Liberty Lagoon Water Park is located at Lobdell Ave, Baton Rouge, United States, Louisiana. It is an excellent attraction in Louisiana to visit with your kids because it provides a peaceful and calm environment. Louisiana is a well-known city for water parks due to its hot weather demand. The climate of Louisiana is significantly characterized by long hot summers and short, unassuming winters.

Lagoon amusement park provides a great swimming place to cool off in the hot summer due to its unlimited water slides. You can cool yourself off with great fun and enjoy. Water slides provide a great chance to play with your children. You can enjoy water park rides more than theme park rides without sensing more temperature on warmer days.

Liberty Lagoon Water Park
Liberty Lagoon Water Park

So, liberty Lagoon is the best option for summers recreation in Louisiana. The general entry fee for adults is $12, and if you are entering as a first responder, you have to pay $10 in Liberty Lagoon Water Park. Moreover, the water park allows a free entrance to 1 year or younger child.

6 Things to Do at Liberty Lagoon

1. Dive in & twirl round

The Gator Bowl is the best way to beat your heat. This water ride forces you to dive into the closed tube, where you will twirl like a wheel before reaching the water lagoon. It looks scary because after passing 75 feet long waterslide, you have to give this football-type enclosed Gator Bowl where you will dive and twirl in water. On the other hand, it is a fantastic attraction to beat summers with a thrilling water ride. 

Liberty Lagoon Dive In
Liberty Lagoon Dive In

2. Don’t want to swim, let’s with the Lazy river option

If swimming is not a suitable option for you to enjoy at Liberty Lagoon Amusement Park, you can quit and relax at Lazy river. The lazy river pool is another attraction to swim or relax at the water park where you can float over water or dive; it’s all up to you. If you want to dive into the pool, you can do so. If you’re going to float over water, you can rent a tube and float. Floating over water not only lowers summer heat but also relaxes your body as well. You have to pay $1 to enjoy yourself in the lazy river for the whole day.

Lazy River
Lazy River

3. Slide and enjoy rain under an umbrella

Leaky Umbrella is an option to enjoy slides and rain under the umbrella waterfall. Water is not much deep hereafter slide. This area is suitable for kids; the little swimmers can play on mini slides and enjoy under a beautiful waterfall here. Due to the impressive water and mini slide, the attraction is a lovely playland for kids in the summers. You can also arrange swimming sessions for your littlest swimmers in suitable water depths for swim lessons. 

Slide and Enjoy
Slide and Enjoy

4. Suffer in shockwave

If you are fond of suffering but afraid of suffering at the beachside or on deepwater the shockwave is an excellent option in Liberty Lagoon Water Park. You can enjoy perfect hell here after a few sessions. Even more, if you want to learn suffering from fun and tricks, you can start here as a beginner and then move towards a deep water option. You can enjoy with a wristband for a whole day, just paying $5. 

Liberty Lagoon Shock Wave
Liberty Lagoon Shock Wave

5. Enjoy social movie night

Besides its outstanding water park features, the Lagoon Amusement Park offers multiple exciting activities. If you love to enjoy a movie in the theatre, you will enjoy this option. Liberty Lagoon hosts a movie night for different events on a summer’s night. You can also take it as a social night where you can enjoy a social get-together along with a movie night. It is a great thing to watch a movie and enjoy the water park as a night option.

Movie Night at Water Park
Movie Night at Water Park

6. Have fun with your pets

The water park offers ongoing events and attractions. Besides human activities, this park also provides pets recreation. Water park allows you to bring your pets to have fun with them. Park offers a pet swim before its closing season. This season, the park becomes the most visited water park due to its fantastic pet swim offer.

Having Fun with Your Pets
Having Fun with Your Pets

Features of the park other than a water park

The Liberty Lagoon Water Park is not just a water park. Several other features of this water park make it exceptional in the list of other water parks.

  • The water park helps to learn the advanced options required to swim. It provides training sessions as swim lessons for kids and adults.
  • Offers training sessions for Aqua Zumba for pool party options.
  • It also provides you with swim lessons with Water aerobics for pool exercises.
  • Moreover, the park also offers Kayak sessions for paddleboard Yoga.
  • You can participate in any class of your choice to learn activity.


The Liberty Lagoon Water Park is a fantastic water park full of amusement options. If you want to enjoy your hot summers in a cool place, you can visit this Lagoon Amusement Park in Louisiana. The park comes up with several water rides and endless events. It is an exciting place to lower the summer burn and heat amusingly. You will discover every type of water ride here suitable for every age. 

Liberty Lagoon Parks
Liberty Lagoon Parks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options to enjoy at Louisiana’s liberty lagoon water park?

You can enjoy several water rides in the water park that are much cost-effective than theme rides with multiple event options:
1. You can enjoy shockwave suffering in the park
2. Swimming in the lazy river is also the best attraction
3. Summer movie night event is an exceptional event here
4. Park also offers a pet swim option at the end of the season

What are the other water parks you can visit in Louisiana?

Due to the hot climate of Louisiana, the city has multiple water park options that are mentioned below:
1. Blue Bayou Water Park
2. Aqua PARDS
3. Splash Kingdom Waterpark Shreveport
4. SPAR Waterpark – Sulphur Parks and Recreation
5. South Merryville Water System

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