Cape Cod is a beautiful home to its 2nd largest municipality, a beautiful town named Falmouth. This town is where many people in the world spend their whole year waiting for summer vacation to get here. If you are one of those, we covered you with our guide to top things to do in Falmouth, MA.

Firstly, the white sand beaches on this precious land are worth visiting. Moreover, you can explore the winery while sipping wine, climb a long stairway at a lighthouse, learn about ships at historic marine, and do many more things.

Things to Do in Falmouth MA

Let us find out in detail now!

1- Climb to the Top of the Nobska Lighthouse

Nobska Lighthouse was founded in 1826, and visiting it is one of the best things to do in Falmouth, MA. The renovation done in 1876 restored the beauty of this tower building. It is 42 feet tall, and climbing to the top will give you mind-blowing views of the city. The spiral stairway will let you have the best fun time ever.

Nobska Lighthouse
Nobska Lighthouse

The vast lighthouse has four buildings inside it. The architecture of this lighthouse is unique as the whole lighthouse is made using iron. This will probably be your first time seeing such kind of architecture.

2- Bring Your Bike to the Shining Sea Bikeway

The Shining Sea is soul-pleasing to look at. Of course, you would need time to stand, stare, and admire the beauty of vast waters meeting the sky on the edges of how far your eyes can go. Once you have absorbed the splendor of the sea, there are many activities to undertake.

 Sea Bikeway
Sea Bikeway

You can rent a bike and start the riding journey on the 10-mile bikeway. The clean and well-maintained trail will allow you to have the best time riding, even if you are a beginner. Moreover, horse riding, rollerblading, hiking, and a few more outdoor activities are available for tourists to enjoy.

3- Go Fishing at Falmouth Beach

Most people who decide to visit Falmouth, MA, for their next vacation, you can choose out of their love for beaches. Yes, Falmouth is all about waters and beach experiences. One of the best beaches in this city is Falmouth Beach. The best thing about this beach is the low water level. It makes it ideal for being in water or even swimming.

Moreover, you can go fishing. There are many fish species living in the clean and clear blue water of the sea that you can catch. Make sure you have enough time on your schedule for this beach because once you get there, you will not want to leave. Even you can visit the best beaches in the world if you have enough time.

Falmouth Beach
Falmouth Beach

4- Look at Nautical Artifacts at Spohr Gardens

Spohr Gardens is the place to be if you love naval instruments. In this area, you will find several unique ships, marine equipment such as anchors, and many more. It is more like a historical museum. Along with enjoying seeing the artifacts make sure to learn about them. Each showpiece has a piece of information displayed beside it narrating a background story or other tidbit of helpful information.

The waters, mind-blowing equipment, and serene environment will enable you to enjoy a tranquil time seeing, learning, and absorbing information.

5- See the Gorgeous Sunrise at Old Silver Beach

Old Silver Beach is another beautiful beach in Falmouth where you can spend a day relaxing. The views are mesmerizing. You can dedicate some hours to sipping your cocktail while lying on the chair. The water here has many fish species, including sharks that will keep rising above the water surface, leaving the tourists wonderstruck.

Old Silver Beach
Old Silver Beach

The most popular thing on this beach is to watch Sunrise and Sunset. This is why a big crowd of people is always found on the beach at those times of the day.

6- Have a Romantic Date Night at Cape Cod Winery

Cape Cod Winery is an ideal place for wine lovers. Here, you can find a wide range of tasty wines. It is always one great experience to see the making and brewing of wine before drinking it, and this winery is what you visit for this fantastic experience.

The best thing about this winery is that you can also find other items on the menu card to have a complete meal. There is cheese, crackers, salami, and many others. Do not forget to take a walk in the fields to enjoy the ultimate serenity of nature.

7- Join a Walking Tour at the Woods Hole Historical Museum

Woods Hole Historical Museum will teach you many interesting things about marine life, what equipment is used inside the water, and the history of naval wars. Visit the boat museum inside it, where a wide variety of boats is displayed. You can take the guided tour to ensure your absolute learning.

Hole Historical Museum
Hole Historical Museum


Falmouth, MA, is a perfect town for vacation. It does not matter if you aim to spend family time during kids’ vacation, go on a honeymoon with your partner, or travel solo to learn more about yourself. Falmouth is a perfect destination in all cases.

Your trip here will be ideally complete because there are beaches to relax at, fancy restaurants for candlelight dinners, museums to learn history, and shopping centers to buy Massachusetts items. Keep the guide mentioned above with you so you can easily manage your time per the number of attractions to visit.

FAQs About Things to Do in Falmouth MA

Is Falmouth, MA, worth visiting?

Falmouth is a beautiful small town with beaches and resorts. It makes a perfect vacation destination for water lovers. There are many things to do in Falmouth, MA, learning about marine life being the top one.

What is there to do in Falmouth, MA?

You can see the world’s most beautiful Sunset or Sunrise from a beach, learn about naval equipment in historical museums, and visit a giant lighthouse, winery, gardens, and much more. Indeed the things to do in Falmouth, MA, are many.

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