Hagerstown is a charming city in Maryland. It offers various interests and activities for visitors of all generations. Whether looking for past, culture, nature, shopping, or entertainment, you will find something to fit your taste in Hagerstown. Enjoy the waterfall, visit parks, appreciate the performances and local talent, or shop at the indoor mall. Let’s uncover what to do in Hagerstown, MD, to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

Things to Do in Hagerstown, MD

This article will let you dig into 9 of the best things to do in Hagerstown, MD.

1- Tour Jonathan Hager House Museum

Step back in a while and see the home of Hagerstown’s founder, Jonathan Hager. It was built in 1739 with ancient architecture. This stone house museum is filled with original 18th-century antiques. The gallery tells the story of Hager’s life and accomplishments. You can take a directed tour of the house and understand its history. The architecture and role as a boundary defense and trading base are so inspiring.

The museum also has a present shop to buy souvenirs and books of various types. You can even read one of your favorite books by sitting in its vast library. This place is ideal for history lovers and those seeking a pure ancient reading manual.

Jonathan Hager House Museum
Jonathan Hager House Museum

2- Lunch at Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant

Enjoy a tasty lunch at Schmankerl Stube, a relaxed and authentic Bavarian cafe in downtown Hagerstown. You can relish classic German dishes such as schnitzel, sauerbraten, bratwurst, spaetzle. All such dishes are presented in the same genuine way as Germans do. Even vegetarian tourists can savor, and gluten-free options are also available.

The restaurant also offers a variety of German beverages & wines and live melodies on weekends. Don’t miss the dessert menu, including apple strudel, rich black forest cake, and more. To specify for a pre-booking to taste delicious dishes at this restaurant at an affordable price.

3- Learn Science Facts at Discovery Station at Hagerstown

If you want an entertaining and educational activity for the whole family, lead to Discovery Station at Hagerstown. This active science gallery offers interactive displays and special programs. Just spend a small amount on the ticket and know the scientific facts about the showroom. You can explore robots, dinosaurs, airplanes, cars, buildings, etc.

The museum also organizes certain occasions, workshops, and summer camps yearly. It leads to an awareness campaign among the youth about the scientific fact of the city. Discovery Station is a great place to sparkle your interest and creativity. This place is necessary for kids and even individuals interested in history and records.

Discovery Station
Discovery Station

4- Be One With Wild at the Hagerstown City Park

Relax and appreciate the beauty of nature at Hagerstown City Park. The city includes a beautiful park with a lake, a fountain, a garden, and walking tracks. You can also visit the park’s appeals, like the Mansion House Art Gallery and the Hagerstown Railroad Museum. Plan for different outdoor plays in this garden.

The park has different water species, including ducks, swans, fish, turtles, and squirrels. Be aware of the squirrels when opening up the picnic food basket. They are too fast and grab a piece of food from your basket. The organizing staff of the park spots different shady areas to ensure any casualties.

5- Appreciate the Waterfalls at Cunningham Falls

Take a quick drive from Hagerstown to Cunningham Falls State Park. Here you will find a lovely park that boasts Maryland’s highest fresh waterfall. You can roam towards the waterfalls on your own or even look at them from a gallery. The park also suggests different sports, such as diving, boating, and picnic points. It all depends on your attitude and what kind of activity you need.

You can also glance at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. This way, you can find three attractions simultaneously: a park, waterfall, and zoo. Make sure to have a guided tour because this recreation spot is too vast to know the ways.

Cunningham Falls
Cunningham Falls

6- Watch a Show at the Maryland Theatre

Partake the artistic scene of Hagerstown at the Maryland Theatre, a historic place that hosts live versions of music, dance, comedy, and drama. The theatre has been reconditioned and extended to offer modern facilities and comforts.

You can catch a show by regional or national artists or parties, such as the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, the City Ballet School, or the Miss Maryland Scholarship Pageant. Whether you are an entertainer yourself or simply seeking pleasure, make a trip to this place. The theatre offers quality entertainment plus a chance for local talent too.

7- Dig the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Know about the origin of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal at the National historical park that holds its remains. You can wander or bike along the two paths leading the canal for 184 miles from Georgetown to Cumberland. Historic formats such as lock homes, trenches, dams, and bridges can also be seen.

You can also ride on a model canal boat or call one of the visitor camps or galleries. The roots of the Ohio Canal are displayed through pictures on the showroom’s walls. A few model designs of the canal are also demonstrated.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

8- Find Gems at Antique Crossroads

If you value antiques and collections, you will love Antique Crossroads. It is a large indoor market with over 250 vendors offering different items. You can scan through furniture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, textbooks, toys, and crafts. You can also find items like Civil War memorabilia or retro clothing. Antique Crossroads is available every daytime from 9 am to 5 pm. Take your credit card and start shopping at this convenient indoor mall.

9- Have Fun at Pennsylvania Dutch Market

The Pennsylvania Dutch Market is a hidden gem that promises an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch venture. This market catches the core of Pennsylvania’s Dutch culture and customs. When you enter this small market, you will have the classic smell of refreshed bakery items: homemade bread, tarts, pastries, and pies, all made at home. 

Besides the tasty food, the market offers a scope of handicrafts, including bedcovers, furniture, and ceramics. If you’re striving for delicious food, unique skills, or a peek into a rich culture, the demand in Hagerstown is a must-visit goal that promises an unforgettable adventure.

Pennsylvania Dutch Market
Pennsylvania Dutch Market

10- Go to Blissful Beauty Salon & Spa

Blissful Beauty Salon & Spa is an exclusive salon where you can have a fine beauty experience. The skillful staff is committed to providing exceptional salon and spa services per your requirements. From haircuts and hair styling to refreshing facials, massages, and luxury spa therapies, they will satisfy you with complete body services. The salon uses top-quality products and modern techniques. You can even get personalized therapy. Salon ensures women that caring for themselves is necessary for a happy life. If you want ideal beauty treatment, visit this salon and spa.


Hagerstown, MD, is an ideal destination for a weekend out or a long break. With multiple things to do in Hagerstown, MD, you will never have a chance to have fun and discover something new. Whether touring alone, with your family, or with friends, you will find something that pleads you in this charming city. So, what are you delaying for? Plan your trip to Hagerstown, MD, today and share its beauty with yourself!

FAQs on things to do in Hagerstown, MD

What is the finest time to call Hagerstown, MD?

Hagerstown, MD, has a moderate climate with four seasons. The best moment to visit depends on your choices and activities. Spring and fall are perfect for classic beauty and outdoor pastimes, while summer and winter offer carnivals and events.

Is Hagerstown too far from Washington City?

Hagerstown is pretty close but is around 70 miles away from Washington City. If you go by car, it takes one and a half hours. The easiest way is to grab a local bus or train.

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