Vero Beach is one of the best destinations in Florida, present across the central Atlantic coast in Indian River County. It is known for containing breathtaking spots, outdoor sports, and the best place for fishing. On the other hand, it comes with the best things to do in Vero Beach as it holds several cultural, natural, and recreational activities. Vero Beach provides a gateway to the country’s massive state and national parks and aids easy access to other coastal towns.

Things to Do in Vero Beach

Let’s discuss each thing to do in detail!

1- Explore Art at The Vero Beach Museum of Art

The Vero Beach Museum of Art is one of the best places to explore art for art lovers. It reserves a first place on the list of art museums in Florida, spanning over 50,000 feet of floor space. The museum discloses several old art pieces of contemporary art and highlights the prominent state and national artists.

Vero Beach Museum
Vero Beach Museum

It also exhibits regional, state, and national art, including sculptures, paintings, and art glass. Moreover, the museum is known for its cultural management, where you can find exceptional works of art, diverse and innovative programs, and world-class exhibitions. 

2- Take A Tour of McKee Botanical Garden 

Spanning over 18 acres, it’s not the massive garden in the state, but the McKee Botanical Garden is the best garden to visit in Vero Beach. The entire site contains several cultivated areas linked by the negotiated paths. Each connected trial is abundant in plenty of informative plaques, where visitors prize the beauty of flowers.

The McKee Botanical Garden is known as one of the initial natural fascinations for tourists in Florida. More than 100,000 tourists have visited the garden each year since 1940. It contains several award-wining collections of plants and flowers, including exotic wildlife, unusual fly trapping pelican flowers, water lilies, and lilies blooming in lagoons.

3- Shop Something at The Farmers Market Oceanside

It is the best place to shop for something fresh during your visit to Vero Beach, as you can buy multiple fresh and seasonal Florida produces from the market. You will also find vendors selling fresh meat and dairy products, several prepared food items, and health and body products.

Vero Beach Farmer Market
Farmer Market

Visitors can even shop for arts and crafts from the Farmers Market Oceanside. Like other farmer’s markets, this market also holds a social event that provides shopping opportunities to the residents and visitors on Saturdays from morning to noon. This market is also pet-friendly, where you can shop along with your pets.

4- Enjoy Some Live Entertainment at Riverside Theater

Riverside Theater is a local theater performing live arts and entertainment on Riverside Park Drive. This theater is known for performing both Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, live music, and standup comedy. It is a family-friendly place where you can enjoy live entertainment with your kids. It’s because the theater also performs eight yearly productions for children.

Hundreds of visitors can enjoy live shows simultaneously because the venue is capable of seating hundreds of visitors. The theater also accommodates several restaurants and bars, making it more worthy for its audience.

5- Explore Wildlife at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to several species of birds. It is the best place for bird watchers and nature lovers and counts as one of the oldest and most historic refuges. Pelican is a distinct island and worth visiting due to the wildlife refuge.

Pelican Island
Pelican Island

It was established in 1930 and spanning over a 5,400-plus acres, and it is a haven for migratory birds. Besides containing different species of birds, visitors can also spot sea turtles, mammals like manatees, alligators, and dolphins on the edge of the island.

6- Visit McLarty Treasure Museum

Florida’s Coasts are mostly known for strong water waves and warm water, but it turns into devastating boats and ships due to the storms in the open sea. The McLarty Treasure Museum is known for speaking the tale of a terrible storm that struck in the early 18th century.

The hurricane destroyed a significant portion of the large navy of Spain. Besides this fleet, several other ships in the sea were loaded with innumerable gold and silver. Also, the storm pushed all of these ships, including crew and cargo, into the ocean’s depths.

Bringing several best things to do, the museum is full of the history of those people searching for those precious metals. This museum is worth visiting for those who have an interest in history.

7- Get Relaxation at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

Vero Beach’s Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area spans over 400 acres in the southern portion of Indian River County. This conservation is known for accommodating natural habitats, including Palmetto scrub and lagoons. It contains several empty trials providing complete access to its visitors to explore the entire area and broad walks.

Oslo Riverfront
Oslo Riverfront

As you get the best things to do in Vero Beach, the site gives easy access to reach with different entrances. It is a peaceful place to relax your body and soul. Visitors can also enjoy canon lunch, observation tower, educational information, and trailhead. Also, you will have many best things to do in Vero Beach here so it is worth visiting for its scrubby Flatwoods, undeveloped mature coastal hammock, and estuarine wetlands.


This elegant city is known for museums, lovely beaches, a wide range of hotels, and nature tours. It is a peaceful destination with only 17,000 population and worth visiting for its popular fascination.

What are the top fascinations of Vero Beach?

Vero Beach accommodates several worth visiting fascinations, but some of the significant attractions include:
1- McKee Botanical Garden
2- Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
3- Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area
4- McLarty Treasure Museum

Why is Vero Beach worth visiting?

Vero Beach is a graceful city full of attractions. The site is worth visiting for its natural and cultural heritage as it contains the oldest wildlife refuge and botanical garden in Florida. Including the best things to do in Vero Beach, visitors can also find the city’s cheapest museums, theaters, and state parks.

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