Bring a cap or wide hat for extra safety. Respect the desert plants and be aware of the poisonous snakes.

In addition, never climb or damage the artwork. If you visit it, never disregard the site’s rules and are subject to criminal fines and restitution fees. You can snap away its strange shapes and shades. While there are no limitations for photography for personal use, commercial photo shoots are strictly banned.

Nearby Places to Seven Magic Mountains

Primm is 18 miles away, and Jean is 5 miles from the totems. You can undergo the famous Pioneer Saloon. It is almost a 15-minute drive away. You can catch the Roach Dry Lake here if you have a car. Primm is a small townlet on the nearby Nevada edge. It is housed in three large rooms.

Roach Dry Lake
Roach Dry Lake

Likewise, Jean is roughly 12 miles north of the California state along Highway 15. It is mainly known for being a famous site to stop and gas up at a pair of service stations and for its proximity to Las Vegas. It is located nearly 30 miles or 48 km to the north. Apart from all this, The Pioneer Saloon is a historic post and cafe in Goodsprings, the US.

It was created in 1913 by regional businessman George Fayle. So, it is the oldest cocktail place in South Nevada. The saloon has been seen in many famous films, TV shows, and global media exhibits. Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed is a big dry lake near this beautiful point. It is a favored place for off-road lovers. Thus, it provides hundreds of miles of trails for casual, skilled off-highway car drivers.


Seven Magic Mountains is a known art structure. Planning a trip can be an unforgettable experience here. It consists of seven buildings of bright boulders. Each over 30 feet heightened in contrast with the untouched landscapes. Las Vegas weather in January is relatively moderate to enjoy here. The artwork illustrates humans and spirits, as well as the variety and invention of culture. So, it is a famous appeal, and take pictures and marvel at the rich colors and forms.

FAQs on Seven Magic Mountains

What is the total time for a visit to these mountains?

A visit can last from 15 minutes to half a day. It depends on groups, weather states, and the intent of your trip. If you arrive on an active day and want to snap the artwork from all tilts, plan to spend at least a couple of extra hours at the structure.

What is the cost to go to this point?

On the optimistic side, visiting it won’t charge you a penny. There is no entry fee. Toilets and other facilities also need to be included. During the weekend visit, view the landscapes. However, a temporary toilet and snack stand are near the structure’s walking path.

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