Exploring islands and finding which one is more worthy than others is quite challenging for tourists. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas has become one of the must-do outings on a vacation. Day by day, the island staff is increasingly available to travelers, and the region around Pig Island is full of other attractions, as well.

You can pick activities according to your choice and swim with the pigs in the Exuma Cays. There are numerous untouched landscapes to explore for locals and tourists. It includes the swimming pigs, Bahamas Island, and Big Major Cay.

Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas

Be prepared to cover all aspects of swimming with pigs in the Bahamas.

Preface to Bahamas Swimming Pigs

For decades, the Bahamas pigs resided on Big Major Cay in the Exuma Cays. Now, they are the most prominent stars of the region. They are called around 6.6 million times yearly, and tourists pose for millions of shots. Many islands have swimming with the pigs tours, but Big Major Cay, or Pig Island, is the earliest island with pigs. It is north of Staniel Cay, an oversized island with an aircraft landing stripe for Bahamas travelers.

Big Major Cay Bahamas
Big Major Cay Bahamas

Yet, it is estimated there are twenty to twenty-five pigs at the beach. It ranges from tiny piglets to Big Momma. The Exuma pigs are currently an essential part of tourism. Visit the numerous Exuma Attractions and spots surrounding the island and glimpse one of the most mystical views in the world, like the Exuma Cays. 

Pig Beach Bahamas

Big Major Cay is the island with pigs in the Exuma Cays of the region of Bahamas. It would help to dive deeper into Pig Island Bahamas to prepare for your Bahamas holiday and swimming pigs outings to Pig Beach. The Pig Beach is a favorite tourist site featuring the adorable Exuma pigs. An estimated number of pigs wander free on the island and are typically seen on this beach. Around 6.62 million people viewed the island with pigs in 2018; numbers are set to mount steadily yearly.

Location of the Island

Pig Beach Bahamas is in the Bahamas, and more particularly, it is located almost 80 miles southeast of Nassau, in the Bahamas islands. A portion of the country’s territory is noted as the Exuma Cays. The islands are noted for their mysteriousness and comparable exoticness to other northern islands.

Pig Beach Bahamas
Pig Beach Bahamas

Astronauts say that this region is the most attractive part of the planet from their viewpoint in space. However, this island with pigs sits almost centered in the chain of islands around the Staniel Cay. You can get the complete location from their official website.

Ways to Reach This Island

To reach the island with pigs, you have multiple modes by way of ferry, speed boat, and personal aircraft from Nassau. The most straightforward and time-efficient alternative is flying. You can fly to Pig Beach by taking off from Nassau International Airport in New Providence daily. In this way, you may arrive in 30 minutes at the Staniel Cay Airport in the Exumas. From there, take a trek from a boat ride close to the island, like the Big Major Cay.

Other transport options include a ferry, which takes almost two hours from Nassau. You can take a speed boat, which is usually delayed or canceled due to rough sea states. The pigs hang out at the beach most of the day because it is where they are fed. The beach is on the island’s west seaside, just a ten-minute boat lift from Staniel Cay. Thus, save time swimming with pigs in this tourist point.

Story of the Swimming Pigs Exuma

The Exuma pigs of Pig Island have existed in their tropical heaven for eras. The Exuma Cays have been an ignored oasis for years. Brutal pirates, frontierspersons of Europe, and even the infamous Fyre Festival were all found there. Yet, tourists usually think about who placed the Exuma Cays on the map. The swimming pigs Exuma have carried in the most travelers over the years. Through social media, it became viral, so the number of tourists is increasing daily.

Pig Island
Pig Island

One more prevalent report says sailors carried the pigs ashore as livestock. Yet, when a rash seastorm came, the mariners were forced to exit quickly, leaving the pigs on the island. It lived here for years as the swimming pigs. Residents of the nearby Staniel Cay village later find Exuma appeal. What story do you want to believe is your choice, as no one knows the trustworthy source. So, tales are still being told yearly about the swimming pigs.

How to Get Swimming Pigs to this Island

Legend narrates that farmers in Staniel Cay used to watch for their pigs right out of Staniel Cay Village. Farmers were pushed out to give a solution when the locals complained about the stink blowing into the village from the ranch. Moving the pigs to the nearby Pig Island, they would boat their everyday feed to them.

Shortly, the pigs chose up on that practice. It was after the pigs started swimming to the ship to be fed first. The farmers understood they had knocked visitors soon. Later, the island saw numerous tourists like never before.

Grounds Where Pigs Still Live

Various sources indicate the presence of swimming pigs on the island. The official Bahamas tourism website indicated that the swimming pigs Exuma like it on Big Major Cay. Different tourists from around the world, when they visit there, click pictures and post them on their social media accounts. It suggests other sight seekers visit this island.

Exuma Pigs
Exuma Pigs

Moreover, the pigs live in paradise if they are treated well by the authorities and tourists and cannot leave. Not to say, the regional economy is profiting from these lovely creatures. Pig Island has evolved into a marked provider of the Bahamian tourism drive. Therefore, not only have the pigs stayed on the island, but many other beaches have also imported pigs and begin advertising the prevalent attraction.

Reasons behind Famous Islands with Pigs

Through numerous on-site pages and shares, swimming with the pigs has become internationally recognized. Years ago, growers carried them there to free Staniel Cay Village of the stink.

Apart from all this, soon after the pigs formed swimming from the shore, they were fed by coming farmers daily. Hence, Pig Island was endured, and a tourist site was created. Now, there are considerable outings to the island daily, arriving by other modes of transportation.

Swimming Manners

If you reach Pig Island, identify the few rules and regulations to abide by while swimming with the pigs. It would help if you fed the pigs only authorized foods. They are mainly fed on bread, fruit, and vegetables. Your tour manual will provide details about other foods for feeding the pigs. Further, refrain from feeding the pigs on the coast. Keep their survival instincts unharmed by grazing them in the water.

Feeding Pigs
Feeding Pigs

Further, you must be careful. Don’t feed instantly from your hand. You should gently throw the food in the water beside the pig because pigs are not cooperative creatures. Do not disturb the pigs. Please don’t take advantage of them and harm them. These Exuma pigs are even wild animals and can be scary if threatened.


Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas is an unforgettable and unique experience that anyone who knows how to swim can go for. As you plan a vacation to Exuma Island, it is the first thing you can do. Apart from all this, you can go for a day trip from The Exumas. Likewise, you will get time to interact with these animals on a stunning beach and see other things. It includes big sharks, huge sandbars, and submerged caves.

FAQs on Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas

What are the weather conditions in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has a tropical temperature with warm and bright weather year-round. The moderate temperature is roughly 27°C, with slight deviations depending on the season and landscapes. The showery season is from May to October, but storms are usually short and followed by sunshine.

When is the most suitable time for swimming with pigs in the Bahamas?

The most pleasing time to swim is from November to April. It is when the weather is parched, and the water is transparent. Yet, it is the extreme tourist season, so you should book your trek in advance to reserve your spot.

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