Things to Do in Milton GA

Top 15 Things to Do in Milton, GA

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It is important to consider the things to do in Milton before planning a trip there!

Milton is a Georgian city, present approximately 30 miles away from Northern Atlanta, in Fulton County, United States. Milton is famous for its rural life and horse-riding culture. The city was accommodated as an unincorporated northern part of Fulton County in 2006.

Milton is a backward area having major tourist attractions for national and international visitors. The city is also ranked as the best city for residence due to its lesser distance from Atlanta. It is a less populated area having about 40,000 of population. There are several things to do in Milton that capture tourists’ attention towards the city.

What to Do in Milton, GA
What to Do in Milton, GA

Things to Do in Milton, GA

Let’s know the fantastic things to do in Milton, GA!

1- Have Some Adventure at Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water is an immense park spanning over 69 acres of land, present at the northwestern side of Atlanta, Georgia. Primarily, the park was established in 1984, and it became a part of Six Flags White Water in 1999. The park is famous as one of the best parks in the United States and is present approximately within 40 minutes of drive from Milton.

It comes with several fun activities for people of all ages, particularly suitable for younger kids. It offers different water-based activities, so it is the best spot to visit in Summers. There are multiple areas for enjoying water-based activities, including the Little Hooch lazy river ride, water slides, rides, and the Atlanta Ocean wave pool.

2- Take A Tour of Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

Visitors can have the best gallery experience at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. The museum focuses on fine arts, particularly American art.

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art
Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

It holds an extensive collection of artwork ranging from the 18th century to present art. The outside Greek Revival style look of the museum is as attractive as much of the art inside. It is a single museum devoted to fine arts and American arts in the metropolitan Atlanta region.

Generally, the museum does not hold permanent collections, but it is managing to arrange a permanent collection exhibition 1 to 2 times a year. It also clasps a variety of events, including educational, social, and cultural moments around the year.

3- Enjoy Mountainous Views at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

It is a protected civil war battlefield ground of the Atlanta campaign, present in the west of Milton. The park is also important historically because it was the location for the battle during the civil war. It is the highest point of the Atlanta region in metropolitan spiking at just 500 meters. It is the best mountain with scenic mountainous views at every turn.

Visitors can enjoy hiking on the 1000 feet elevation or walking along 1.5 miles of road to enjoy these views. It is a family-friendly place where visitors can also bring pets in a clean and beautiful environment. It is also the best spot to enjoy recreational outdoor activities and exercises.

National Battlefield Park
National Battlefield Park

4- Enjoy the larger Ziplines at Treetop Quest Dunwoody

Dunwoody is the home of Treetop Quest, approximately 25 kilometers away from Milton towards southern Atlanta. This adventurous point stretches the visitors to the heights of 16 meters above the ground towards trees baldachin. 

Visitors can approach the series of Ziplines, bridges, ropes, and nets after reaching the Dunwoody. It is a family visiting place for spending some great time and an intensely insane fun experience. The lines are not very high where you can climb conveniently, and families can also enjoy the picnic tables. Visitors can also decide to celebrate some party events but make reservations before visiting the site.

5- Visit Historical Archibald Smith Plantation Home

It is a historic house present within 25 minutes of drive from Milton, close to Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Roswell, Georgia. The house was built in 1845 by Archibald Smith and resided for three generations of his family. It can be a neat plantation tour with lots of information about the Civil War and the Smith family. 

The historical building preserves one of the finest and regional architectures of Georgia. The house still contains some of its original 1850s furniture in a two-story farmhouse. You can visit the place if you want to know how people lived their lives before the civil war.

Archibald Smith Plantation
Archibald Smith Plantation

6- Take A Tour at Thriving Business District Alpharetta Historic District

Downtown Alpharetta is just eight kilometers away from Milton and significant due to the Mansell House. Besides Downtown Atlanta’s historic sites, there are several historically significant buildings.

These buildings are present between Milton Avenue and Academy Street and the center of the independent city of Alpharetta. Some structures still exist from the early 1800s. However, the Mansell House is the site you must not miss there. The building was founded in 1912 and set for more than 100 years with its unique Queen Anne style.

The existence of this building is exceptional because all the premises in Alpharetta were destroyed. For example, the Webb Building and hotel were abolished in the 1970s and turned into a park.

7- Visit Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

It is a historic park in Atlanta, once a childhood home of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park is the best place to explore an attractive visiting point for your tour. The site is worth visiting and also needs a quick stop to enjoy some of the landmarks of the Georgia state capital. There is a succession of buildings where the King used to live in his childhood.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park
Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

However, visitors can also Ebenezer Baptist Church, where his father was a minister, and he used to go for baptism there. It also contains a museum where you can learn about King’s life or more about the Civil Rights Movement led by the King. Moreover, visitors can also see the grave of the Nobel Peace Prize winners in the park.

8- Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

It is a dramatic landscape spanning over the 2,550-acres of land calling the visitors to enjoy several outdoor activities. It is worth visiting the site fetches thousands of national and international tourists every year present within an hour of drive through downtown Atlanta. The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area offers several hiking trails, historic sites, ranger-led tours, and fishing lakes. 

It is a beautiful green space consisting of 400-million-year-old granite outcrops. Overall it is a typical untouched northern woodland in Georgia. You can visit the place where you can see wildlife and natural views, so never miss the chance to visit the place if you love nature.

9- Enjoy Biking in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area offers a biking trail, picnic areas, river boating, and fishing in the 48-mile-long river. It is a hidden gem in southern Atlanta, which is present almost 14.5 miles away from Milton, Georgia. 

Chattahoochee River
Chattahoochee River

The site comes at a perfect length with beautiful views, hiking, and climbing trails. Visitors also get surprised it also contains hills. You can also enjoy water-based activities in the river, including kayaking and swimming. The overall environment of the parkland is clean, beautiful, peaceful, and calm with suitable weather conditions, neither hot nor cloudy. You can spend your whole day exploring the different parts of this area to enjoy recreational activities.

10- Explore Things at Southeastern Railway Museum

Southeastern Railway Museum is the place for people who are train enthusiasts. It is a railroad museum located within 43 minutes of drive from Milton in Duluth, the Suburban area of Atlanta, Georgia. This railway museum was established by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in 1970. This museum covers 30 acres of land, having almost 90 pieces of rolling stocks.

Visitors can also ride on the mini trains, while larger trains cost an extra $4. The museum also holds several events, and you can catch the event by keeping an eye on their website, where they inform you about upcoming events. There is also a gift shop in the museum, where you can buy anything you want.

11- Try Indoor Activities at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is offering freestyle dodgeball, bouncing, and several fitness programs near Roswell. The destination is 15 kilometers away from Milton in north Roswell. It brings fun and enjoyment for people of all ages where adults can test their strength and agility in the Ninja Warrior Course.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Sky Zone Trampoline Park

On the other hand, visitors can join the Foam Zone to challenge their acrobatic skills in a soft landing place. You can also have trampolining fun in most visiting Sky Zone covered with a mate on the floor, which makes it a free jump zone. The trampoline also comes with a dodgeball court for most competitive and professional players.

12- Enjoy Water-based Activities at Lake Sidney Lanier

Lake Sidney Lanier is a natural reservoir on the northern side of the United States. The area was established by the Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956. It was fed by the Chestatee River, so it contains clear freshwater. Lake Sidney Lanier is famous for water-based activities in its crystal clear water, where visitors can swim freely. Yes, it is safe to swim in the lake the even restricted areas are also safe for swimming, where you can enjoy swimming without scaring about tanning.

Visitors can also enjoy boating in the lake. There are several mini boats available for rent to enjoy boating. These boats are double-story boats containing a kitchen, bathroom, restroom, and music sound system.

13- Enjoy Hiking at Sawnee Mountain Preserve Visitor Center

Sawnee mountain preserve visitor center is located in Cumming, within 30-minutes of drive from Milton, Georgia. Visitors can spend one or two days at this place because you can explore some spaces without facing the crowd. The area contains 400 hectares of land, so there is no chance to meet a swarm in this colossal area where you can choose the size of your choice. It comes with a beautiful pattern and texture from bottom to top hiking.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve
Sawnee Mountain Preserve

There is also a climbing area in the Sawnee mountain preserve visitor center, a considerable family spot. The hiking trails are well-maintained and provide breathtaking views with every height. Visitors can also go to a Fairy house area in the center run by the local Girl Scout Troop.

14- Visit Private Country Former Milton Country Club

Once, the natural parkland area, spanning over 55- acres, was a private country club. But the space was purchased by the city in 2018, and now it is under process. The area is transforming into an open space for visitors and residents. Some parts have been transforming into woodlands, parklands, and hiking trails. There is also a space devoted to some sports activities, and you can visit an up-to-date park soon.

15- Visit Milton History Trail

Milton keeps an antique background history for its settlement with several marks making its trails history more prominent. These trails disclose the marks of several significant historic buildings. One of its historical places is Hopewell Baptist Church, founded in 1852. There are 17 trails worth visiting in Milton, but the Blackwater Heritage State Trail is one of the best trails, present on the western side of Milton joining the north U.S.

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