If you want a fearless and artistically rich site, consider touring from Tallahassee to Panama City. Panama City links two mainland and oceans. It has a long and mesmerizing history, dating to about 1519. Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila founded it. Panama City lets travelers be on their first trip. They visit the past of Casco Viejo. Tourists even click pictures of the collapses of Panamá Viejo. Skydivers adore the modern skyline landscapes. Thus, it is a diverse city that recalls its role as a bridge between customs and worlds.

Mode of Transport from Tallahassee to Panama City

Take a Greyhound bus ticket of $142-$215. It will lead you from Tallahassee Bus Station to Panama City Beach Station. The trip takes roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes. However, you can even take a bus. Then, take a taxi via CK Steel Plaza Gate 16. It will drive to Panama. This option will cost $127-$196 in 4 hours and 11 minutes.

The nearest station is in Jacksonville, nearly 160 miles away. From here, take a train to Orlando. However, to get to Panama City, cross the border into Mexico and catch the Copper Canyon Railway. From there, you can reach Panama City. This option involves multiple shifts and long trip times.

Panama City
Panama City

Fly from Tallahassee International Airport to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. The ticket price is about 8 hours, beginning from $224 one-way. It is the easiest way.

Drive from the US-98 W road. It is nearly 106 miles long and takes 2 hours and 2 minutes. The road travel will cost about $17-$26 for tolls and gas. Drive south to Florida, travel the border into Mexico, and then track the Pan-American Highway.

Stops on a Road Trip from Tallahassee to Panama City

Let’s go through some quick stops on a road trip from Tallahassee to Panama City:

1- Lake Talquin State Forest

Lake Talquin State Forest is a vast-acre state. It is around Tallahassee and the Apalachicola River. The distance to this forest is roughly 22 miles, and the driving period is roughly 22 minutes. The woods are called after Lake Talquin. It is an artificial pool built by the Jackson Bluff Dam structure in 1927. The woodland was based in 1977. Now, it is handled by the Florida Forest Service using the active concept. It offsets ecological, joyful, and resource-use essentials.

Moreover, the forest is a hub for diverse periodic and indoor plants and animals. See Torreya tree, woodpecker, gopher tortoise, and the state’s black bear. This forest presents many recreational options for visitors. It includes trekking, camping, angling, gliding, picnicking, and nature viewing. View the traits of the Bear Creek Educational Forest. Thus, it provides free guided tours for pupils and tutors.

Lake Talquin State Forest
Lake Talquin State Forest

2- Golf Club of Quincy

The span from Tallahassee to this club is almost 24 miles or 39 km. Golf Club of Quincy is a wide golf league located in Quincy. It is a 30-minute drive from a car to the city’s north. The club was launched in 1968. Further, it has an 18-hole, par 73 golf track developed by Joseph L. Lee. This club is noted for its gorgeous views and tricky layout.

It has unusual height shifts for a state course. The club even delivers a cafe, bar and grill, conference rooms, banquets, training room, driving field, tennis courts, and spas. Likewise, it organizes matches and occasions throughout the year. It includes the Invitational, the Classic, and the Pro-Am. Therefore, the club also offers cheap membership choices for friends and families.

3- Torreya State Park

Torreya State Park is a beautiful state park in Florida. It is on the high cliffs managing the Apalachicola River. The grassland is considered as a National Natural Landmark. It is a stunning site designed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1930. This park is named after the Torreya tree. It is a short conifer that grows only on the river’s cliffs. The distance to this park is roughly 51 miles or 82 km in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Further, the park is also a seat to other occasional and endangered types of plants. It includes the exotic yew, Torreya snail, and red wolf. Yet, this grassland has various sites for tourists. Enjoy hiking paths, camping areas, picnic grounds, and historic structures. You can see the most popular feature, which is Gregory House. It is a 19th-century farmhouse shifted from the river and fixed by the firm.

Torreya State Park
Torreya State Park

4- Bear Creek Feline Center

Bear Creek Feline Center provides an enduring house to show exotic cats. It was based in 2000 by James E. Broaddus II. This center has five grants from various agents. Currently, it houses 21 giant cats from five exotic kinds. The camp’s mission is to save and re-home shunned or harmed cats.

Further, the staff educates the public about their difficulty and protection. The center presents guided tours by meeting only. Here, visitors can learn about each cat’s tale and nature. You can also participate in various agendas and projects backing cats’ welfare.

5- Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a franchise that shows strange and unique truths, stories, and antiques worldwide. Robert Ripley founded it. He was a cartoonist and scout who toured more than two hundred lands. This franchise began as a newspaper board in 1918. Later, it grew to radio, TV, comic readers, galleries, and books.

Apart from all this, it has countless showrooms in 10 lands. Here, tourists can see displays like shrunken skulls, two-headed beasts, human rarities, wax sculptures, and other displays. It also prints a daily cartoon blog, a TV sequence, and a website for odd news.

Ripley Believe it or Not
Ripley Believe it or Not

6- Econfina Creek Canoe Rentals LLC

Econfina Creek Canoe Rentals LLC is a boat and kayak rental firm that acts on Econfina Creek. It is a spring-fed canal. This rental is noted for its transparent water, fantastic wildlife, and panoramic looks. The stream flows via woods, wetlands, and limestone figures. It has numerous springs along its path that offer swimming areas. Yet, it delivers half and full-day leases of kayaks and waterproof phone cases.

Likewise, they equip shuttle service to and from the liftoff and takeout ends. Clients can pick from further trip options depending on the skill grade and time choice. It has been serving for over 30 years with thousands of satisfied customers. The span to the canoe rental is nearly 55 miles, and the time is approximately 1 hour.

7- Shell Island Beach Tours

Shell Island Beach Tours is a tour group that presents various water sports and tales on Shell Island. This fence island is a natural interest with seven leagues of plain sand beaches, dunes, pine woods, and outdoors. It is house to different marine animals. Moreover, it offers scuba diving, dolphin shows, sunset sails, ski diving, kayaking, and personal charters.

You can get free equipment like covers, snorkels, life jackets, and more. Travelers can enjoy it at their own rate or enter a guided tour with a skilled captain. It has been in the area since 1984 and has a prestige for quality and customer pride. The distance from the rental to this tour is roughly 43 miles, with the driving time being almost 50 minutes.

Shell Island Beach Tours
Shell Island Beach Tours


Traveling to Panama City can be a challenging and thrilling venture. It depends on your goal and mode of transport. Here, you can dig into the natural landscapes and beaches of Florida. Whether you want to see the cultural variety and history of the city, find something to fit you in this city. You can pick from various choices as each has its benefits and burdens. Whatever you select, you will have a unique trip that will widen your viewpoint.

FAQs on Tallahassee to Panama City

What is the finest time to visit this city?

Panama City has a tropical atmosphere. It is warm and rainy throughout the year. There are slight temperature deviations. So, the best time to go is from mid-December to April. It is when the dry season emerges, and the rain is less.

What are the leading attractions to visit in this city?

Panama City has multiple attractions like landscapes, beaches, and more for tourists of all ages and appeals. The Casco Viejo historic community is one of the main sites to view in this city. Moreover, you can see the Panamá Viejo prehistorical site and the Panama Canal Museum.

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