10 Tips to Make a Long Motorcycle Trip Go Smoothly

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There are plenty of incredible vacation spots in the US that are begging to be explored, so why not take your bike and hit the open road right now? But unlike a campervan, you won’t have a lot of trunk space or a roof over your head. You have to plan ahead for a smooth motorcycle trip.

10 Tips for the Best Motorcycle Road Trip

Are you planning a long and smooth motorcycle trip? Then you’ll have to take your time and invest in some research. To make sure your journey goes smoothly, here are 10 essential tips you should try. 

1. Pack Light

Your bike can only carry so much, so plan to leave heavy items and any non-essentials behind. It’s better to pack smart, with just the essentials, rather than forcing your bike to do the impossible. Wear your gear on your body rather than in your saddlebags wherever possible.

2. Service Your Motorcycle

Make sure your motorcycle is in top shape before taking it on a long journey. Replace fluids, check your lights and indicators, and test the brakes. Give yourself plenty of time for the service just in case it takes a while. Keep any maintenance paperwork on your person.

Motorcycle Service
Motorcycle Service

3. Know What to do After an Accident

No one wants to think they’ll get into an accident, but motorcyclists have a 1 in 100 chance of crashing, which isn’t great odds. Thus, you should know who to call after an accident. But if you’re injured, contact Abels & Annes. They can handle motorcycle accident claims in Chicago.

4. Adapt to Local Laws

Research local laws beforehand and conform to them. Understand what’s required to stay compliant with traffic regulations, and make sure your motorcycle meets any vehicle registration requirements. If you get pulled over, cooperate, stay calm, and hand over your information. 

5. Plan Your Route

Organize your route days, even weeks, in advance. Check out different roads, enter them into a navigation system, and account for any necessary stops and rest times. You can also research accommodations and attractions along the way, but be sure to keep your schedule flexible. 

6. Bring Necessary Safety Gear

Safety should be your number one priority on a motorcycle trip. Bring all necessary safety equipment, such as a first-aid kit and a spare tire. Make sure you have a breakdown and medical evacuation insurance with you, too. Wear protective riding gear, like a helmet and jacket.

Smooth Motorcycle Trip
Smooth Motorcycle Trip

7. Don’t Take Ephemeral Routes

Don’t take shortcuts, backcountry roads, or paths that aren’t considered main roads. Avoid taking routes that aren’t approved for motorbikes, so you don’t get lost and don’t put yourself in danger. Use up-to-date navigation systems (like your phone) to keep track of your route.

8. Stretch and Take Breaks

Your neck and back will likely get tired on a long journey, so stretch every few hours and take breaks to regain your energy and focus. Try to avoid staying in one position for too long, and listen to your body. If you’re in pain or uncomfortable, take a break and drink some water.

9. Talk to Locals

Talk to the locals and ask for their tips and advice on the best destinations and routes. Try to bond over your shared passion for motorcycles and listen to their tales from the open road. Ask them about the upcoming weather forecast, and wear your poncho if it’s going to rain or snow.

10. Enjoy the Ride

Above all else, remember to enjoy the ride and make lots of memories along the way. Take a camera, interact with the locals, and turn the journey into an unforgettable one. Consider uploading updates to social media, especially if you’re an influencer or a budding entrepreneur.

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