Santa Fe is a famous, beautiful little town, which is the capital of New Mexico. The city reflects the combined culture of Spanish and other American states. This town is known for its natural beauty, architecture, food. Moreover, the city’s beautiful architecture and weather delight the visitors and convince them to stroll across the city. Because of its features, it would not be wrong to say that this small city is a solitaire thing in New Mexico. This forest-covered area fascinates its visitors with its sightseeing attractions and offers a lot of things to do in Santa Fe.

Top 9 Things to Do in Santa Fe

Let’s explore some best activities in the Capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe!

1. Enjoy Glide on Snow in Southwestern Style:

Santa Fe is a cold city in New Mexico. If you are striking the site during winters, you can glide on snow in Taos Ski Valley. This valley is renowned for its stretch of land, peculiarly due to its physical features that fetch visitors from other different areas. You can travel to the valley in your car or grab a shuttle from downtown.

2. Fascinate your Eyes with Art Galleries

You will lose your senses in contemporary art including, poetry, sculpts, paintings, textile, and photography. There are more than 250 art galleries in Santa Fe. You can enjoy their art provides a visual impact to art lovers.

Art Galleries in the Capital of Mexico
Art Galleries in the Capital of Mexico

Also, you will find art according to your taste, whether you want to gather something or love to gaze at things. You can also get an opportunity to meet some famous artists on Friday evening once a year. You can stroll across the whole city and visit some of their well-known art galleries

Here are the best art galleries to visit:

  • Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
  • Nedra Matteucci Galleries
  • Manitou Galleries
  • Hat Ranch Gallery

3. Flavour your Plate with the Best Wine

The area around the city is significant for its grape production. The New Mexico area also has historical expertise for making wine. Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, offers the best wine in the country. You can find the best wineries around the best attractions in the town.

Wine in Santa Fe Restaurant
Wine in Santa Fe Restaurant

Beautiful wineries adorn the city with their state of the art and increase the wine’s flavour. This wine is so tasty that it can be compared with truffles. So, don’t miss the wine if you are hitting Satna Fe.

Best wineries throughout the city:

  • Casa Abril Vineyards & Winery
  • Black Mesa Winery
  • Gruet Winery
  • Vivac Winery

4. Historical Tours

Santa Fe is an ancient city on the western side of Mississippi, also known as the old capital of the United States. This magical land is also significant in its historical heritage. Its historic sites include the old houses, battle squares, national parks, and the old church. It is not appropriate to point out a single place in terms of its historical significance because every old thing has its history and identity.

Historical Tours
Historical Tours

Visit the best historical points:

  • East Palace
  • De Vargas Street House
  • Palace of the Governors
  • Pecos National Historical Park
  • Santiago E. Campos U.S. Courthouse

5. Visit Museums

If you are interested in watching things associated with the classical origins of Santa Fe, visit the museums there. A museum presents a historical culture of a place. Santa Fe is an ancient city that throwback to the combining culture of American states. People who love their city, country, and culture would not miss the chance to visit the museums there.

Visit Museums
Visit Museums

The museums offer art, the historical background of the state from the 18th and 19th centuries, ancient cultural art, and Spanish colonial art. New Mexico Museum of Art, IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian are the best museums to visit.

6. Hiking Streams

Santa Fe is declared the best hiking stream in southwestern sites. The city is highly recommended for outdoor activities like longer streams, mountainous views, striking regions, stunning views. Astonishing landscapes, waterfalls, and natural wildlife, everything is perfect for hiking.

Hiking Streams
Hiking Streams

Top hiking points include:

  • Chamisa Streams
  • Aspen Vista streams
  • Picacho Peak streams
  • Dale Ball streams
  • Two Mile Pond Loop
  • Canyon streams at Tent Rocks

7. Santa Fe Events

It hosts fantastic events around the calendar and celebrates 4 July as a great festival. The specialties of this festival include a car show, live music concerts, the exhibition of aircraft, and delicious pancakes.

Santa Fe Events
Santa Fe Events

Some other popular events you can enjoy in the city are the International Folk Art Market event and Rodeo. These events stretch the artists worldwide and involve several other recreational activities.

8. Shopping 

Santa Fe is also known for its exceptional boutiques. The famous handmade products exclusively available in the city are squash blossom necklaces, silver concho belts, and cowboy boots. As the city is familiar with its wearable art, home decor art, and tribal art, you can shop for the best handmade products there.

9. Restaurants and Food 

Santa Fe comes up with several tasty food options drawn historically from Mexican, Spanish, western wild, and Indigenous. You will get every type of food here, ranging from delicious home-style food to Mexican cuisine food.

Santa Fe Foods
Santa Fe Foods

Here is a list of the best Santa Fe restaurant.

  • Shundine’s Frybread Stand
  • The Blue Heron Brewing Company
  • Rancho de Chimayó


Surrounded by the Cristo Mountainous region, this city is situated inside the Rio Grande Valley. Because Santa Fe is present at a high altitude, the temperature falls abruptly. The place is 6500 feet above sea level. That is why the weather here is so cold and adds fun to the site. You can enjoy hiking, gliding, and watching fantastic art galleries in an ancient city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best attractions to visit in Santa Fe?

  • Nedra Matteucci Galleries
  • Pecos National Park
  • Shundine’s Frybread Stand
  • Santiago E. Campos U.S. Courthouse

How many days can you spend in Santa Fe?

You can plan three days’ tour to see attractions in Santa Fe. Three days are enough to visit art galleries, historic places, and cultural sites.

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