Turtle Lake Casino – All You Need to Know in 2022

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Turtle Lake Casino is located in Las Vegas, a small town on Northwood. The Casino is named on its town name, mainly known for gaming and Casinos. However, the region is also famous for its hospitality, apart from gaming. You can get everything for food and entertainment.

Casinos in Wisconsin offer more than 1,095 slots and numerous gaming machines. There are a total of 36 table games in this space where the minimum bet can be placed in a penny while the maximum is $500. You can also try your luck on blackjack, live poker, luck slots, and roulette.

Different Games in Turtle Lake Casino

There are different games available in Casinos like Pot Limit Omaha, NL Texas Hold’em, and other Tournaments. 

Casino Specification

This St Croix casino turtle lake is a giant table game, gaming machines, hotels, and entertainment with two ample avenues, three large hotels, ten pokers, 36 table guns, and 1100 slot machines. Most visitors come here because of the gaming center where they can spend from one penny to $5 per play. Moreover, the jackpots offer cash prizes to slot craps and roulette players.

 St Croix Casino Turtle Lake
St Croix Casino Turtle Lake

Twenty blackjack tables allow many players to play together. It also provides deck-to-deck cards with a new style of play on the game pitch. The poker room is open to experienced players three days a week, from Thursday to Sunday. Here the players are provided with a relaxed atmosphere and a large screen for gaming, snacks, and drinks. For this reason, in addition to everyday gaming, the hosting of poker rooms in this casino is very popular.

Entertainment Options

There is an arena for outdoor recreation that serves as the summer visitors’ headquarters at various casinos in Wisconsin. Here, in addition to taking your seat, you can also spread a carpet for a picnic in the grass. It is an ideal place for the whole summer season as most of the shows here are free of cost for the entire season. Another great place to have fun is the West Winds Lounge, where you can enjoy music on weekends. Entertainment throughout the year includes comedy shows and side-splitting.

Entertainment Options
Entertainment Options

Dining Options

The St Croix casino turtle lake offers a variety of food for their dining options, which is bewildering. You can reserve your table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get the best food experience. Thursday special thing in the buffet is having seafood with side appetizers, desserts, and entrees’.

Dining Options
Dining Options

Furthermore, the buffet option is available for a whole week, except Sunday due to brunch opening. Dinner starts here around 4 to 5 PM, where you can also enjoy cheesy dishes because of their Wisconsin dining specialties. Also, the casino has two bars serving cocktails, wine, and beer.

Hotels in Turtle Lake Casino

If you’ve been to Turtle Lake Casino from afar, definitely you’ll need to stay longer than one day to enjoy it fully. After spending the nightlife on the gaming floor, you will need to rest to prepare for the next day and boost up.

Hotels in Turtle Lake Casino
Hotels in Turtle Lake Casino

The place has more than 150 rooms in addition to the comfortable and luxurious suites. The suites also have a bathtub with additional amenities. And the rest of the rooms have drinks and movie channels.

Other Things About Casino

There are some interesting facts about the St Croix casino turtle lake that you need to know:

  • The casino world is always welcome; it does not matter if you are experienced or a beginner.
  • Although you can spend money on blackjack and other table games; however, the slot machine is the biggest moneymaker.
Casino in USA

Casino Reopening Instructions

After COVID, the casinos are reopening with safety and precautions. So, don’t be bothered if you are suffering from changes on arrival. 

  • You can’t enter the casino if you have a 100.4 Fahrenheit temperature. (detection through screening test)
  • There is a requirement for your vaccination certification.
  • There is no entry without wearing a face mask. 
  • You can’t sit in dining and theaters with social distancing. 
  • Hand cleaning and sanitization are mandatory.


Turtle Lake Casino is the best gaming point compared to different casinos in Wisconsin. It’s not only a simple gaming point but also serves as a significant entertainment point. After visiting this casino, you will not need to leave the place for recreation. This place offers multiple options for recreation, like dining, hoteling, and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Casinos in Wisconsin
Casinos in Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other facilities Casino Restaurants are Offering?

Besides a peaceful residential for stay, some of the restaurants provide other facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi and breakfast
  • Free swimming pool facilitation
  • Fitness center inside the hotel
  • Local call facilitation

What are the specifications of the Casino in Turtle Lake?

The total area covered by the Turtle Lake Casino is 95,000 square feet. There are three restaurants, one casino hotel, ten poker tables, 36 table games, and 1100 gaming slot machines.

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