Welcome to Jefferson City, also called Jeff City, the capital of Missouri! It’s named after Thomas Jefferson. The beautiful Missouri River flows through the city, surrounded by stunning bluffs with trees. Jefferson City is proud of its history and culture, seen in its old buildings and famous landmarks. The city’s architecture is impressive, with many wonderful parks to explore. Get ready to discover the nine best things to do in Jefferson City, MO!

Things To Do In Jefferson City, MO

Let’s look into the details of various things to do in Jefferson City, MO!

1- Explore Historic Downtown: Architectural Wonders and Hidden Gems

The downtown area of Jefferson is cool because it has old buildings and beautiful designs. As you stroll through the area, you’ll notice some unique buildings, such as the ones in Romanesque and Victorian styles. Did you know there’s also an ancient synagogue? It’s the oldest one in the western part of the Mississippi River.

Some buildings have colorful glass, exciting windows, tall towers, old clocks, and many more amazing things. Important buildings to look out for are Exchange and Trust Bank Building, Lohman’s Opera House, Temple Beth El, and Cole County Courthouse. In addition to all these historic buildings, there are places to eat, shops, and even bars.

Historic Downtown
Historic Downtown

2- Unwind in Binder Park: Nature’s Playground and Serene Lake Views

Binder Park is the biggest park in Jefferson City. It’s like a giant playground covering 644 acres and is a tribute to important people named Fred C., Fred H., and Frederick Binder. They created the park in 1918. The park features a vast 155-acre fishing lake, made accessible to everyone by the Department of Conservation.

They built a special fishing pier and boat ramp. You can enjoy picnics with stunning views of Binder Lake and take leisurely walks or bike rides along the paths. You can rent the terrace shelter for up to 75 people for parties. There are also 18 RV campsites with laundry and showers.

Binder Park has an excellent 18-hole disc golf course. You can discover sand volleyball courts, softball fields, a radio control flying area, and another disc golf course at this park. Don’t forget your picnic basket, fishing rod, or frisbee, and enjoy all the fantastic offerings.

3- Immerse Yourself in Art: Discover the Capital Arts Gallery

Step into the wonderful Capital Arts Gallery, where talented local artists from Jefferson City and Missouri showcase their beautiful artwork. It’s like a special place full of creativity for everyone to enjoy! You can join fun programs made for kids and grown-ups, where you learn cool things about art. You can explore thousands of unique art pieces by different local artists.

Capital Arts Gallery
Capital Arts Gallery

With ever-changing exhibitions and displays following different themes, each visit brings new and unique artwork. You can even purchase your favorite piece to take home. They also organize special events like the Capital Chalk Art Festival and Gallery Crawls to share art with our community. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Capital Arts Gallery and let your imagination fly!

4- Connect with Nature: Adventure Awaits at the Runge Conservation Nature Centre

The Runge Conservation Nature Centre is a special place with many fun things to see! It has an extensive area of 3,000 square feet with an aquarium and indoor displays. You can watch birds and walk on nature trails too. There are many animals, like reptiles and amphibians, and a giant fish tank with different kinds of fish.

Moreover, the hiking trails are awesome! They have pretty plants and trees all around. Don’t miss climbing a high tower and seeing the whole city! And remember, when you finish exploring, visit the lovely gift shop to buy souvenirs and presents.

5- Journey Through History: Clarks Hill/Norton State Historic Site

If you visit Clarks Hill/Norton State Historic Site, you can learn about the exciting history of the hill. It’s located high above the Missouri and Osage rivers. A long time ago, in 1804, two captains named Meriwether Lewis and William Clark went on an important journey. They set up their camp close to the bottom of Clarks Hill. And Captain Clark bravely climbed to the top of the hill.

Norton State Historic Site
Norton State Historic Site

From the top, he saw two Indian mounds and where the two rivers met. Nowadays, you can walk along a woodland path and see the Indian mounds and rivers. There is another place where the rivers meet called Bonnots Mill, but that’s many miles away. From an exceptional viewpoint, you can also see the rock where Captain Clark stood and the campsite below. Signs along the trail tell you more about its history.

6- Step Back in Time: Experience the Missouri Farm Bureau Log Structure

The Missouri Farm Bureau Log Structure, also known as the Wallendorf Home, is an old house from the middle of the 1800s. It is a two-story log home with a special ” dogtrot-style design.” The log home is located near the intersection of Missouri Boulevard and South Country Club Drive, just past the Missouri Farm Bureau Center.

When you visit, you can learn how rooms were arranged and decorated in the 1800s. The tour will show you old objects, exciting displays, and even movies that teach you about the state’s farming history during that time. You can enter for free, and a guide will accompany you on the tour.

7- Dive into Law Enforcement: Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial Safety & Education Center

Visit the Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial Safety & Education Center for interesting things about the Missouri State Highway Patrol! People have been able to visit this place since 1982. Inside, you can explore exhibits about drugs, crime, and how to stay safe on the road. They have old cars, weapons, uniforms, and other cool things from the past. You can see how law enforcement has changed from 1931 until now. The best part of the museum is “Otto, The Talking Car” – it’s enjoyable!

Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial
Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial

8- Nature’s Paradise: Explore the Tranquil Beauty of the Runge Nature Center

The incredible Runge Nature Centre is in the heart of Jefferson City. This hidden gem is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers; Missouri’s diverse wildlife boasts breathtaking landscapes and many nature trails to explore.

The center provides an up-close and personal experience with live animals, mesmerizing aquariums, and a captivating showcase of all Jefferson City offers. With its family-friendly atmosphere and wheelchair accessibility, everyone can embark on an unforgettable adventure.

9- Nightlife Delight: The Mission Bar – Where Music Takes You Back in Time

Do you want to visit a fun bar in Jefferson City with yummy drinks and fabulous music? Well, look no further than The Mission! This special club is in the city’s heart; they always have excellent live performances. You can listen to incredible music like rock and bluegrass.

The Mission Bar
The Mission Bar

As soon as you enter the club, you’ll feel transported to the olden times with its wooden floors, ancient brick walls, and beautiful ceiling. It’s like going back in time while enjoying a modern, thrilling night. The club has comfortable furniture and decorations that make you feel cozy and happy.

The Bottom Line

Jefferson City, MO, offers many activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. From exploring historical landmarks and museums to immersing oneself in the beauty of nature through conservation centers and hiking trails, there is something for everyone in this charming city. With its rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and warm hospitality, Jefferson City promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

FAQs about Things to Do in Jefferson City, MO

Are there any unique shopping and dining options in Jefferson City?

Absolutely! Explore the eclectic boutiques and shops in the downtown area, and indulge in delicious local cuisine at popular restaurants like Madison’s Cafe and Arris’ Bistro.

What entertainment options are available in Jefferson City?

Jefferson City offers a vibrant entertainment scene. You can enjoy live music performances at The Mission or the Miller Arts Center. The Missouri State Capitol also hosts various events throughout the year.

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