Taylor is located in the landlocked state of Arizona. This town is small and lovely. Various attractions and activities can be encountered in this town. Visitors usually plan a family vacation to this townlet that offers stunning landscapes. You can go with your school to one of its museums. Here, you can dig into its history, antiques, and culture. Whether interested in adventure, events, food, or simply relaxing, you will discover something in Taylor. Explore the routes and historical buildings. Thus, encounter the things to do in Taylor, AZ.

Things to Do in Taylor, AZ

Let us find out the most satisfactory things to do in Taylor, AZ.

1- Discover life at Stinson Pioneer Museum

Many tourists are interested in the history and culture of this town and its nearby sites. So, visiting the Stinson Pioneer Museum is the best option. This museum houses antiques and views from the town’s earlier days. It includes the early historical Indians to 19th-century frontierspersons. You can see the loom utilized by Lucy Hannah Flake to knit fabric and rag rugs.

Stinson Pioneer Museum
Stinson Pioneer Museum

Further, this gallery includes two rooms that have been converted to portray the living states of the earlier pioneer families. You can also relish pivoting, weaving, blacksmithing, quilting, and art displays. See a horse-drawn handcart for groups by reservation. Thus, this museum is located one block from Central Street Eastern on 1st South.

2- Play games at the Etac Airsoft

If you are looking for breathtaking and adventurous things to do in Taylor, AZ, you can consider Etac Airsoft. You can quickly locate this place in the town. This place is the White Mountains’ earliest airsoft reserve, with more than ten years of background. You can purchase or rent quality martial simulation tools, kits, types of equipment, and additions.

Moreover, play and have matches of the available airsoft games with other fans at this place. Airsoft is a sport that involves shooting plastic bullets with realistic-looking pistols at enemies wearing protection kits. It is identical to paintball but less cluttered and more tactical.

3- Golf at Snowflake Municipal Golf Course

You can go to the Snowflake Municipal Golf Course if you love golf. It is a lovely, refreshing, and challenging 18-hole course possessed and managed by the Town of Snowflake. This trail is open yearly at Country Club Drive in the Snowflake location.

Snowflake Municipal Golf Course
Snowflake Municipal Golf Course

Further, this course includes Alaska bluegrass meadows, bent grass grasslands, a driving field, and a putting green. You can even learn from the beginning of golfing at a golf school academy and a schooling pro. Yet, you can likewise enjoy snacks and beverages at the clubhouse or the cafe nearby.

4- Inspect the Shumway School House

Shumway School House was constructed in 1900 of canned brick. You can see one of Northern state’s remaining one-room brick schoolhouses here. The school was called for Charles Shumway. He was one of the early Spring Valley or Silver Creek Valley settlers in 1878.

He built a grain mill for wheat and corn growers at this location. The academy was a social center for marriages, funerals, proms, and church assistance until 1948. Likewise, you can see the learners’ names carved into the soft red brick and some recorded shows inside. This schoolhouse is a few miles from the Wonder Melon.

5- Have enjoyment at the Freeman Park

If you want outdoor entertainment and peace, you can go to Freeman Park. It is a newly designed park with 40 acres of ground. The park marks Joe B. Freeman, a retired Round Rock local who suffered a brain injury after a tragic car accident.

Freeman Park
Freeman Park

It features a garden, a gazebo, and a picnic site. You can even play at its basketball, volleyball, soccer, and golf course. Apart from all this, this park is usually crowded with people, mainly in the summer. Pack your picnic baskets or buy hot snacks from the food stalls. Remember to click pictures for memories.

6- Shop at the Windrose Armoury

If you are curious about medieval and security armor, spears, and additions, see the Windrose Armoury. It is a firm making quality derivatives for recorded reenactment and fighting sports since 1989. You can purchase or rent helmets, guards, blades, swords, axes, chainmail, leather products, and more.

You can even order customized items to suit your tastes and needs. It also delivers combat internships and displays for groups and occasions. Thus, you can cover its complete information on their online page.

7- Troll at the Black Mesa

Explore the Black Mesa if you want a fun and challenging venture. It extends from Colorado to Oklahoma. It is the highest end in Oklahoma beyond sea level. This place is home to various species, plants, fossils, and chronological sites. You can walk the 8.5-mile route to the end of the mesa and enjoy the scenic sights of the landscapes.

Black Mesa
Black Mesa

Likewise, troll the Black Mesa Nature Preserve, which encircles covered land areas. It features mixed habitats, like parks, forests, swamps, and cascades. You can see many exotic birds and insects. Visit the Tri-State Marker that is nearby. It marks the end where Colorado and Oklahoma link.

8- See Taylor Museum and Visitor Center

If you want to know more about the culture of Taylor, you can visit the Taylor Museum and Visitor Center. The showroom is located in the Palmer and Son shop. It was constructed in 1914 by A.Z. Palmer. The gallery displays antiques from the town’s early days. Similarly, the museum walls cover an array of sceneries of the pioneers.

You can visit the Veterans Monument. It praises all vets of foreign battles who left the town. You can even see many touring sites in this gallery’s lane. It includes the Aquilla H. Standifird Home, the Taylor Pioneer Museum, and the Shumway School House. Every place is worth seeing.

9- Unwind at the White Mountain Lake

Run from the hustle of life and find relaxation at the White Mountain Lake. It is a lake in lovely Navajo County. This lake is almost 9 miles north of Show Low. This water pool covers around 250 acres and has a depth of fifty feet.

White Mountain Lake
White Mountain Lake

Furthermore, you can see many trout, bass, catfish, sunfish, and carp. You can enjoy many water activities in this calm lake. Reserve a picnic spot on the beach or camp at the nearby designated location. Thus, you can easily access this lake with a small entry fee.

10- Visit Margaret McCleve Hancock Log Cabin

If you like to see one of the oldest log houses, you can see the Margaret McCleve Hancock Log Cabin. This cabin was built in 1884 by Margaret McCleve Hancock. She was born in Belfast in 1838 but came to Utah with her family to this town. Later, she married in 1859 and transferred to Taylor with her kids in 1880.

In this city, she was a midwife for the site and cared for more than 1,400 infants. She raised 13 children in this house and died in 1908. The cabin was contributed to the Shumway Heritage Foundation. It is located on the main of the Willow Lane. The house depicts the lifestyle of early settlers. It has several children’s plays, a defense for the kids, and picnic flats. Thus, this cabin is open to visit except Saturday.


Taylor, AZ, is an adorable town in the Navajo County with multiple things to do. This town has something to present. You can undergo the rich legacy, the beautiful landscapes, and the lively enjoyment. Eat the delicious cuisine of Taylor at one of the cafes or learn at one of the museums. Apart from all this, you can also troll the nearby places and click many pictures. Taylor is where you can create lasting memories with your friends or plan a family vacation for amusement.

FAQs on Things to Do in Taylor, AZ

When is this town mostly crowded?

Taylor is mainly crowded during the summer season. It is primarily from July to August. This town organizes annual occasions during these days. It includes the Sweet Corn Festival, the Trapper Days, and the Fourth of July Celebration. These occasions attract tourists who want to relish the festivals.

What are the most famous cafes in the city?

Taylor has a cafe that serves various cuisines and caters to diverse tastes. Trapper’s Cafe, El Cupidos Mexican Food, and The Hungry Buffalo are one of them. The Pie Lady’s Bakery is one of the marked bakeries in the town. Thus, enjoy American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and other dishes.

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