Are you planning a trip to San Diego? If yes, there are some must things to do in San Deigo. It is a territorial division of the United States situated on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in California. Moreover, it is a stunning attraction for an unusual and exciting experience and ocean views due to its beaches spread over 70 miles on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Undoubtedly, San Diego is one of the most expensive and popular cities in the United States. Although living and having fun is also expensive here. But still, it is affordable than in many other cities of California like France and New York.

Top Things to Do in San Diego – 2022

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in San Diego!

1. Walk along with Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

It is a natural section of Torrey pines spread over 2,600 acres. If you need to take a closer look at the breathtaking trails along the sandstone view enjoying the canyon while walking on the seaside in San Diego, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a perfect option for you.

Torrey Pines State
Torrey Pines State

You can either enjoy hiking at the place or golf there. Hoteling on the site to see sunrise and sunset scenes is also best in San Diego activities.

2. Go back to the Old Town

If you need to go back in time to San Diego and see its history with your own eyes, Old Town is a good place for you. Yes, this place still exists today as a monument with residence because of its historical significance. It is the first place where the population started for the first time in Europe.

Old Town
Old Town

And So far, it’s been up to a mile, consisting of the same shops and houses. This Old Town is the “Birthplace” of California. This place consists of essential premises constructed in 1857, including an old courthouse, former granary, and a Whaley House. 

3. Have a close look at Military Aircrafts

San Diego is one of the solid cities in the military. The US Midway is a place that is generally off-limits to the public. Ordinary people don’t have access to such places. But the US Midway exclusively gives an inside view to the general public. Here you can see the different aircraft that have served in the military for years.  

4. Enjoy Ocean Views

About 9 miles west of San Diego, a beautiful island made of sandstone cliffs called Sunset Cliffs. This island covers around 68 acres along the coast of the Loma peninsula. This island is a perfect place for ocean views from sunrise to sunset.

Ocean Views in San Deigo
Ocean Views in San Deigo

5. Watch Live Seals

Around the 1930s, a seawall was built on the coast of California for safe children’s entertainment. The purpose of constructing this seawall was to calm the strong waves of water for the children. This seawall is also famous as a Children Pool Beach.

On the other hand, this seawall caused water seals to come ashore. You can see water seals across the beach wall. Here visitors can see live seals on the beach.

6. Watch Sailing Ships

You can see live sailing ships bustling around the Maritime Museum of San Diego. This museum offers a live showcase of historical submarines and older ships. You can even watch a prehistoric Indian ship in this museum. Moreover, this showcase is also interesting even for youngsters.

Sailing Ships
Sailing Ships

7. Try Gliding Across Torrey Pines

California is known for its Ocean Views. If you want to observe the scenes, you can try gliding across you have an opportunity to grab Torrey Pines’ unique coastal views. You can fly above the ocean and enjoy the views for up to 20 to 25 minutes.

Torrey Pines Gliding Experience
Torrey Pines Gliding Experience

8. Lovely Water Creatures

If you also love to see lovely water creatures, you can do so on the beaches in San Diego. Here you can see different animals like dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, sea turtles, and sea lions across the beaches.

9. Visit Amusement Parks

You wouldn’t have seen anything in San Diego if you hadn’t visited Belmont Park. If you want to do something exceptional here, you can try a ride over a giant roller coaster to fulfil your desire. On the other hand, if you are a fan of leisurely sightseeing, you can enjoy golfing and arcades as well as the carousel.

Things to Do in San Diego Belmont Park
Things to Do in San Diego Belmont Park

10. Do Picnic in Downtown

You can go biking, strolling, and picnic in Balboa Park. The park covers around 1200 acres of area and is counted as a downtown cultural point of San Diego. Park is based on several gardens and Spanish renaissance art. The park contains a famous botanical building that includes more than 2100 plants. You can also see a cactus and rose garden inside the park.

11. Visit the Historic Heart of San Diego

It is a small town that contains Victorian-style buildings covering 16 blocks under the name Gaslamp Quarters. It is also named the historic heart of San Diego.

Gaslamp Quarters
Gaslamp Quarters

There are several bars and clubs, famous restaurants, theaters, and art galleries in that buildings. You can stroll across the town during the night because this specific place is known for its nightlife destination.

The Bottom Line!

You will be delighted by doing the best things in such a beautiful and peaceful environment in 2022. From passing by the waterfalls on Coronado beach to getting lost in the beautiful sceneries of Jolla Cove, you will find no reason to leave the city. So, the county is overall full of attractive destinations, and there are many things to do in San Diego.

 San Diego activities
San Diego activities

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best local foods in San Diego?

San Diego is best known for its wood-fired food, Mexican food, all kinds of seafood, and local wines.

In which month you can plan a tour to San Diego and why?

San Diego is known for its subtropical or hot climate. So, you should plan your tour in a suitable time duration to enjoy your trip. You can program your tour somewhere between March to May or September to November. It is the best time to visit San Diego.

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