Acadia National Park preserves the stunning fall foliage and the beauty of the highest rocky landscape on 47,000 acres of land on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean. The National Park spans half of Mount Desert Island on the eastern side of the Mississippi River. It is the loveliest place, appreciated by the visitors due to the naturally preserved patch of coastal Maine, rocky headlands, and woods that bow to meet the wild Atlantic. 

The Acadia National Park is present on the coast of Maine, which is famous for its second annual precipitation place. So, the precipitation keeps the whole site moist throughout the year by creating snow, storms, and frequent rains. It seems usual to meet rain during your tour of the place, so you should know what to do in Acadia when it rains.

Things to Do in Acadia National Park
Things to Do in Acadia National Park

All About Things to Do in Acadia National Park When It Rains!

Here are the details of various things to do in Acadia National Park when it rains!

1- Dive Through the Park Loop Road

It is the best option to see scenic views and spot several known places, including the carriage road, Cadillac mountain, and the Jordan Pond. Usually, a drive through the Park Loop Road is the essential part of the park tour in stable weather; however, it becomes the perfect option if there is rain in the National Park.

This driving loop trial spreads over 27-miles through Mount Desert Island. The Loop starts from Bar Harbor, goes towards the Jordan pond, then takes visitors towards the Cadillac mountain, and ends in a clockwise direction again at Bar Harbor.

Park Loop Road
Park Loop Road

2- Visit The Great Harbor Maritime Museum

Visitors can take a tour at the Great Harbor Maritime Museum, which is just an 8-minute drive from the Acadia National Park. It is a small interesting museum that contains a deep local history of a massive gunpowder explosion. It also displays different artifacts and models of modern ships, canons, and helicopters.

Visitors can also learn about how the current navy of the Netherland took control of drug smuggling. You can watch dry docks, the Dutch NAVY piers, the oil offloading facilities, and the container port from just 10 feet. So, never miss the chance to take a tour at the museum when you meet rain in Acadia National Park.

3- Visit Close Community Bar Harbor

It’s just a 3-minute drive from Bar Harbor to Acadia National park, serving as a gateway to the cliffs, parks, and mountains. You can also move to the community because Bar Harbor rainy day activities are popular among visitors. The site is known for its mind-blowing coastal beauty and island views.

Community Bar Harbor 
Community Bar Harbor

It is also home to learning and fun places, including the Maritime Museum, Northeast Harbor Library, Bar Harbor historical society, Southeast Harbor Public library, and Seal Harbor Library. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Harbor by taking a driving tour across the city, or they can also stay to gain some historical knowledge on a rainy day.

4- Explore the Culture of Maine at Abbe Museum in Acadia National Park

Abbe museum is one of the oldest museums in Acadia National Park, Maine. The museum was built in 1928 and is devoted to disclosing Maine’s culture and Native American heritage. The museum exhibits the Wabanaki and Maine people and also displays their crafts.

You can also read the artist’s notes bout their art. The museum contains something interesting for everyone, so it is worth visiting. The museum can work as a shelter in the rain if you are in Acadia National Park. Otherwise, it is a fantastic place in natural landscape and woodlands.

5- Stop at the Jordan Pond Restaurant in Acadia National Park

The Jordan Pond House is a historic stop in the park. Most people come to the park for this point, famous for the best tea and popover serving. The restaurant serves tea and popovers in the traditional way that began in the 18th century and continues. It is the best place to go if you are stuck in heavy rain while visiting Acadia National Park.

Jordan Pond Restaurant
Jordan Pond Restaurant

Tea is always a fundamental requirement for cold or rainy weather anyway. On the other hand, if tea is available in the rainy weather with an elfin outside view, the scenery becomes more even beautiful. So, never miss a chance to visit this site when you are considering things to do in Acadia National Park when it rains.

6- Take A Shelter in Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Lighthouse is present inside the Acadia National Park on the seaside with breathtaking views. It is an old house constructed in 1858 on a rocky foundation about 56 feet above sea level, where visitors can enjoy the night sky adventures on site.

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is commonly famous for its sea views and outdoor water-based activities. However, it also works as a shelter for visitors on rainy days.

7- Step Back into The One-Room School System by Sound Schoolhouse

It is a historic place near the Acadia National Park, which you can reach in only 2-minutes. The schoolhouse welcomes people of all ages where they can step back in time on Mount Desert Island. This historical site was a school constructed in 1892 for the hardworking children of the sound, those who were contributing to farming and quarrying in the village.

Sound Schoolhouse
Sound Schoolhouse

The building served as a school for 34 years and ceased in 1926. In 1999, the building was opened by the Mount Desert Island Historical society as a historical monument for visitors.


1- What is the best time to visit Acadia National Park?

Spring to fall is the best time to visit Acadia National park. Probably you will not find a crowd during this period, and the weather remains stable.

2- How will it take to enjoy Bar Harbor Rainy Day Activities from Acadia National Park?

It will take just 3-minutes to drive from Acadia National Park to Bar Harbor, where you can enjoy rainy day activities.

3- Why is the park known as Acadia National Park?

The park was named after the French Acadian nation that settled there after debarring by the British from Atlantic Canada.