Welcome to the exciting world of water parks in Austria! Prepare to enter an adventurous world as we explore the amazing water parks scattered throughout this beautiful country. From thrilling slides and refreshing pools to exciting water playgrounds and relaxing spa areas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we embark on a splashtastic journey and discover the underwater park in Austria, along with the best water parks. So put on your swimwear and get ready for an unforgettable aquatic experience!

Green Lake – Underwater Park in Austria 

There is a special place in Austria called Grüner See, also known as Green Lake. It is a beautiful lake near the Tragoess village, surrounded by snowy mountains and forests. People love to go hiking and have exciting adventures there. Do you know what makes this lake so unique? Well, during summer, something magical happens. The snow on the mountaintops starts melting, and the lake gets filled with fresh water. It’s like a flood of water!

In March, as the temperature rises, the lake starts to rise too. It covers the pathways and small trees. By June, the lake becomes a lagoon, becoming very deep, swallowing trees, a bridge, and benches! It’s incredible! But wait, in late July, the lake starts to shrink again, and the underwater landscape is revealed again. This amazing transformation happens every year, like a secret show of nature!

Green Lake
Green Lake

If you plan to visit Austria and Grüner See, try to go in mid-May or June. But remember, scuba diving and exploring underwater are not allowed anymore. Too many tourists harmed the sensitive environment, so the authorities had to make some rules in 2016. Grüner See is a magical place full of wonder and beauty.

Other Water Parks in Austria

Let’s get into the details of various water parks in Austria!

1- Prater

Prater is an exciting amusement park in Vienna, Austria, perfect for a fun day out! It offers many activities for kids, including thrilling go-karts, fanciful fun houses, and spooky ghost trains. The giant Ferris wheel is the park’s best feature. You can see the entire park from up there, as well as the stunning Vienna.


When you get hungry, go to the famous Schweizerhaus restaurant. They serve delicious traditional Austrian food and tasty beer. And if you’re tired of the exhilarating rides, you can visit Madame Tussauds Museum, where you can see wax statues of famous people, or the light-up disco, where you can dance and have fun.

There is also a historical museum to learn new things. Prater is not only an amusement park but also the oldest water park in Austria! You can explore the horse racing track and see the largest stadium in Austria, called Ernst Happel Stadium. In Prater, you can enjoy classic rides like bumping cars, the Ferris wheel, spooky ghost trains, and colorful carousels. It’s a place full of joy and excitement!

2- Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster is one of Austria’s most thrilling water parks. What makes it unique is the beautiful mountains surrounding it. This roller coaster is super long, stretching 1,500 meters above sea level. Then, it goes down the mountainside for a thrilling 2.2 miles! The roller coaster’s speed is also something you can regulate. It’s like having extraordinary power! When you visit the Alpine Coaster, you can also check out some great places nearby.

Alpine Coaster
Alpine Coaster

There are tasty restaurants like Appartementhaus Sonneck, Winkler Restaurant, and Regensburger Café und Konditorei. And if you’re up for more adventures, you can explore attractions like Imster Bergbahnen, Rosengartenschlucht, and Kath. Filialkirche hl. Johannes Imst. Alpine Coaster is a fantastic place for a thrilling ride and breathtaking mountain views. It’s a perfect destination for kids and adults who love exciting adventures!

3- Area 47

Get ready for an unforgettable outdoor adventure at Area 47, the ultimate playground in Tyrol, Austria. It’s a place where nature and technology come together to create an extraordinary experience for everyone. Whether you love outdoor adventures and water activities or want a special place for business events, Area 47 has it all. You can enjoy thrilling rides and activities in the air and the water.

Imagine soaring through the air on a zip line, riding the rapids while rafting, exploring off-road tracks on a motorbike, or gliding peacefully in a canoe. The fun never ends! You can even stay in cozy lodges within the park and dine at the delicious restaurants. You can visit Outdoor Planet, Piburger See, Stuibenfall, Tirol Rafting, and Wasser Craft Rafting Day Tours. Area 47 is the perfect destination for an action-packed and memorable vacation.

