Summer is the time of the year when you can take trips and spend your vacations in the way you want. When traveling affects your life and health positively, it is also the time of the year when you get off track health-wise. But when determined, one can have fun while being healthy. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being on vacation, here are some summer travel healthy hotels where each day will feel refreshing. They offer luxurious and healthy amenities that prioritize your wellness.

Summer Travel Healthy Hotels
Summer Travel Healthy Hotels

Summer Travel Healthy Hotels

The summer is all about beach parties, swimming, sunbathing, refreshing drinks, biking around the town, and going on trips in the countryside. Shiny sun and bright days ask for living your best days. So this summer, visit the sunshine-filled states of the USA. The choice of your stay is what comes first when planning your trip. We have a few suggestions for summer travel healthy hotels with the best amenities; however, you can choose the one based on your trip location.

1- Nautilus by Arlo Miami

Nautilus is a luxurious place to stay in the heaven of Miami. It has a 1950s vibe and is surrounded by cabanas, spa services, and a restaurant. American breakfast buffet is available. However, a specific portion of the breakfast is plant-based to cater to your wellness. Nautilus is perfect for spending your summer holidays.

South beach district is only 10 min walk away. Rooms and suites have also incredible views of the beachfront. It truly is an oasis in the middle of a busy city. The hotel has a fitness center; they sometimes hold events like yoga, fitness classes, and dance parties.

Nautilius Miami
Nautilus Miami

2- Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Scottsdale

Sanctuary is the best summer-themed hotel. The breathtaking beaches and landscapes will leave you speechless. An Asian- inspired spa is at 10 mins drive from the old town of Scottsdale. The on-site restaurant offers locally produced sustainable seafood.

Sanctuary has great spas and wellness centers. More so, you can do yoga and meditate amidst the serenity of the mountains. Relax the tension in your muscles at the spa. Here you can book a private outdoor soaking tub to escape worldly affairs into a realm of peace.

3- Canopy by Hilton Philidelphia 

If you are looking for a minimal healthy place to stay, Canopy by Hilton is ideal for it. Canopy is located in Philadelphia’s Midtown Village neighborhood. It holds all the charm of the city. Canopy focuses on sustainability. They offer refillable glass water bottles on the day of your arrival; guests can use them for the day.

Canopy Philidelphia
Canopy Philidelphia

Moreover, there is a centrally located water filter station plant. Canopy cares about the environment and takes little steps for its conservation. One can grab a complimentary Canopy bike and ride it on hot, breezy summer days to explore the surroundings. 

4- Post Ranch Inn California

Post Ranch Inn is everything a wellness hotel can ever offer. It is located 1200 feet above sea level. It is a paradise on the cliffs of Big Sur; the majestic landscapes and the otherworldly beauty of this place are truly unmatched. The building is architecturally unique. The cliff house has a magnificent view of the vast coast; the pacific suite is surrounded by the crystal blues of the deep ocean.

Moreover, the peak house blesses you with mountain views and a stainless steel soaking tub. There are so many houses and suites fully embodying the essence of nature. You can engage in multiple healthy activities here, like nature walks, yoga mornings, and forest meditations, etc. satisfy your appetite with clean food. Become one with nature at Post Ranch Inn. 

Post Ranch Inn California
Post Ranch Inn California

5- Dorado Beach, Ritz Carlton Reserve, Peurto Rico

Dorado beach is not just any tropical hotel; what makes it different is its rich history and culture. There are a lot of outdoor and nature adventures perfect for the summer holidays. The spa has an efficient staff and satisfying services. Also, the hotel takes good care of hygiene, and the rooms are clean and spacious. Dive into the infinity pool overlooking a pineapple garden. Calm your nerves in the serenity of Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

6- Equinox Hotels

Equinox hotels are a symbol of luxury. The extravagant hotel accommodates people of class and luxury. The hotel is built in a modern style. Their fitness center and spa are incredible. Furthermore, a variety of premium rooms and suites with scenic beauty will make it hard for you to decide. Equinox is very specific and selective with its services and amenities. They make sure to provide you with the best customer care. 

Equinox Hotels
Equinox Hotels

7- Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Hotel Xcaret provides all the summer essentials like a private beach area, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, etc. The spa here is the highlight of Hotel Xcaret. This spa is no ordinary spa as it is originally built from rock caves with aqua water. Here, you can connect with nature and get body-rejuvenating treatments. Perfect your swing at the nearby golf course. Also, there are parks, beaches, and beautiful streets all around to explore.

8- Cala Luna Boutique Hotel and Villas Costa Rica

Cala Luna Boutique is an exceptional hotel with a 9.4/10 rating. The reviews also stand in favor of Cala Luna. Here, one will never get bored as there are plenty of activities to do. Aerobics classes to art galleries. Boat tours to fishing, horse riding to surfing, and much more. The spa offers treatments you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The food here comes from the organic farm here. Nature hikes entertain you physically and mentally.

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel
Cala Luna Boutique Hotel

9- Hotel Californian Santa Barbara

Hotel Californian will make your stay enjoyable and peaceful with its healthy amenities. More so, the spa has all sorts of treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Beach a few blocks away will keep you occupied with activities like beach sports, sunbathing, surfing, etc. Lush gardens and modern amenities are a perfect blend of nature and comfort.


Make the most out of your summer holidays and spend each moment with your loved ones having fun. Maintain your health even on your trips. It is not as difficult as it sounds; you have to consider the summer travel healthy hotels for your stay carefully. Above mentioned hotels provide you with facilities that will keep your health in check, and you will enjoy your time in nature’s warmth. Opt for the one that is near you!

FAQs about Summer Travel Healthy Hotels

Are the summer travel healthy hotels pet-friendly?

Yes, most of the hotels are pet friendly. You can bring your pet buddies along and enjoy your vacations in a healthy way. Also, contact the administration once before booking!

Are these healthy hotels costly for a limited-budget vacation?

Fortunately no, these hotels are not expensive though there are many budget-friendly hotels mentioned you can book for a limited-budget healthy vacation.

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