Things to Do in Geneva NY

10 Fascinating Things to Do in Geneva, NY

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Geneva is a charming city in New York State. It is located in Ontario and Seneca counties. This Finger Lakes area is recognized for its rich past, beautiful sights, and great wineries. Also, there are multiple things to do in Geneva, NY.

Here you can look for a relaxing escape, a fun event, or a cultural venture. Enjoy a day at the park, where you can do water sports. Get a view of art, architecture, and the outdated home of a wealthy family. Thus enjoy every moment in this city.

Things to Do in Geneva, NY

This article contains some of the most pleasing things to do in Geneva, NY. Let us have an exposure to such things.

1- Eat at Geneva Street Food Festival

You should treat the Geneva Street Food Festival if you desire a tasty and mixed culinary adventure. This annual occasion emerges in Jardin Anglais. It is a pretty garden in the heart of the town. This place includes food booths and cafes offering dishes from different cuisines and areas.

Geneva Street Food Festival
Geneva Street Food Festival

You can relish your favored food or try something unique. Taste a beer or crafted wine from regional producers and dig the Sunday store. Thus, it is a fabulous way to locate the world’s tastes and praise the diversity of this town.

2- Unwind at the Seneca Lake State Park

Seneca Lake State Park is ideal for anyone who values nature, entertainment, and peace. The grassland is located at the north stop of Seneca Lake. At one of the Finger Lakes, it offers a dazzling view of the clear water. You can paddle, boat, picnic, or recreate at the Spray ground. It is a water park with around a hundred jets that splash water.

Kids will also enjoy the grasslands with supplies for various ages. The park also has dual marinas with electric and traditional slips. Here you can go fishing and ice fishing as both are popular. So, save a chance to catch a fish. Therefore, it is where you can have joy and relax with your family and friends.

3- Learn Tales at the National Women’s Hall of Fame

The National Women’s Hall of Fame is an American league. It praises and admits women who have contributed immensely to society in different fields and disciplines. This club was established in 1969 in Seneca Falls. Thus, it is the motherland of America’s women’s rights campaign. After 2021, it had 303 members, including motivators, artists, scientists, politicians, and sportspeople.

National Women's Hall of Fame
National Women’s Hall of Fame

You can know about their tales and triumphs by viewing their displays. It includes paintings, antiques, records, and interactive exhibits. Watch videos of past-forming rituals and lectures by the most inspiring females in history. Moreover, you can know about the ladies who have changed our world and destiny.

4- Visit Past at Rose Hill Mansion

Rose Hill Mansion is a retro house gallery. It shows the 19th-century lifestyle in the Finger Lakes province. The villa was constructed in 1839 in a Greek style. It was once the hub of a successful farm. The tour concentrates on the Swan family.

They lived here for forty years, and their notes, prints, and diaries disclose their joys and sadness. You can see twenty rooms reformed and furnished in the Empire tone. Enjoy the glorious view of Seneca Lake from the front patio and the sight of nearby farmlands. Thus, you can see the past and value its looks and intricacy.

5- Understand Rights at M’Clintock House

McClintock House is a historic cottage pivotal in America’s women’s rights movement. The cottage was constructed in 1836 and was leased by Thomas, Mary Ann M’clintock, and Quakers. They were interested in various colonial reforms. 1848 they organized a planning shift for the First Women’s Rights Convention at home.

M'clintock House
McClintock House

The team prepared a paper called the Declaration of Sentiments, which declared that all men and women are equal. They urged equal rights for women in teaching, property, and more. Hundred men and women signed it.

6- Research at the University of Geneva

The University of Geneva is a general research university. It has a powerful reputation for merit in different fields. The programs offered are natural and social sciences, sociology, law, medicine, and religion. The institute has around 500 study groups, forty and thirteen national intelligence centers. Current study issues enclose climate shift, human rights, international health, physics, and artificial intelligence.

The university also unites with international institutions, like the UN, the WHO, and the ESA. It offers many chances for scholars and researchers to partake in cutting-edge research schemes. As a student, take benefit from its expansive network of disciplines.

7- Sip on Wines at Ravines Wine Cellars

Ravines Wine Cellars is a classical winery. It frames unique-level, European-style wines with a notable indication of the Finger Lakes region. The winery was established in 2000 by Morten and Lisa Hallgren. He was sincere about making grand and food-friendly wines.

Ravines Wine Cellars
Ravines Wine Cellars

The winery has two sites: one on the East beach of Keuka Lake and one on the West coast of Seneca Lake. It presents tasting treks and food occasions, where you can test stunning wines.

8- Shop at Finger Lakes Welcome Center

The Finger Lakes Welcome Center is located on the North sands of Seneca Lake. It is a place where you can understand more about the province and its attractions. Relish the vistas of the lake, which includes countless interactive booths.

These stalls document the region’s tourism, past, civilization, and occasions. It also has a vast store that presents local by-products like wine, cider, cheese, honey, and maple syrup. You can also rest at the restaurant or the lakeside balcony or have fun at the modern playground.

9- Test Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

Three Brothers Wineries and Estates is a remarkable Finger Lakes wine land goal. It presents three wineries and a microbrewery all in one villa. You can undergo different styles and tastes of wine and beer at the tasting space. It includes from dry to sweet, from traditional to spirited.

Three Brothers Wineries and Estates
Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

The three spots are Stony Lonesome Wine Cellars, Passion Feet Vineyard & Wine Barn, and Bagg Dare Wine Company. The microbrewery delivers hard cider and craft soda. Enjoy tasty meals from the Iron Heart Cafe or different food stalls seeing the estate.

10- Old-World Romance at Belhurst Castle

Belhurst Castle is a former personal place. This castle was constructed in 1889 in a Romanesque Revival style on the beaches of Seneca Lake. It is now a resort, cafe, hotel, and winery presenting a romantic Finger Lakes escape. You can stay in one of the historic courtrooms or one of the stylish guestrooms.

Dine at a steakhouse, where you can savor fine cooking and wine in a casual set. You can indulge at Isabella Spa-Salon, relishing massages, facials, and cures. Furthermore, visit the present store on-site and taste wines or crafted beer.


Geneva, NY, is a flawless location with multiple things to do for everyone. It is a fantastic site for tourists who loves wildlife, record, culture, and meals. You will be surprised by this small town’s magnificence and various activities with so much to offer. Take advantage of the chance to undergo Geneva with your family and friends. Explore the city’s most notable streets. You can find old shops, diners, cafes, and art galleries here. See the lakes, parks, and centers.

FAQs on Things to Do in Geneva, NY

How do I reach this charming city?

Geneva is almost fifty miles southeast via highway to Rochester. It is sixty miles west of Syracuse City. You can move to this beautiful city via Highway Ninety or Route Fourteen. You can also catch a bus or railway to the city from nearby cities.

When is the most suitable time to visit this city?

Geneva is a yearly destination. The prime time is from June to October. It is when the weather is cozy and sunny. The fall season is lovely, with bright harvest carnivals. The winter is flawless for snow lovers, and spring is a time of flowering and fresh fruits.

Hope so you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.

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