From skiing to kayaking and late-night casinos, the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort has a lot to offer to its visitors. The most all-rounded wholesome place as you can have a lot of family fun with the variety of activities that are available to make use of.

You can take some time to go skiing, swimming, and even some golfing fun with your friends. Then there is the amazing nightlife that is the perfect cherry on top. The nightlife, the clubs, dining options, and casinos all round up to provide various experiences to its visitors.

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Best Things to Do at Six Places n Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

With so many exciting activities and opportunities, the real question is what to do in Lake Tahoe. Well, let us some up a list of things that you can choose to do at some top-rated places: 

1. Emerald Bay State Park: 

Emerald Bay State Park has a variety of things to offer. From stunning views everywhere to the Vikingsholm that gives insight into the Scandinavian culture and architecture. Along with that, you have an underwater park; you can get engrossed in the experience of aquatic life. You can also use your gear to have some diving and snorkelling fun in the underwater park.

Emerald Bay State Park
Emerald Bay State Park

However, the Vikingsholm trip is complex and has a very steep height of 500 feet. That can be very difficult for some people to climb, and there are no excellent water and restroom facilities along the way; hence you need to plan this trip carefully. Other than that, the Emerald Bay state park is a beautiful piece of heaven and a sight to see with many unique activities to indulge in. You can also take beautiful pictures of nature here in the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort.

2. Kings Beach State Recreation Area: 

Kings Beach is one of the most exotic locations, with beautiful beaches that spread to an excellent 13-acre park. You can choose to indulge in water sports or have a picnic. Including some beach family fun, this is a place to be with a lot of fun to be had. However, you have to get to the park early in the morning to find a good parking space.

Kings Beach
Kings Beach

This place is a heavily crowded beach that keeps increasing as the day goes on. Thankfully, the king’s beach is vast, so it easily accommodates everyone. You can have the fun of enjoying the warm water, sun, boating, and swimming activities with the family. 

3. Palisades Tahoe:

The home to the 1960 winter Olympics gets 400 inches of snow and has 6000 acres on offer for the people who visit this place. There are many activities, and true skiing lovers will enjoy this place, especially with the upkeeping and the best lift service that will allow you to get around the spaces and have some fun quickly.

Palisades Tahoe
Palisades Tahoe

Along with that, the palisades Tahoe offers a golf course and healthy dining options, and ropes course and tram face are some of the activities that you can thoroughly enjoy at this resort. 

4. Homewood Mountain Resort:

Much smaller than the palisades Tahoe, this place is around 1260 acres in space and offers more scenic imagery to its visitors. People also find the resort more family-friendly and enjoy tree skiing on eight lifts and 67 runs. There are also children’s skiing lessons, and the venue itself is a less costly experience for the tourist. However, the food and dining options are limited and outdated; hence if you intend to spend a long day at this venue, you may want to pack a lunch for your family.

Homewood Mountain Resort
Homewood Mountain Resort

Other activities include kayaking, drive-in movies, stand up paddle boarding, biking and hiking. Some of these activities can be enjoyed all year round while others are offered during the summertime. The good thing about this resort is its stunning views and picturesque views. You can’t go wrong with packing a big camera to capture all the spectacular views and enjoying a full day of activity with the family. 

5. D. L. Bliss State Park: 

This park has the most stunning views to visitors and homes, some of the best beaches, and picnic spots and boulders. The park is 744 acres and has hiking trails, phenomenal beaches, and boulders weighing 250,000 pounds balanced on a small piece of granite.

D. L. Bliss State Park
D. L. Bliss State Park

However, there is again a tiny issue of parking spaces, and people visiting this park often find it hard to find a place to park their vehicle and access this fantastic park. There are some excellent facilities available in the park, like restrooms, picnic spots, and showers, for those who want to experience this park to its fullest.

6. Lake Tahoe Balloons: 

Lake Tahoe balloons take you on a ride and a bird’s eye view to the lakes stunning views. This excellent service can observe the best views. You can easily get a balloon service in the early morning and arrive at the venue at the designated time to be a part of the activity.

Lake Tahoe Balloon

You can also book it in advance to make sure that you have the safety of knowing that you have secured a spot on the Lake Tahoe balloons, and you can experience this activity ideally. If you need to capture beautiful pictures of nature, it’s among the best places.


With all these and many more fun activities to do in Lake Tahoe Ballons, you can have a vacation with a lot of fun with your friends and family when you visit Lake Tahoe. There are a lot of exciting skiing opportunities and picnic spots with lots of scenic views to enjoy. So book your tickets now and choose the places you want to visit to make your trip the most memorable one ever. 


Is Lake Tahoe open during COVID? 

On June 15, 2021, Lake Tahoe reopened for visitors and tourists after one whole year of restrictions and closure due to the pandemic. However, it is still advised to use the required safety measures, such as face masks and sanitisers, to ensure that you have a safe visit. 

Do the visitors of Lake Tahoe need to wear a mask? 

It is mandatory wearing a mask regardless of vaccinations. These protocols must be followed at all costs to ensure the safety of yourself and the other people around you.

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