Want to view the extreme thrashing of water on the rocks and feel the sprinkling water over your face? Waterfalls are one of the priorities among the various places of the world that offer terrific landscapes. It is one of the most popular visitor sites around the world. As a backpacker or a general sight seeker, you may wonder about the tallest waterfall in the world. After seeing these cascades, you will adore the marvels. But the tourists have taken the current estimated heights. When planning a trip to the falls, consider this list.

Tallest Waterfall in the World

You can venture to the tallest waterfall in the world. Here, you can view the landscapes and parks and satisfy your soul.

1- Angel Falls in Venezuela

Angel Falls is the uninterrupted tallest waterfall. It has a peak of 979 meters and falls 807 meters. This fall is located in the Canaima National Park in the Bolivar state of south Venezuela. It is called after Jimmie Angel, an American pilot. He was the foremost person to pass over it in 1933. It is home to many different falls, rivers, woods, and native societies.

Angel Falls in Venezuela

The most suitable time to visit is in the rainy season, when the water discharge is excellent and the declines are more visuals. Here, tourists get inspired and admire its looks and majesty. However, it represents national pride for Venezuelans, who call it Salto Angel.

2- Tugela Falls in South Africa

Tugela Falls is the second tallest in the world. It has a total height of 948 meters and a drop of 411 meters. The location of this cascade is in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. The Tugela River initiates the rapids. Enjoy the stunning views and the diverse kinds of flowers of the park.

However, it can be seen from different standpoints, like the Tugela Gorge and the Thendele camp. You can hike to the top of the slides, leading to a path that traverses the Tugela River. It takes almost four to six hours and involves some climbing and running.

3- Tres Hermanas Falls in Junin Peru

Tres Hermanas Falls is also known as Three Sisters Falls. It is the third-highest fall in the world, 914 meters in height. You can view it in the Otishi National Park in the Junin province of Peru. The cascade comprises three units or drops, which meet the Cutivireni River.

Tres Hermanas Falls in Junin Peru
Tres Hermanas Falls in Junin Peru

If you want to reach it, a plane or helicopter with a permit from the State of Satipo. It takes an hour from Satipo and offers breathtaking views of the Andes and the Amazon. The cascade is a unique and magical place showing Peru’s natural diversity. Likewise, it is near the Ashaninka districts.

4- Olo’upena Falls in the United States

Olo’upena Falls is an elevated waterfall with an elevation of 900 meters. It is on the Molokai in the US. The cascade is called after Olo’upena, a mythical Hawaiian chief who stayed here. However, it is a tiered cascade that flows down the vertical ridges of the north shore of Molokai.

The waterfalls begin from a streamlet that comes out of a cave. Further, it can only be seen from the sea, as no paths or roads direct to it. The most acceptable time to see the cascade is when the water flows excellently during the rainy season.

5- Yumbilla Falls in Yumbilla

Yumbilla Falls is the fifth-highest waterfall, with an elevation of 896 meters. It is in the Amazonas region of Peru. The falls are known as Catarata Pabellón. Further, it is a tiered cascade with four or five drops, each with a dive pool. The Yumbilla River feeds the waterfall.

Yumbilla Falls in Yumbilla
Yumbilla Falls

Moreover, it is enclosed by lush greenery and diverse wildlife. It has a stunning natural appeal that attracts few tourists due to its challenging access. Thus, the waterfall can only be attained by hiking a pathway from the townlet of Cuispes. It takes about two hours to end.

6- Vinnufossen in Norway

Vinnufossen is the most elevated waterfall in Europe, with a peak of 865 meters. It is near the village of Sunndalsora. The falls are an element of the Vinnu River. It is a horsetail type that falls down the vertical slopes of the Sunndal valley, forming a magnificent sight.

On the other hand, the waterfall extends out like a veil at its broadest point and limits down at its lower point. The cascade is near the picnic spot Holsskeiet, where there is a parking point. It is a lovely natural attraction that attracts many sightseers and photographers, mainly in spring and summer.

7- Balaifossen in Norway

Balaifossen is a waterfall in the Vestland county of Norway. It has a total height of about 800 meters. The cascade is provided by the Balai River, which arises from the Kyrelvfjellet cliff and the Onen glacier. It consists of multiple drops, each with its sinking pool. However, it rushes down the steep inclines of the Osafjord.

Balaifossen in Norway
Balaifossen in Norway

Furthermore, the waterfall is visible from the highway near the Holsskeiet. This fall is a gorgeous natural attraction that has a lower water volume. It can only be achieved by trekking a trail from the town of Osa. The well-marked course offers views of the woodland and the nearby rapids, such as Chinata and Pabellon.

8- Pu’uka’oku Falls in the United States

Pu’uka’oku Falls is located on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. It is the second-tallest fall in the US, with a height of 900 meters. The waterfall is an aspect of the Haloku Cliffs, a few of the most elevated cliffs in the world. It cascades down the abrupt ridges on the north beach of Molokai. This streamlet diverges into four sections.

Apart from all this, it is an infrequently viewed hidden treasure. Yet, it has a remote location and challenging access. The rapids can only be seen by air, as no tracks are leading it. You can visit it from November to March when the water is plentiful, and the downfalls are more observable.

9- James Bruce Falls in Canada

James Bruce Falls is the ninth waterfall, with a height of 840 meters. It is in the Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park of Canada. The cascade is named after Victor Carlyle Browne. He was an aerial photographer who uncovered the drops and the lake that fed them in 1940.

James Bruce Falls in Canada
James Bruce Falls in Canada

This waterfall flows from a short snowfield and a lake called Lake Browne. It is situated beyond 1,500 meters above sea level. Further, it drops over a cliff face. It also separates into two parallel creeks, which are sometimes dry. Hence, the cascade enters Loquilts Creek, which drains into the Princess Louisa Inlet.

10- Browne Falls in New Zealand

Browne Falls is the tallest cascade in New Zealand. It has an elevation of 836 meters. It’s location is in the South Island of New Zealand. The waterfall is an element of the Doubtful Sound, the deepest bay in the region. It stems from a tarn called Lake Browne.

Moreover, the cascade flows down the vertical inclines of the Hall Arm, a component of the Doubtful Sound. It is a breathtaking natural attraction for photographers. However, the cascade is hidden by lush greenery and wildlife.


You might assume of the tallest waterfall in the world. These rapids are classified based on their height. Angel Falls is a breathtaking sight that attracts many tourists and locals. Yet, some specific rules and laws need to be managed accordingly. Apart from all this, it poses a few challenges for hikers who want to reach its base. So, planning a trip to these falls will allow you to venture to any of the points.

FAQs on Tallest Waterfall in the World

How much time is required for hiking to the Angel Falls?

As the tallest waterfall in the world, this fall takes roughly two days. It depends on the climate and the river’s water status. The first day involves a boat ride and the second day implicates a steep and tricky hike of nearly 90 minutes to the bottom of the slides.

What things do you need to carry to any of the falls?

It would help if you packed necessities like water bottles, snacks, insect repellents, a rain kit, a flashlight, and spare clothes. Carry a sleeping mat and mosquito netting for the overnight stay. You can also rent these things from the operators or get your own.

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