Area 47
Area 47

4- Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg

Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg is a wonderful water park in Austria that reopened on July 7, 2012. It only took five months to build! The park improved with new attractions, like six exciting water slides. One of them is a super long slide called the X-Tube, which is almost 300 meters! There are many enjoyable outdoor activities, like a race with Bobby Cars, and a big area for relaxing. The park also added a particular event arena with seating for 100 people and a place to get yummy food. 

If you get hungry, excellent restaurants like Heuriger Restaurant and Lutschburger Stub’n Heuriger Restaurant are nearby. And if you want to explore more, there are other attractions too, like Sonnenland Seilgarten, Family Ranch, and Rotweingut Prickler. Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg is a fun place to visit and have a good time!

5- Therme Amade

Therme Amade is among Austria’s top water parks. It has every feature a water park could have – thrilling rides, giant swings, and a tremendous wave pool. You can jump in and have fun or relax by the poolside bar. Many people even book lodges here for a whole weekend. It’s a fantastic place for people of all ages and interests.

Therme Amade
Therme Amade

In the beautiful region of St. Margarethen, you’ll find the Therme Amade. It’s a spa paradise with eleven pools, five saunas, and three amazing slides. Moreover, you can have a wonderful time bathing and enjoying wellness activities here. The outdoor pools have a swim-through channel from the indoor area.

Also, you can even enjoy the outdoor pool with its warm water temperature against a stunning mountain backdrop all year round. Admission to Therme Amadé is free with the SalzburgerLand Card, and you can also get a reduced rate with the Salzburger Sportwelt Card.

6- Freibad Leopoldskron

Freibad Leopoldskron is an amazing water park that Salzburgers affectionately call “Lepi.” It has five pools and fantastic facilities, including a super long water slide that’s almost 70 meters! This place is one of the biggest swimming complexes in Austria, and you can always find a nice spot on the grassy meadows. It’s especially great for kids because three pools are just for them, all with sun protection. There’s a pool for the littlest ones with a depth of only 20 centimeters, another with 30 centimeters, and a bigger one with a special area for learning to swim.

Freibad Leopoldskron
Freibad Leopoldskron

Here, the water gradually gets deeper, from 0 to 60 centimeters. Adults can enjoy the 50-meter Olympic pool. This park is like a big bundle of fun. Moreover, there are beautiful lawns, lakes, and amazing architecture. You can even go on water slides or play games like Table Tennis and Golf. The park has a direct view of the Salzburg Fortress and Lake, which makes it even more special.

7- Aquapulco

Aquapulco in Bad Schallerbach is a fantastic water park in Upper Austria. It’s filled with lots of fun things for kids to enjoy! Five slides make a big splash, a water cinema where you can watch movies while swimming, and an outdoor playground called Captain Splash that pours 3000 liters of water over everything! But that’s not all – there’s also a special spa area for toddlers.

Aquapulco is like a pirate’s paradise! It’s all themed like a pirate ship, and kids love it. They have a pirate bay, five funny slides, an adventure path, a baller deck, a 5D cinema, a splash pool, and so much more. But the best part is the animated pirate show. It’s so amazing that it feels like you’re right there with the pirates! And if you’re feeling hungry, great restaurants are nearby, like Valentino Kantina Mediterranean and Café Wallern.


The Bottom Line

Austria is home to amazing water parks that offer endless fun and excitement for people of all ages. From thrilling slides and splash pools to pirate-themed adventures and relaxing spa areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Austria has it all if you’re seeking outdoor or indoor water parks. So, if you’re planning a trip to Austria, remember to visit these incredible water parks. Get ready to make unforgettable memories and have a splashing good time!

FAQs on Water Parks in Austria

Are there any facilities or amenities available at Underwater Park in Austria?

The underwater park in Austria is a natural wonder and doesn’t offer specific facilities or amenities. However, nearby villages like Tragoess provide accommodations, restaurants, and other necessary services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit to the area.

What are some attractions nearby Underwater Park in Austria?

There are several attractions near Underwater Park in Austria. Some notable ones include Alpakas und Lamas zum Grunen See, Abenteuer Erzberg, Grub See Alpen Aquarium, Erzbergbahn, Skiarena Praebichl, Hochofenmuseum Radwerk IV, and Leopoldsteinersee.

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