Trinidad is a precious town in Colorado. This south-central townlet is in Las Animas. It offers various appeals and activities for tourists of all years and interests. Here, you will be curious about the past, craftwork, spirit, or adventure. Visit the museums to learn about the town’s legacy and historic structures. Dig the creative pieces of regional artists or ride the trolley for a lovely tour. Hike to the top of a cliff or relish some outdoor fun at the park. Thus, you will encounter multiple things to do in Trinidad, CO.

Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

Here are some of the suitable things to do in Trinidad, CO.

1- Shop relics at the Coin Dancer Antiques

If you want a unique and impressive memory from your trip, you should see the Coin Dancer Antiques. This store is located on Main Street downtown. You will encounter a combination of antiques and relics. It includes bronze coins, gold jewelry, crockery, glassware, and readers.

Coin Dancer Antiques
Coin Dancer Antiques

The staff is pleasant and scholarly and will assist you in finding the flawless item for yourself or a valued one. You can also understand its history and culture. Further, adore the surrounding space through the relics on exhibition. Whether a deep collector or a nosy browser, you will like exploring its hidden gem.

2- Adore the craft at Corazon Gallery

The Corazon Gallery is a beautiful, communal gallery showing regional artists’ visionary works. You can adore artwork, pottery, jewelry, portraits, and more at this showroom. The hall’s mission is to promote the local society to show their craft and to enlighten the public about art details.

Furthermore, you can also partake in particular shows, occasions, and courses at the gallery. Do buy some paintings that are on sale. Thus, it is a beautiful place to uncover and sustain the city’s creative mastery.

3- Swing to the Trinidad Trolley

The Trinidad Trolley is an entertaining and accessible way to uncover the views and sounds of the city. It is a forty-five-minute town trek that covers the thrilling history and points of attraction of the site. You can jump on and off the tour at any visit along the path or stay on board for the complete ride.

Trinidad Trolley
Trinidad Trolley

Apart from all this, the trolley drives from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It departs on the hour from Birdcage Plaza downtown. Some outing highlights include the Trinidad History Museum, the Ave Maria Shrine, and Simpson’s Rest.

4- Visit the scenic Ave Maria Shrine

The Ave Maria Shrine is a stunning and quiet place in this townlet. It is a praise to the devotion of Mary, the mother of Jesus, by the Catholic individuals of Holy Trinity Parish. The place is located on Convent Street, around Mount San Rafael Hospital.

The sanctum consists of a little chapel that installs a sculpture of Mary with a light glowing before it. Moreover, it was built in 1934 by a crowd of local Catholics dedicated to Mary. The staff tells a tale concerning a physician who found shelter and light through the sculpture during a snowstorm in 1908.

5- See Southern Colorado Coal Mining Memorial

The Southern Colorado, Coal Mining Memorial, is a bronze statue. It marks the stamina and sacrifices of the coal miners who operated in this area. The statue displays a coal car and four miners, one carrying a canary in a cell. It is located on Main Street near Steam Engine.

Southern Colorado Coal Mining Memorial
Southern Colorado Coal Mining Memorial

The canary represents the dangers and problems that the miners face every day. This monument also has a jet granite floor. It names around 1,500 energetic, past, fled, and dead members of the coal mining enterprise from 24 states. Therefore, this memorial was pitched in 1996 by regional artist Ben Johnson.

6- Have Bowling at Trinidad Lanes

If you want indoor delight and enjoyment, visit Trinidad Lanes. It is a family bowling camp located on Van Buren Street. You can relish 12 bowling routes, a snack line, a playroom, and a pro mart.

Yet, you can also join a society, host a reception, or partake in games and events. It is open all week. So, call early to reserve a highway or contain the availability. The prices are affordable, and the staff is friendly. Whether a newbie or a professional, you will have a fabulous time here.

7- Explore works at the A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art

If you are curious about the past and culture of the American West, you must see the A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art. The gallery is in a historic tower that was once a dry fruits store. It features an ample collection of portraits and paintings by Arthur Roy Mitchell. He was a son of Trinidad and a renowned cowboy artist.

A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art
A.R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art

You can see creations by Western painters like Frederick Remington and Charles M. Russell. The gallery also displays Hispanic art, antiques, and historic city portraits. Yet, it is open except Sundays for all hours and will free entry for kids under twelve.

8- Stroll to the Simpson’s Rest

If you want to relish some classic views and retain local myths, walk to the Simpson’s Rest. It is a butte and stone building that towers over the city. You can see the extended TRINIDAD symbol that glows up at night.

See the tomb of George S. Simpson, a frontiersperson hiding on the hill from evil Indians in the 1860s. You can see the openness of the K–Pg border, which honors the destiny of the Cretaceous period. To get there, you can go up a vertical and bumpy road that begins on Convent Street.

9- Camp at the South Shore Campground

If you are seeking a spot to camp near the town, find the South Shore Campground. It is located at the Lower Bear River Reservoir in the lovely Eldorado National Forest. The campground has 38 spots, including tents, campers, and RVs. All areas have picnic plains, fireplaces, lockbox toilets, and drinking water entry.

South Shore Campground
South Shore Campground

Apart from all this, it is open from May to October, and pre-booking is advised. The site costs $25 per evening for electric spots and $20 for non-electric locations. Therefore, this base offers various recreational possibilities, like fishing, shipping, trekking, racing, and wildlife admiration.

10- De-stress at Trinidad Lake State Park

To unwind and enjoy wildlife, you should see Trinidad Lake State Park. It is located four miles west of town. The park surrounds 2,860 acres and includes Trinidad Lake. The lake is a dammed pool with 800 acre-feet of water. It has two campgrounds with 73 spots, luxury hookups, bathrooms, laundry structures, and gathering shelters.

The grassland also has a tourist center, a marina, a ship ramp, and hiking tracks. It is open yearly, but some structures may be closed or restricted in winter. The parking price varies per vehicle every day. Therefore, it is a popular place for fishing, kayaking, swimming, picnicking, trekking, racing, archery, riding, and hunting.


Trinidad, CO, is an ideal destination with many relaxing and unforgettable things to do. You will be surprised by this town’s looks. There is wildlife diversity and lovely hospitality. Take edge of the chance to locate the best things to accomplish in Trinidad, Colorado. Visit the museum or hike at one of the parks. After a whole day out, relish one of the meals at their restaurants. Therefore, there is everything according to your preferences.

FAQs on Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

What are some suggestions for visiting this city?

Inspect the weather before you drive and pack. The weather can vary relying on the season and height. Book your housing in advance, mainly during extreme seasons and vacations. Plan your trip and admire the local culture and atmosphere.

What are the finest travel hours for seeing this city?

The most reasonable travel hours depend on your manner of transport. If you are driving, it will take four hours. You must fly via the airport, rent a car, or take a train to the city. The travel may differ relying on traffic, climate, and availability.

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