Napa and Sacramento are two populous cities located in the county seats of California. Napa is the heart of the Napa Valley wine area. Tourists relish the elite wines, tasty food, and stunning views here. It is a widespread destination for a family holiday, as it suggests something to every local and traveler. Although the weather is hot, it is still a famous attraction as it is close to other exciting places. People planning to go from Sacramento to Napa can also see San Francisco and Oakland.

Mode of Transportation from Sacramento to Napa

Catch a Greyhound bus from Sacramento Bus Station. It will take you to the Suisun City Bus Stop. Then, a Vine Transit line 21 bus will lead to Napa. The total trip time is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The cost of the entire travel ranges from $6-$37.

Reserve a seat at an Amtrak train from Sacramento to Suisun-Fairfield station. Then, move to a Vine Transit line 21 bus to your destination. The total travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, $3-$67. The train ride delivers scenic sights of the country and the gulf.

There are no immediate flights between the two cities. But charter getaways or air taxis can go to some remote airports around Napa. Napa County Airport is just 10 miles from the city, and Buchanan Field Airport is 40 miles away. The flight is about 20 minutes, but the expense is much higher.

Trip to Napa
Trip to Napa

The shortest and most suitable way to get to Napa is by car. Drive along I-80 W and CA-12 W. The span is roughly 59 miles, and the driving time is roughly 1 hour, depending on the traffic state. The fuel cost ranges from $10-$16.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Sacramento to Napa

Let’s find some quick stops on a road trip from Sacramento to Napa:

1- California State Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum is an antique railway gallery. It shows the past era of railways and the impact of railways in the state and the country. This museum is almost 14 minutes from Sacramento. It includes 21 repaired locomotives and railway cars. Some railways, exhibitions, antiques, and models date back to 1862.

The gallery even functions for the Sacramento Southern Railroad. It offers trek train rides to the Sacramento River. Yet, it is an element of the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. This grassland is a district that carries the legacy of the Gold Rush age.

2- Sausalito

If you want to stop for a while to rest, Sausalito is the best place for peace and adventure. It is around the Golden Gate Bridge. This city is admitted for its restorative beaches, complex culture, and historical towers. In World War II, it was one time a fishing townlet and a boat-building base. Now, it is a prevalent tourist site that presents numerous attractions.


It includes the Bay Model, a massive hydraulic scale bar of the San Francisco Bay. The Marine Mammal Center is a recovery and restoration zone for aquatic animals. The Sausalito Art Festival is a yearly event showing regional and global artists. Further, this city also has a variety of cafes, shops, halls, and houseboats. It adds to its charisma and essence. Thus, this city is nearly 70 miles from Sacramento and 40 leagues from Napa.

3- Mill Valley

After 75 miles from your car drive, you will reach a valley. Mill Valley is located on the ground of Mount Tamalpais. This valley is covered by untouched beauty and has a deep history and culture. It was based in 1890 as a mill townlet. Later, it became a shelter for artists, authors, and players. Some prominent people who have lived or labored are John Steinbeck, Jerry Garcia, and George Lucas.

Furthermore, it has many tourist sites and activities to enjoy. It includes trekking, racing paths, redwood woods, rapids, grasslands, halls, and festivals. One highlight is the Muir Woods National Monument. It is a secure space of old-growth redwoods. Mount Tamalpais State Park is a refreshing park with classic bay views. Lastly, the Throckmorton Theatre is a historic medium that organizes stand-up comedy, concerts, and dramas. After 45 miles from this valley, you will reach Napa.

4- Vacaville Premium Outlets

Vacaville Premium Outlets is a lavish shopping mall in Vacaville. This center offers deals and coupons on around 120 different world-class brands. It includes the shops of garments, shoes, jewelry, home furniture, office supplies, stationery, and more. This premium outlet is on Highway 80 between San Francisco and Sacramento City.

Vacaville Premium Outlets
Vacaville Premium Outlets

Apart from the timings, it is open except for the daily restoration and public holidays. Moreover, it is closed one day of the month when government audits are conducted. This grand mall’s famous shops and stores include J. Crew, Coce Coke, Kate Spade, Casio, Michael Kors, Nike, Coach, Denim, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, McDonalds, and Levi’s. Likewise, it also has a food court with different options for juices and snacks. It is in Vacaville, nearly 35 miles from Sacramento.

5- Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo is a captivating zoo on acres in Oakland. It houses around 850 animals from different areas of the world. This zoo is devoted to the preservation and survival of different regional animals. The zoo is divided into different zones. These exhibits show distinct habitats and territories. It includes African Savanna, Rainforest, California Path, and Children’s Zoo.

You can trek along the zoo via a guide. It will explain the diversity and ecology of each animal in detail. This zoo also has a vet clinic, a gondola passage, a beautiful carousel, a train tour of the zoo, and even a skylift. Thus, each age group has a fixed ticket fee for the zoo. It is $24 for grown-ups, $20 for 65 plus age, $20 for 2-14 years old, and free for kids under 2.

6- Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is a remote island in San Francisco Bay. It was once a martial fortress, a nationwide prison, and a Native American trade site. This island is now a federal park that attracts numerous visitors and locals annually. Moreover, it is noted for its history, antiques, wilderness, and vistas.

Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island

Tourists can explore this place by catching a ferry from Pier 33. Join directed or self-guided treks. Some features of this island are a cell house, a watch tower, greens, collapses, and displays. Access includes the ferry lift and the audio outing of the cell cabin. Tickets are reserved in advance on-site or via call.

7- Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a theme grassland in Vallejo. It has a roller coaster of different levels, animal zones, and joy. This kingdom has around 45 passages and sites. It includes ten distinct and dangerous roller coasters, like Batman and Superman. The garden also has a combination of animal shows. It displays white dolphins, sea lions, tamed tigers, baby elephants, and giraffes.

Likewise, it hosts memorable events and carnivals each year. It includes Fright Fest, Holiday in the Green, Oktoberfest, and Children Boo Fest. You can even picnic at the designated spots or let your kids go camping. It is available on special days, depending on the weather. Seasonal membership is also general for endless visits and other uses.

The Bottom Line

Sacramento and Napa are the two most worth-seeing cities. They are considered as the famous sites in North California. Sacramento is the capital city and an artistic corner. In comparison, Napa is the spirit of wine land and a culinary heaven. These locations have different travel modes. Still, it depends on your amount, time, and likes. You can select between bus, train, plane, or auto, each with benefits and flaws. Yet, you can plan a family holiday to Napa.

FAQs on Sacramento to Napa

What are the finest parks and nature appeals in Napa Valley?

Apart from multiple grasslands, there are three of the best parks in the region. Jarvis Estate is a vineyard with a covert cave. Petrified Forest is a wonder with a volcanic blast that twisted redwood woods into stone. Old Faithful Geyser flashes every 15 to 30 minutes with a grassland.

What are the three upcoming events in the valley?

BottleRock is a three-day melody festival with around 80 bands, stalls, and art dealers. Harvest Season is a grape reaping carnival with different wineries proposing events. Festival Napa Valley is a summer event that shows harmony, cinema, and cooking in various venues.

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