Millions of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide love regularly riding their bikes for long or short distances. However, when transporting such precious cargo from one city or state to another, ensuring it is in safe hands is imperative. Whether moving your chopper to a new state or buying one online, there are various shipping methods to choose from. Most professional motorcycle shipping experts offer two significant ways to transport these valuable cargoes. They are both listed below with enough details to help first-timers make a sound choice, ensuring their choppers are in safe, capable hands.

They are as follows:

Open Trailer Method

This method is a popular choice among several motorcycle owners. Also, it involves transporting the vehicle on an open trailer, usually alongside other automobiles. Here’s why it’s popular:

  • Cost-Effective – Since the trailer is open, it can accommodate more vehicles, reducing the overall transportation cost. The method is most suitable for individuals on a tight budget.
  • Short Distance Shipping – An open trailer method is suitable for transporting your bike within the same state or city. Since it is a short distance, the cargo is less exposed to external factors such as weather conditions and road debris.
  • Easy to Book – You can book a trailer through an online platform or contact a motorcycle shipping company directly. Most reputable companies offer door-to-door delivery, which makes the process convenient for the cargo owner.

Closed Trailer Method

It involves transporting the motorcycle in an enclosed trailer, offering more protection to the vehicle during long distances. The following are some benefits of this sought-after alternative.

  • More Protection – It offers more protection since the trailer is enclosed, and the bike is not exposed to external factors such as weather conditions, road debris, and theft.
  • Long Distance Shipping – This method is suitable if you need to transport your chopper across the country. Since it is a long distance, the bike is exposed to external factors for an extended period, and the enclosed trailer provides a secure environment during the journey.

Customized Shipping – You can choose a dedicated trailer for your chopper, which means it will not be transported alongside other vehicles. This option offers more protection and peace of mind for owners.

Which Method is Right for You?

Choosing the correct shipping method depends on your budget, distance, and preference. If you are on a frugal budget and must transport your cargo within a short distance, the open-trailer method is a suitable option. A closed trailer is ideal if transporting it across the state or country and wanting more protection.

Your shipping company can help you make an informed choice by weighing all the factors carefully.

Rely on Experienced Shipping Professionals

Choosing an experienced and reputable motorcycle shipping company is crucial for transporting your valuable bike. A respected expert will have the necessary expertise, equipment, and insurance to transport your chopper safely and securely. They will also have an indisputable track record of delivering these vehicles without damage or delay for at least a decade. Some also provide insurance coverage to bolster the protection of your precious cargo during transit.

So, find a reputable company by researching online and reading reviews from previous customers, and you can also seek recommendations from friends or fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. It is also essential to verify a company’s credentials and insurance coverage before booking.

Ultimately, selecting the right expert will give you immense peace of mind that your bike will be securely transported to the intended destination.

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