Sturgeon Bay is an adorable city in Wisconsin. It was located in Door County. This beautiful city offers travelers and locals a combination of interests and activities. There are numerous things to do in Sturgeon Bay. You can encounter this city if you are glancing for outdoor sports and cultural adventures.

Apart from all this, you can also enjoy culinary delights at one of the reasonable restaurants. You can even buy fresh products from their farm stores or relax at one of the beaches.

Things to Do in Sturgeon Bay

In this article, you will undergo the best things to do in Sturgeon Bay. So, you can consider it as your next beautiful travel destination.

1- Fresh Products at 57 Farm Store

If you like to eat fresh and healthy products from a regional farm, go to 57 Farm Store. A family grows and deals in vegetables, fruits, and meat kinds on this ranch. You can find types of seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits.

57 Farm Store
57 Farm Store

Purchase meats from farm-raised animals. It also offers the facility to pick from colorful flowers and make a bouquet from their garden. You can shop from their online page with free delivery. Their store is located at 4216 State Highway. 

2- Trails of Potawatomi State Park

Potawatomi State Park is an attractive park. It offers several walking, racing, skiing, and ice-skating trails. The park is large, with a moving upland landscape bounded by vertical slopes and rough peaks. It is named to praise the Native American tribe that occupied the region.

This grassland has around eight miles of hiking trails that link with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. You can enjoy the views of the city, the woods, and the wildlife. It also covers nine miles of off-road bike paths, varying from easy to complex. Yet, it spans ten leagues of ski tracks in winter for ice skating.

3- Shop at Cherry Point Mall

Cherry Point Mall is a shopping hub. This center encircles various marts and services. You can shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, presents, readers, and cosmetics. Some famous stores are T J Maxx, Alley Katz Boutique, Jane’s, and Wilkins & Olander.

Cherry Point Mall
Cherry Point Mall

Further, you can get services like eye checkups, nails done, or hair care at the mall. These services are provided at the Eye Care Center, Nail Art Salon, and Hair Studio One. You can even eat a Mexican delight at Old Mexico Cantina and Grill near this mall.

4- The beauty of Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is a captivating natural attraction. It is located on the seaside of Lake Michigan, around Baileys Harbor. This plain includes curved dolomite hills, submerged caves, and pretty lake sights. You can adore the beauty of this park from different viewpoints. Walk along the pathway that extends through the woods. 

See the waves hitting against the rocks and rushing water into the air. Likewise, you can paddle to troll the sea caves hidden below. Admire the different shades and forms of the rocks and the aquatic life that inhabit them. Thus, you can have a picnic or a marriage at its pavilion.

5- Know the History of Door County Maritime Museum

Door County Maritime Museum is a gallery that holds and shows the maritime history of the county and the lakes. The gallery manages three areas. It includes Sturgeon Bay, Cana Island Lighthouse, and Gills Rock. You can discover additional aspects of maritime origin at each site. At Sturgeon Bay, you can see displays on ship samples, engines, antiques, pictures, and unusual displays.

Door County Maritime Museum
Door County Maritime Museum

You can trek the shop John Purves and the utility boat, which served in distinct eras and tasks. Climb up the 97-foot building at Cana Island Lighthouse. See the Fresnel lens working since 1869. At Gills Rock, you can see shows on retail fishing in the Great Lakes. Remember to see a wooden angular ship built in 1930.

6- Visit the Sherwood Point Lighthouse

If you are curious about lighthouses, check out the Sherwood Point Lighthouse. It is a brick lighthouse on the north gate’s west side, built-in 1883. This place is called after Peter Sherwood, who lived there in 1836. It was renewed in 1983 and is still active. This house includes a plain lamp that blinks every six seconds. 

Now, it is documented on the National Register of Historic Places. This site is not open to people, yet you can observe it from the water or a park. You can even go to the Door County Maritime Museum nearby. Moreover, see pictures and exhibits of the lighthouse at this museum.

7- Colorful Flowers at The Garden Door

The Garden Door is an eye-catching garden that shows the beauty and variety of plants and flowers. It is at the University of Wisconsin Peninsular Agricultural Research Station. The association of the city maintains this garden. There are a variety of themed grasslands, like a butterfly, a fairy, a pond, and a rock garden.

The Garden Door Things to Do in Sturgeon Bay
The Garden Door

The garden is open daily with picnic spots and food stalls. You can even attend some academic programs and occasions offered yearly. Have a fancy meal at Trattoria Dal Santo, which is nearby. Thus, it is fantastic for resting, learning, and admiring the multicolored flowers.

8- Capture Memories at Sand Bay Beach Resort

Sand Bay Beach Resort is a waterside hotel. It offers relaxing suites, seaside, boating, a swimming pool, and a spa. It is at Sand Bay Point Road. All suites have a kitchen, chimney, terrace, and internet services. You can relish the comforts, like the pool, golf course, sauna, gaming room, beach games, and basketball. 

Moreover, you can lease bikes to explore or go for free fishing. It is a flawless place to click pictures with family. Make videos of the panoramic views or the luxury suites. Thus, you can relive your memories anytime in this extraordinary place.

9- Study at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Sturgeon Bay Campus

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) is Sturgeon Bay Campus. It is an institute that presents diploma and degree programs in different fields. The campus has been serving since 1941 and has been extended. It provides current facilities and labs for technology, physics, chemistry, medicine, culinary arts, nursing, business, and more. 

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

You can even learn at the library or sit in a review center. There is a kitchen for chefs, an open space for sessions and events, and programs for learners. It offers flexible timetables for students. You can take online classes or transfer to other colleges. Thus, it is your route to a job and a promising future.

10- Go Fishing at Whitefish Dunes State Park

Whitefish Dunes State Park protects massive dunes on the coast of Lake Michigan. This park is located on Clark Lake Road. It has acres of ground and fifteen miles of shoreline. There are different fun activities to do in this park. You can wander, race, picnic, watch wildlife, or camp.

Yet, you can fish or boat on the lake. Catch numerous fish types, like trout, tuna, salmon, bass, and more. Always read the fishing rules before fishing. Rent a gear and catch many of them. Thus, eat your dinner at this lovely place.


Sturgeon Bay is a stunning city. It is a perfect place for relaxation, fun, and learning new things. Here you can relax at one of the beaches. You will be surprised by this city’s untouched beauty, rich history, and pleasant society. Apart from all this, you will encounter something to fit your mood and choices. It does not matter what season you visit. You will enjoy it. Thus, Sturgeon Bay is a city for a family vacation.

FAQs on things to do in Sturgeon Bay

What is the most pleasing time to see this city?

You can visit this city year-round, as each season presents various attractions. Yet, summer is the best if you like to enjoy the carnivals. Autumn is a suitable option for fall hues and the crop season. You can have fun in the winter wonderland and ice skating. Spring is ideal for flowers and wildlife.

What are the safety suggestions for visiting this city?

Sturgeon Bay is typically a safe and pleasant city. Be aware of the area and do not wander at night. Try to keep the car unlocked and valuables in it. Use sunscreen, glasses, and caps, and remain hydrated. Follow the directions of the parks and other appeals.

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