Cookeville is a city located in the core of the Upper Cumberland province. It is well-known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational activities, and warm hospitality. Cookeville offers a vast collection of thrilling sports for visitors to value. If you are an adventurer or a nature lover, keep scrolling down to uncover more about these things to do in Cookeville, TN!

Things to Do in Cookeville, TN

Let’s find some exciting things to do in Cookeville, TN, together!

1- Dig the adventures of the Burgess Falls State Park

Burgess Falls State Park is a must-visit goal for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers in Cookeville, TN. It is located on the Falling Water River. This state park showcases fresh waterfalls, hiking pathways, and great beauty. The highlight of this park is its splendid waterfalls.

Burgess Falls State Park
Burgess Falls State Park

Also, the park houses four main waterfalls, each with its unusual charm. The Burgess Falls is a 130-foot drop. The view and sound of the water create a truly fascinating experience. When you are exploring the hiking paths, the falls are too near. The River Trail offers a walk along the riverbank.

Apart from the falls, it offers options for fishing, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Picnic areas with tables and grills are available. Keep an eye out for wildlife that reaches the park house. If you’re a nature photographer or a hiking person, this place should be noticed during your visit to Cookeville, TN.

2- Go Rock Mounting at Obed Wild and Scenic River

Obed Wild and Scenic River is a famous tourist point. Realizing the ecological importance of this, the U.S. Congress designated a part of the river in 1976. Efforts have been made to safeguard the ecosystem. It provides recreational opportunities for tourists. This natural area delivers world-class rock climb opportunities that attract climbers from close and far. It streams through the Cumberland Plateau. It has carved out deep sandstone ridges, creating a heaven for rock climbers.

With over 350 climbing ways, the Obed challenges climbers of all aptitude levels. Rock shapes’ diversity ensures climbers can find courses that match their abilities. The climbing routes offer a variety of techniques. As you mount the cliffs, you will be treated to views below and the surrounding forest.

Obed Wild and Scenic River
Obed Wild and Scenic River

It’s important to note that climbing at the Obed requires proper equipment, experience, and knowledge of climbing safety. Whether a seasoned climber or a beginner, try out this sport. The river offers a world-class rock climbing experience. Strap on your climbing gear, challenge yourself on the sandstone cliffs, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this extraordinary natural setting. A visiting center, picnic points, and campgrounds are separated.

3- Encounter the Ziplining at Canopy Challenge Course

For adventure seekers, the Canopy Challenge Course in Cookeville, TN, offers a thrilling ziplining experience. Its structure is a mature stand of oaks, hickory, and pines with Fall Creek Falls Lake at the side. The aerial park consists of over 70 broken hurdles to increase your pulse. This park is a must-visit for kids as well as for academy trips. If you want your junior to partake in co-curricular sports, stay here.

It’s an opportunity to leave your comfort spot and review your health. As you fly from one medium to another, you’ll be treated with various flora and fauna. Although it is suitable for all, guides provide safety instructions and tools. It ensures a fun and safe experience. Restrooms and observation points are along the route. A nearby attraction is the Cummins Falls State Park. So as you enjoy here, visit this grassland and have something to eat.

Canopy Challenge Course
Canopy Challenge Course

4- Discover History at the Cookeville Depot Museum

The Cookeville Depot Museum is in Cookeville, TN, at 116 West Broad Street. The museum was established in 1972 after rehabilitating the historic Cookeville Depot building, which was initially constructed in 1909. The gallery is a glimpse into the rich legacy and railway history of Cookeville, TN. Through displays, antiques, and interactive exhibitions, visitors can learn about the region’s railroad origin and its assistance in the growth of society.

Multimedia presentations bring the past to life. It also offers insights into the local culture. Shows explore matters such as local industries, prominent figures, and significant events that have shaped Cookeville over the years. A beautiful park is nearby, offering green spaces, walking trails, and a peaceful environment to unwind. The government has now imposed a small fee to visit the museum to preserve its legacy.

5- Enjoy Live Music and Entertainment at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center

Cookeville Performing Arts Center is a live music and entertainment hub. It is encountered at 10 East Broad Street. This state-of-the-art structure offers various concerts, including drama productions, musical shows, dance performances, and more. It is devoted to promoting arts and culture. The center attracts both regional and visiting artists. It provides a platform for competent individuals to share their talents and creativity.

Cookeville Performing Arts Center
Cookeville Performing Arts Center

From Broadway-type music to intimate hearing performances, the camp deals with diverse interests. The venue has stylish and comfy seating and excellent acoustics. It ensures a pleasing experience for all who are there to attend. It also caters for educational workshops, allowing people of all ages to engage with the arts and enhance their innovative abilities. Whether you are a theater music lover or simply looking for the best nightlife, the center is a wish point.

