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Traveling Guide from Wilmington, NC to Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte is a spirited city that attracts numerous visitors with its rich civilization. It was based in 1768 and called after the wife of King George III. Likewise, tourists visit the house of NASCAR, the Bank of America seat, and the most prominent artificial whitewater river. Locals of Wilmington may favor Charlotte over their city as a tourist zone because it offers landscapes and excitement. You can see a riverwalk, lovely beaches, a bustling downtown, and diverse districts. Let’s learn about Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC.

Transportation Mode from Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC

The most inexpensive way to travel is by bus. Greyhound drives a daily bus that takes almost 8 hours and 6 minutes. The fares start from $29-$77. Likewise, take a bus to Myrtle Beach and then fly to Charlotte. It will take 5 hours and 59 minutes for $97-$388.

You can take a bus to Fayetteville, book a train seat to Selma, and end to Charlotte. The total trip time is almost 9 hours and 30 minutes, and the average fare is $144.

Trip to Charlotte NC
Trip to Charlotte NC

The fastest way to reach Charlotte is by plane. American Airlines offers direct flights. It takes only 3 hours and 43 minutes, with costs starting from $154-$. Fly from Wilmington International Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

You can choose to drive. Take a car or rent one from Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC. The distance is nearly 204 miles or 328 kilometers. It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes, depending on traffic and road states. You must spend around $35-$55 for gas and tolls.

Stops on a Road Trip from Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC

Let’s get into the details of various stops on a road trip from Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC:

1- Cape Fearless Extreme

Cape Fearless Extreme is an aerial venture park. This park presents a compelling and fun adventure for people of all eras. You can track and challenge yourself on four paths. They vary in difficulty and peaks. Enjoy dedicated children’s trails for ages 7 to 11.

Apart from all this, you can dart through the woods on a 650-foot zipline or attempt paintball. It is on 25 acres of woodland. Further, it is just 20 leagues west of Wilmington. It is a beautiful place to enjoy wildlife activities and have joy with family and friends. Book your tokens online or by phone on this site.

Cape Fearless Extreme
Cape Fearless Extreme

2- Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway is a thrilling motorsport center, especially for motor lovers. This complex organizes NASCAR racing and other occasions yearly and sometimes periodically. It has a 1.5-mile quad oval trail and a 2.28-mile road route. You can also venture along a drag stripe and a dirt path.

You can overlook some of the most viewed races in the country. It includes Coca-Cola, Bank of America Roval 400, and NASCAR All-Star Race. Moreover, you can travel the speedway, see the Hall of Fame, or experience the thrill of driving a racing car. This motorway is located in Concord. It is almost 13 miles beyond Charlotte.

3- Exploration Station

Exploration Station is a science-based TV grid. It airs academic and informative series for adults. This network strives to inspire scholars to become curious in STEM. You can view science, tech, engineering, math, and careers in corresponding fields. The network includes six half-hour exhibits. Moreover, it covers outer space, earth and animal sciences, invention, nature, and DIY schemes.

Some exploration displays are Xploration Earth 2050, Awesome Planet, DIY Sci, Nature Knows Best, and Weird but True. You can overlook Exploration Station except for weekdays. Their massive pirate ship is so natural. They have a barn, a house, a grocery shop, a gym, a bank, and a lodging to be astronomers too. Thus, have a great blast.

Exploration Station
Exploration Station

4- South of the Border Motor Inn

South of the Border Motor Inn is a resort that presents a variety of chambers and suites for tourists. The lodge is a field of South of the Border. It is an appeal that has cafes, marts, gas stations, sport park rides, and a reptile display. Further, it is a pet-friendly site with unrestricted parking and Wi-Fi access.

Each space has its own carport and a refrigerator. Guests can also relish an indoor warmed pool, sauna, and swimming pool. Further, you will see the dog run and the public toilets. Your dog will enjoy its freedom by drinking water and doing enjoyment without a leash. General restrooms are cleaner than most places visited. It is located on Highway 95 in Dillon, south of the North Carolina border.

5- Holden Beach

Holden Beach is quiet and adorable, flawless for long walks and relaxing holidays. It is located in the south of Brunswick County. Likewise, it is on a border island that is eight leagues long. This beach is a region of the Brunswick Islands. It is a set of five barrier islands presenting various natural and artistic attractions. Further, this beach has a moderate climate, with a temperature of 75 degrees.

It is known for its pure and uncrowded sands, plentiful wildlife, and family-friendly aura. This beach has multiple attractions and comforts for travelers, like angling, shipping, golfing, shopping, and eating. You can also see its Fishing Pier, the Magic Mountain Fun Garden, or a Waxhaw Foot Bridge. It is a great spot to enjoy nature, activity, and enjoyment with family and buddies.

Holden Beach
Holden Beach

6- Museum of the Alphabet

The Museum of the Alphabet is remarkable as it tells the tale of writing designs, alphabets, and lingoes globally. It is located in Waxhaw on the institute of JAARS. This institution supports Bible translation and literacy schemes. The gallery has 12 alleys showing different writing systems’ history and growth. It includes cuneiform, Greek, Arabic, Cyrillic, and Cherokee.

This showroom also shows the creation of JAARS and its fellow institutions. They create alphabets and translate the Bible for juvenile speeches. Likewise, it has beautiful exhibits, sports, and treks for travelers of all generations. You can coin your title in hieroglyphics and learn how to report your name in various scripts. Listen to tales from extra cultures. Thus, it is a magnetic place to learn about the variety and beauty of human contact.

7- Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is a stunning grassland. This resort has a fun and compelling event for the entire family. It has various sites, each with its theme and appeal. This park includes long slides, swimming pools, lazy wave pools, sauna, and splash pads. It is for all groups of thrill and talent. You can even access the dry-play areas. It includes arcades, golf courses, ropes, and bowling paths. MagiQuest is also an interactive game.

Moreover, this park has relaxing and ample suites for guests and dining choices to suit every liking. You can relish breakfast with specialty crust pizzas or dine at one of the cafes. It also organizes special events and actions yearly. It includes Halloween Howl-O-Ween, Spring-A-Palooza, and Camp-In. Thus, it is the point where you can have delight, relax, and take pictures with your family.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park
Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

The Bottom Line

These two cities of North Carolina offer various attractions and ventures for tourists. Wilmington is a seaside city with a historic appeal and a stunning riverwalk. Charlotte is a lively city with a deep past, culture, and amusement. You can find it in one of these cities. Here, you can glance for cozy beaches, landscapes, an exciting motorsport incident, or an academic inquiry. You can also pick from various vehicle modes from Wilmington to Charlotte. 

FAQs on Wilmington, NC, to Charlotte, NC

What is the best time to see Charlotte?

The most suitable time to visit depends on your choices and activities. Usually, spring and fall are the most delightful seasons. There is mild temperature and multicolored vegetation. The summer season is hot and damp but perfect for beach sports. Winter can be snowy, but it is festive.

What are the most pleasing places to eat in Charlotte?

There are numerous best places to eat in Charlotte. You can try The Fig Tree for a feast, Pinky’s Westside Grill for simple meals, or Amelie’s French Bakery for tarts.

Hope so you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.

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