Newport is an underrated city in the United States, the home to many unique places of historical and architectural importance. Once, it was known as a sin city, having gangsters, mobsters, and gambling culture. However, now it is a peaceful city that reinvented itself and started over again. The fact that this city has undergone significant changes makes it an ideal vacation destination for curious tourists who are always ready to learn. Here you have several things to do in Newport, KY.

Moreover, several attractions and sights are worth exploring and praising, such as the Purple Bridge and the Aquarium.

What to Do in Newport KY
What to Do in Newport KY

Things to Do in Newport, KY

Let us explore the best things to do in Newport, KY!

1- Explore the Newport Aquarium

One must-visit place in Newport, Kentucky, is the New Aquarium. Once you have entered the building, you will come across various aquatic sea life. You will get to meet rare species from sharks to jellyfish, penguins, and sharks.

What sets this aquarium apart from others is the marvelous arrangement and the interaction of visitors with the sea life. You can pet a penguin and have a little one-on-one time with a stingray. It will feel as if you have reached deep inside an ocean. Such is the exhibit and display of aquatic living things.

2- Have a Walk on the Newport Southbank Bridge

Newport Southbank Bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge famous as the Purple Bridge. This bridge is at a height of almost 2500 feet from the Ohio River and spreads to Cincinnati. Do you know how far is Columbus Ohio from Cincinnati? You can even get a trip there.

Newport Southbank Bridge
Newport Southbank Bridge

However, the purple color of this bridge sets it apart from others. Other than the unique color, it is the views from the bridge that tourists come to this bridge. The greenery, landscape, wide-open sky, towns in Kentucky, and everything looks exceptionally beautiful from this bridge.

There are many bike rental services available near the bridge. So you can have a once-in-a-lifetime ride with water beneath you, the sky above, and the landscapes of Ohio and Kentucky.

3- Visit the Newport Riverwalk

The Newport Riverwalk is a pathway for pedestrians and bikes only. You can enjoy a refreshing walk on this trail. Moreover, it gives mesmerizing views of the skyline, Kentucky towns, Licking Rivers, and much more. You will feel light, sound, and closer to nature on this trail.

4- See the World Peace Bell

World Peace Bell is one of the most landmark attractions in Newport, KY. The purpose of this exceptional bell is to make people aware of and be a sign of world peace. Holding the honor of the world’s largest free-swinging bell, it does not let tourists leave Newport without visiting, exploring, and admiring its giant size.

World Peace Bell
World Peace Bell

The bell weighs around 65,000 pounds, its yoke around 16,000 pounds, and its clapper almost 7,000 pounds. It is also of historical importance since its inception dates back to 1999 when it rang for the first time during the late hours of the night.

5- Cruise the Ohio River

The most Newport culture thing you can do in this city is cruise the Ohio River. Yes, just rent a paddlewheel boat and emerge yourself in the beauty of vast water and bordering city life. Some people enjoy standing beside the river while viewing the boat cruise. However, some prefer experiencing the cruise themselves. Though both are good experiences, the latter seems more fun.

BB Riverboats have a lot going on inside them. You can book a romantic dinner, join the sightseeing cruise, or attend an ongoing event such as wine tastings or others.

6- Spend an Afternoon at General James Taylor Park

General James Taylor Park is of substantial historical importance and is a little distance from the Riverboat Row. It is a two-level park that once served as a Barracks military installation. Many famous personalities have been linked with this place, including President Zachary Taylor, General William Tecumseh Sherman, and others.

James Taylor Park
James Taylor Park

This military post was of massive service during historical wars, such as the War of 1812, U.S. westward expansion, and others.

Linking Eastern Coast with the Western Frontier, this former military post used to supply men and materials. Now it is a park where tourists head to enjoy a picnic and enjoy beautiful city views. There is a fishing spot, running pathways, playgrounds, etc.

7- Enjoy a show at the Southgate House Revival

When you feel you have explored enough, head to the Southgate House Revival for a refreshing time. This is where all the live musical performances in Newport take place. You might get deceived by the look of the building from the outside since it seems like a church. This is what makes it unique and exciting. But it is indeed a music building with three different venues inside.

Make sure to check the dates of shows beforehand so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly. There is also a bar with proper seats and tables to enjoy the performance quickly.

Final Words – Things to Do in Newport, KY

There was a period when the name Newport would scare people. But times have changed, and now this city excites people. Many tourists head to this beautiful small city in Kentucky to experience the charms of old fashion. Though it is a developed city, the vibe and the buildings will make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Newport KY
Newport KY

The gorgeous attractions such as Southgate House Revival, General James Taylor Park, and the Newport Riverwalk will keep you engrossed and busy throughout your vacation. It’s because the experiences, activities, and opportunities are limitless in this city of Kentucky.

What is Newport, Kentucky, famous for?

Newport is a beautiful city that serves views of green landscapes and vibrant towns. The giant World Peace Bell, mind-blowing Newport Aquarium, and the Purple Bridge are the places you can only find in Newport out of all the cities in the world.

How much time does it take to go through the Newport Aquarium?

You should have at least 3 hours and a maximum of 6 hours on your hand when entering the Newport Aquarium.

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