Introduction – Things to Do in Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights is a city present in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles County, containing more than fifty thousand populations. Hacienda Heights is a small contribution of Los Angles but still worth visiting and maintaining a feeling of the town. Primarily this area was known for its agricultural industry, but now it comes with several worths visiting sites and beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Hacienda Heights also offers several hiking trails in La Puente Hills, delicious eatables in restaurants, shopping in Hills Mall, and cultural attractions. It also contains Hacienda Center and Bixby Hacienda Plaza, bringing amusement opportunities to its visitors. So, it comes with the best things to do in Hacienda Heights, California

Amazing Things to Do in Hacienda Heights, CA

Hacienda Heights
Hacienda Heights

1- Play Some Childhood Games at Tilt 267

Tilt 267 is a small arcade in Plaza Dr, West Covina, CA. It has several games at reasonable prices. It is a blend of old and new games where you can play the old video games that will bring you back to your childhood. There are also some hockey tables nostalgic claw machines stapled in the arcade. You can drive your kids or teens to spend a worth time there.

2- Amuse Yourself at Clock at Red Lantern Escape Rooms

It is a fun place where you can experience a lot of fun with your family and friends. Every escape room is different with the phenomenal presentation, and the puzzles are always solid. There are multiple challenging parts in the escape room to get through, so you have to be a master of the game. You and your friends or game partners are locked in a themed room where you have to find clues to get out of the room. Moreover, you can also enjoy other things if you are not interested in the escape room. You can also celebrate special events like birthday parties in the Red Lantern Escape Rooms.

3- Have some fun at Adventure City

It is an amusement park in California, covering 2-acre land, and receives 200,000 to 400,000 visitors per year. It is a perfect visiting place to have some fun if you are with your kids, and you can handle your kids easily because the area is neither too large nor small.

Adventure City
Adventure City

The more rides have several rides and activities, but you have to carry your food and drinks while moving towards the Adventure City. It also contains a petting Zoo where you can see brushes and goats. On the other hand, you can play with your child in creative areas if your child is a little small for taking rides.

4- Have Some Shopping at King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center

It is a historic marketplace for collecting jewelry, antiques, memorabilia, and other vintage items. This place is much colossal inside than the outside leads consisting of 3 stories and various vendors. The entrance is free for selecting a vast collection. You can visit one of the best Antique Stores in the market. It is a historic building which is approximately more than 65 years old. You can also visit the market to purchase unique antiques to display in your house.

5- Take A Tour at Pio Pico State Historic Park

It is a historical landmark occupying about 5 acres of land, which was the home of Pio de Jesus Pico. Tourists can learn the history of Whittier, surrounding area, and this particular place while visiting Pio Pico State Historic Park.

Pio Pico State Historic Park
Pio Pico State Historic Park

The house was established in 1853, and afterward, it has restored to its original state. Visitors can take a tour of its 15 rooms, where they can see serval artifacts. You can also see some colorful gardens outside the house containing several beautiful species of birds.

6- Visit The Children’s Museum

It is a kid’s museum exhibiting a handmade carved carousel & guided tour of a 1942 railroad car. It also includes some vintage trains where kids can climb on. Visitors can enjoy three rides in their mentioned duration of time. There is a park, kid’s playground, and tennis court in the surrounding area. So, it provides an equal chance to have fun for both kids and adults. The museum also contains seven collective galleries where kids can learn several new things. There is a Native American room in the museum, having columns of tribal legends, tales of several tribes, and their people and traditions.

7- Taste Local Brews and Food at The Whittier Brew Co

It is a local place commonly known for its brews and drinks. It was the first brewery established near the Whitter, and you can expect to taste the best drinks there. They also serve delicious food in California, but people still love them for their drinks.

The Whittier Brew
The Whittier Brew

Visitors can find great wine, beer, and food on their menu. It is one of the best places in California for the selection of beer and wine. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

8- Relish Live Diversion at The Mysterium Theater

The theater was founded in 2009 by Marla and Robert Ladd, known for music, plays from every genre, children’s shows, and magic shows. The historical theater holds its performances in a confidential and relaxing environment where seats are comfortable near La Habra. Some well-known shows include Dancing at Lughnasa, Aladdin play, The Wizard of Oz, Big River, and The Little Mermaid. You can visit the theater anytime in a week, and you will find in the schedule that suits your taste.

9- Visit the Golfers place in Westridge Golf Club

It is the most hectic pace of Southern California with the most challenging and spectacular golfing holes. Visitors can take a round or watch games in the Westridge Golf Club if they are not interested in the game. This Golf Club is suitable for all levels, but it contains a diverse range of challenges for professional golfers with an 18-hole, par-72 course. The whole club is surrounded by the striking views of the City of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Westridge Golf Club
Westridge Golf Club

10- Visit The Vibrant Place for Art at the Whittier Art Gallery

It is a vibrant place established in 1939 for art and classical exhibition of photographs, paintings, and sculptures. The art gallery is also responsible for exhibiting permanent and temporary art created by several artists around the region for more than 80 years. It also holds some special events like special exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. There is also a gift shop, and visitors can buy jewelry, ornaments, paintings, and handicrafts. In short, it contains a perplexing collection from pre-Colombian time to modern Latin art.   

11- Take A Tour at The Galster Wilderness Park

The Galster Wilderness Park is a natural hub expanding on 42 acres of green space that contains an educational center and a small museum. The park is present in the San Gabriel Valley on a northern slope of the San Jose Hills, California. The whole park is covered with the shadow of trees where you can feel the breeze, so it is the best place to consider in Summers. Visitors can also enjoy a barbeque in the picnic area. It also offers a short hiking trail on the mountain, which is hard on the knees.

The Galster Wilderness Park
The Galster Wilderness Park

12- Try Authentic Food at Foo-Foo Tei Noodle House

It is an Asian restaurant serving authentic food, and it is known for its traditional dishes. The restaurant is small and only contains approximately 15 tables, but their menu and food quality are superb. Their menu includes dumplings, beef and tomato soup, tempura, appetizers, ramen, teriyaki, several rice-based dishes, and seafood. They also serve flavorful dishes, including chill shakes, beer, soda, tea, and traditional drinks.  

13- Enjoy Walking or Hiking at Vista Del Valle Park

Visitors can find a relaxing green place close to La Habra where you can enjoy hiking or walking. It is a green parkland area spanning over 9.7 acres of land featured with deteriorated granite trails for walking and hiking. The park contains two playgrounds and clean restrooms on a simple elevation. 

The park offers outdoor sessions, including family and group gatherings, in a calming atmosphere. In short, it is the best family place near Hacienda Heights.

Vista Del Valle Park
Vista Del Valle Park

14- Explore The History of Whitter at The Whittier Museum

Whitter is a historical place because it was named after Whitter College. Primarily, the Whittier got famed because it was the largest Walnut growing area in California. You take a tour to the Whitter Museum, where you can thoroughly explore the history of Whitter. It also displays the artifacts and exhibits related to the city’s antiquity. The Whitter Historical society runs the museum, and they gather, protect, and disclose the history. Visitors can see the Victorian cottage, blacksmith shop, and showcase of Richard Nixon’s life.

15- Recharge yourself at Truebella Spa

Last but not least, this spa place is clean and well ordered to relax and enjoy your spa. Truebella Spa is one of the best Spas in Hacienda Heights, California. They also stay to their service time as stated. Their service charges are comparatively less while their packages and promotions are outstanding. You can visit the spa any time in the week, and the visitor can go to recharge for further travel.

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