Irving is a lively and lovely city in Texas, located in Dallas County. This city is counted as one of the most famous cities in the country. Apart from all this, this city offers multiple attractions for every age type. There are various things to do for enjoyment and fun in Irving, TX. You can encounter its rich culture, untouched beauty, past, or adventurous activities. After a whole day of seeing the stunning views of the city, you will find cafes to relish. So, pack your bag and plan a family holiday.

Things to Do in Irving, TX

In this article, let us discover some of the finest things to do in Irving, TX.

1- Enjoy the views at Mandalay Canals

If you like a vibrant and lovely spot in the city, visit the Mandalay Canals. The channels of Venice include cobblestone walkways, shops, cafes, parks, and gondola rides. These canals uplift the city’s canals. Take a ticket and jump on the ride with your buddies.

Mandalay Canals
Mandalay Canals

Moreover, you can admire the art and the waterfalls as you walk along the channel. The nearby waterfalls to this canal include Lakeside Park Falls. You can see this spectacular cascade from the tops of the canal. Thus, it is well-known for photography, marriages, and other occasions. But pre-booking is favored.

2- Sports at the Texas Greenbelt Trinity River Trail

If you are an outdoor lover, check out the Texas Greenbelt Trinity River Trail. It is a 20-mile multi-purpose pathway that tracks the Elm Fork Branch of the Trinity River. The path presents twelve miles for horse riding events and ten miles for bicyclists and walkers.

There are three trial heads to access it. It includes FM 455 and 428 or US 380. You can enjoy the natural sights, parks, wilderness, and historical milestones on the way. Likewise, you can kayak or paddle on the river or fish in a selected area.

3- Hybrid Degree at DeVry University

If you want relaxed and career-oriented schooling, consider a hybrid degree at DeVry University. A hybrid degree includes both online and on-site classes. It allows you to create harmony between your personal and professional duties and academic goals. You can select from various degrees.

DeVry University
DeVry University

You can opt for business administration, information technology, medicine, humanities, and more. This institute includes technologically certified learning devices. The devoted staff and student support services can also help you. Find out about the programs offered on the website.

4- Make a wish at Love Lock Bridge

You can visit Love Lock Bridge if you plan a trip with your loved ones. This place is where many people make a wish and keylock on the bridge. It is a famous term for bridges worldwide. The couples hook up with their names or initials. It symbolizes their endless love. The practice derived from a Serbian World War I love story.

Later, it became popularized by an Italian book and movie in 2006. Some famous love-lock bridges include Pont des Arts in Paris, Ponte Milvio in Rome, and Most Ljubavi in Vrnjačka Banja. Hence, before you place a lock, ensure the local rules permit it. It is because few bridges are restricted or removed due to structural aspects.

5- Oldest sites at Irving Heritage District

If you are curious about Irving’s history and culture, consider seeing the old places in Irving Heritage District as one of the best things to do in Irving, TX. This community is the earliest town site of the city. It was launched in 1903 by J.O. Schulze and Otis Brown. Heritage House is the oldest quarters. It was built in 1912 by C.P. Schulze, J.O.’s brother and the owner of the city’s Lumber Company. The house is decorated with actual family items and antiques. 

Irving Heritage District
Irving Heritage District

Furthermore, there is a Heritage Park nearby. It shows historic junctures, like the city’s first water building, library, station, and the Caster Cabin. The Centennial Park marks the city’s first 100 years of presence, with sculptures, a pavilion, and a path along Delaware Creek.

6- Worth seeing a place at Lake Carolyn

Lake Carolyn is a stunning synthetic lake in Las Colinas. It is a specially planned district in the city. The lake presents numerous attractions for tourists. You can enjoy a ride at Gondola Adventures. Take a classic Venetian boat along the Mandalay Canal. You can even go on a cruise trip and enjoy live music performances. Rent a paddleboard and see the lake on your own.

Moreover, you can shop from the nearby tuck shop and relax by overlooking the lake. You can even find different bars and boutiques nearby. Campion Trail is a paved pathway that joins this lake to further areas of the city. Thus, this trail offers panoramic views of the lake, the channel, and the outdoors.

7- Watch airplanes at Founder’s Plaza Observation Area

Founder’s Plaza Observation Area is a fantastic place to see airplanes. They take off and land at the Dallas Worth International Airport. This location includes picnic sites, a telescope to watch planes, and ample, relaxing space. Listen to live air traffic command transmissions via speakers.

Founder's Plaza Observation Area
Founder’s Plaza Observation Area

You can freely access this airplane site. It is located at 1700 N Airfield Drive. If you are curious to know more about the functions of the airport, you can visit the DFW Airport Founders’ Plaza Museum. It is opposite this area which displays antiques about the airport’s expansion.

8- Displays at Ruth Paine House Museum

Ruth Paine House Museum is a historic house. It was involved in the killing of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The home belonged to Ruth Paine, a suburban housewife. Later, Lee Harvey Oswald stayed at the place the night before he shot Kennedy from the sixth floor. The house was repaired to its 1963 formation.

Now, it works as a multimedia museum that conveys the story of the events. The gallery displays projected short tales with actors recreating the roles of Ruth, Michael Paine, Kennedy, and Lee Harvey Oswald. It shows the statue and other pieces of the story. Thus, it is open by guided tour.

9- Performing Arts at Irving Arts Center

Irving Arts Center is a lively performing arts center. It hosts drama, theme, dance, and artwork. The center has two complete multiplexes. Carpenter Hall seats around seven-hundred people and shows mind-blowing live skits. Dupree Theater seats two-fifty people and includes music shows by local vocalists.

Irving Arts Center
Irving Arts Center

Moreover, this center possesses five art galleries. It portrays rotating displays of local, nationwide, and multinational artists. In addition, it offers seminars, classrooms, events, and rehearsal spaces. Remember to see a sculpture park and academic programs for your kids.

10- See The Mustangs of Las Colinas

The Mustangs of Las Colinas is a spectacular bronze sculpture. Robert Glen built it. This place displays nine wild mustangs jogging through a granite streamlet. It is located at Williams Square in Las Colinas. Moreover, it denotes the state’s movement, ambition, and lifestyle in its earliest days.

It is believed as a gigantic equestrian statue. This sculpture estimates to be 200 feet extended by 100 feet broad by 15 feet tall. Yet, it is encircled by a plaza with fountains that improve its beauty. You can even see the Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum, which is nearby to this place. This museum shows a film about the work’s design and other statues by Robert Glen.


Irving is an excellent city for outdoor activities. You can have a fun-filled escape from the business of your life. There are multiple things to do and enjoy according to your liking in Irving, TX. Apart from all this, you can undergo the best of the state’s rich culture, history, and stunning nature in this vibrant city. This place is exceptional for a solo trip, a family holiday, or with friends. Thus, you can even eat that suits your taste and budget.

FAQs on Things to do in Irving, TX

What is the estimated cost of visiting this city?

The expense of this city relies on your requirements. The cost of a room with a full meal is $110. The cost of a token to the nearby gallery is $20. For an excellent gondola ride, it is $3.

What are the most pleasing resorts in this city?

There are many finest resorts in this city. The Las Colinas Resort is a five-star lodge with a golf course. Omni Las Colinas Hotel is a luxury hotel with a swimming pool and a gym. The Adolphus is a grand resort, including a tennis court, salon, and cafes.

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