6- Tee off at Classy Golden Eagle Golf Club

Golden Eagle Golf Club is a world-class goal for golf enthusiasts. This 18-hole championship golf course furnishes a challenging experience for all skill levels. It features green fairways and gorgeous surroundings, including the Ozark Mountains. Designed by celebrated golf course designer Jack Nicklaus, this club offers a set with rolling fairways. The beauty of the Cumberland Plateau surrounds the well-maintained course.

This club can take benefit from the excellent facilities available. It features a fully prepared pro shop with a wide range of golfing equipment; There are practice facilities too. At the club’s clubhouse, there is a restaurant and bar. Here, they can satisfy delicious cuisine, relax with golfers, enjoy views of the golf course, and create lasting memories.

Golden Eagle Golf Club
Golden Eagle Golf Club

7- Discover the Appalachian Center for Craft

 Appalachian Center for Craft, found in Smithville, TN, is a haven for artists and art lovers. It was established in 1979. this impressive educational facility is a satellite campus of Tennessee Tech University. It focuses on fine arts such as ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, and fiber skills. The center allows visitors to explore and appreciate the world of modern craft. As a tourist, visiting this craft center provides a view into the process and craftsmanship behind art forms.

The interior features galleries showcasing the works of both established and emerging artists. You can even get an opportunity to view and purchase exceptional handmade pieces. Visitors can also watch artists at work in their studios. It is also offering workshops for people interested in learning crafts. There are opportunities for all skill levels, from short-term workshops to semester-long classes. This hands-on adventure allows visitors to contend with the craft society.

8- Shop at antique Stores of West End Antiques Mall

 West End Antiques Mall in Nashville, TN, is a treasure to be researched. This multi-level antique mall has a vast collection of vintage items. It includes furniture, home decor, collectibles, and more. With over 20,000 square feet and numerous sellers, it is a shelter for those who want unique works. The mall features antiques, including vintage garments, retro furnishings, antique jewelry, and rare collections.

West End Antiques Mall
West End Antiques Mall

Each dealer offers a unique selection. The area’s knowledgeable staff is always willing to assist visitors in finding the perfect piece. This antiques Mall offers an entertaining journey via history. Search at various local antique malls, keeping this mall a top priority. Buying from such malls can help the local business of antiques to get promoted throughout the world.

9- Go on a Food Adventure at Seven Senses

In downtown Cookeville, TN, Seven Senses is a culinary gem that swears a food adventure for residents and visitors. It offers food but with a Southwest twist to it. The quality and plentiful dishes make it well-known throughout the town. With its diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere, this restaurant offers a unique experience that blends a love for food, music, and community. Eating at this place allows you to surrender to diverse flavors as a tourist.

The menu includes a fusion of multinational cuisines, including American, Italian, and Asian, all prepared with a creative twist. Beyond the delectable food, it hosts live music and talented local performers, creating a lively environment.

Food Adventure at Seven Senses
Food Adventure at Seven Senses

Additionally, it ensures the most elevated quality dishes. The restaurant also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options according to dietary preferences. As a visitor, after all, day long, when you want to enjoy delicious food with a fantastic atmosphere and low prices, call this place.

10- Let’s windup to examine at Tennessee Tech University

Tennessee Tech University is a recognized public university. It is well known for its educational excellence and rich campus life. It was founded in 1915 as the University of Dixie. Since then, it evolved into a respectable institution offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across different fields of study. This university looks into the academic tasks and the opportunities it suggests.

The university campus is known for its beautiful environment. Even educational tourists can take a leisurely walk through the campus and admire the architecture. The institute is home to several visionary colleges, including the College of Engineering, Business, Education, and Arts and Sciences. The university has multiple student associations, clubs, and athletic teams.

Tennessee Tech University
Tennessee Tech University

It lets the students to engage in extracurricular activities. Visitors can attend sporting occasions and cultural skits or research the university’s art galleries and museums. Whether taking a campus tour or attending a public lecture, it offers a rewarding adventure for visitors. If interested, you can enter academia, civilization, and the search for knowledge here.


In conclusion, Cookeville, TN, offers travelers an overload of thrilling activities. From investigating scenic natural wonders like parks and rivers to satisfying cultural experiences at performing centers and museums, there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of the opportunity to realize the charm of this vibrant city!

FAQs about Things to Do in Cookeville, TN

What are some popular outdoor activities in Cookeville, TN?

Popular outdoor activities in Cookeville, TN, include hiking, rock climbing, and researching the panoramic rivers and waterfalls.

Is there any historical milestone to see in Cookeville, TN?

Cookeville, TN, is home to recorded landmarks such as the Cookeville Depot Museum and the Appalachian Center for Craft.

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