What are some of the best European travel destinations? We bet that Italy is included in everyone’s answers. The Colosseum, the world-class cuisine, and the elegant sense of style are some remarkable examples of what makes Italy so special. An Italian city that elevates the status of the country even more, thanks to its iconic attractions and glorious natural landscapes, is Pisa. Our one-day guide to Pisa can be your compass to organise a successful short trip to the city carefully.

Arriving in Pisa

By Train

If you are already touring Italy, you’ll find trains going to Pisa. High-speed trains connect Pisa to major cities such as Florence, Rome, and Milan. Tickets are relatively cheap and can be purchased online. 

By Bus

Coaches are an alternative to trains. Long-distance bus services cater to travellers in both Italy and neighbouring European countries.

Travel to European Countries by Bus
Travel to European Countries by Bus

By Air

Pisa International Airport, named after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, serves Pisa. The airport is only 1 kilometre from the city centre and welcomes both local and European travellers. 

Getting to Pisa International Airport

How to Hire a Car at Pisa International Airport

From the attractions within Pisa to its stunning surroundings, such as the crystal-clear beaches of the northwestern Italian coast and cosmopolitan Florence, the top experiences and sights in Pisa are endless. Pisa International Airport makes travellers’ lives easier by offering them car hire services and enabling them to go on road trips wherever their hearts desire.  

Where to Hire a Car at Pisa International Airport

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Hire a Car at Pisa International Airport
Hire a Car at Pisa International Airport

One-Day Guide to Pisa: Top Attractions to Visit

Leaning Tower of Pisa

You must not miss the most iconic attraction in Pisa, the Leaning Tower. This wonder of physics will be the backdrop of your most touristy photograph ever. You should climb to the top as the view of the nearby Cathedral, Duomo di Pisa, and the whole city is breathtaking. 

National Museum of San Matteo

Do you want to delve into mediaeval art? If so, you should pay a visit to the National Museum of San Matteo. There you’ll admire sculptures, paintings, and religious artefacts dating back from the 12th to the 16th century.

Giardino Scotto

Are you seeking a place to relax and assimilate all the new information you’ve heard about Pisa and Italy? You should go to Giardino Scotto, a gorgeous park along the Arno River.